Report: Florida Gators QB Treon Harris to practice at wide receiver during spring

By Adam Silverstein
February 5, 2016

Maybe junior Treon Harris won’t be part of the Florida Gators‘ quarterback competition after all. Harris, who struggled to lead Florida during the latter half of the 2015 season, will be practicing at wide receiver during spring practice, according to veteran reporter Mike Huguenin of

It should be noted that Harris reportedly being set to practice at wideout does not necessarily mean he will be moving to that position for the Gators. He could prove to be a great pass-catcher who can use his athleticism and escapability to make Florida better on offense, but Harris may also not be proficient in that role or could ultimately decide that he would be better off playing quarterback elsewhere.

Either way, the attempt to change positions is a necessary one if Harris hopes to continue his career with the Gators. Simply put, Harris underperformed when given a chance to take over as signal caller for a Florida team that began the season 6-0.

After performing admirably with 271 yards and two touchdowns in a close 35-28 loss to LSU, Harris only eclipsed 165 yards once (against a porous South Carolina defense) and threw for a pair of scores once (in an overtime victory against lowly Florida Atlantic). The Gators lost that contest against the Tigers as well as their final three games of the season.

Simply put, Florida likely believes it has better options at quarterback in 2016, led by redshirt junior transfer Luke Del Rio, who will compete with graduate transfer Austin Appleby (Purdue) and a pair of incoming freshmen early enrollees in four-star Feleipe Franks and three-star Kyle Trask for the job.


  1. 1974Gator says:

    Well, yeah! Slot receiver should be a natural. Let’s get Treon the ball in space and let the opponent LBs and CBs worry about catching our xQB waterbug.

  2. 305Gator says:

    Saying that Treon “underperformed” is an understatement. Quite simply he sucked massively, in fact he may have been the worst QB in UF history with his play in those last 5 games of the season.
    Even the LSU game he did not perform “admirably” at all, unless you only count the first 3 quarters. I believe he finished that game going 0 for 6 and squashing any hopes of a comeback. A streak of incompletions, poor judgement and terrible throws that would carry on into all the coming games and get uglier each passing week.
    Whether he plays WR or CB or just transfers to a Div 2 team to try play QB again is all the same to me, and i say Div 2 because he has proven he cannot play QB for any Power 5 team. It was a testament to our defense and skill players on offense that we won 4 games with him at the helm. Quite amazing indeed.

  3. 954Gator says:

    305Gator, you’re an idiot. Did you see every single QB play in Florida history? I hate when ppl like you make baseless statements. Did you even go to UF? I agree Treon was awful, but I’m not going to make a baseless statement like you. Secondly, Treon is good with ball in hand as a runner. So if he changes positions, we might be able to use him. The name Jordan Reed ring a bell? Think before you type, or speak. You will probably become a better person in life, live longer, and not hate yourself so much.

  4. Michael Jones says:

    Treon seems a natural at slot. Tough kid too. Plus let’s not forget the availability of the double pass while he’s out there.

    Kudo’s to Treon also for avoiding the knee-jerk automatic transfer-when-things-don’t-go-my-way response. He’s been a good Gator so far. . maybe not a great QB. . but definitely a good Gator, and that’s what matters most.

    Go Gators!!!

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