DE Williams is eighth 2012 commit for Gators

By Adam Silverstein
March 30, 2011

Defensive end recruit Quinteze Williams (Tyrone, GA) committed to the Florida Gators on Wednesday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I felt like it was time,” he told Rivals. “I wanted to get my commitment in before any other defensive ends of my caliber dropped in and took that spot.”

Williams, at 6’4” 255 lbs., can play either defensive end or defensive tackle, though he and his father maintain that he is being recruited the play the former position.

Visiting Florida during Junior Day in February, Williams was thrilled at what the school and city had to offer. With so many options to choose from, it was believed that he would not make a verbal commitment until later in the process, but the Gators’ coaching staff may have swayed him with their extensive experience.

He chose Florida over offers from Auburn, Florida State, Georgia and Tennessee, among other schools. Though Williams had not previously named a leader, it was thought that UGA – the in-state school – had the best chance to gain his services.


  1. Williams is a good player, but it’s inaccurate to say he is a defensive end. 6’4″ 295 pounds before his SR year of HS does not make for a defensive end.

    • It’s not inaccurate at all. He plays the position and is listed at that. His father says he will play it and that is what he was recruited as. However, I agree that he could very likely be a tackle at the next level as well…

      *Edit: I should not that I meant to write 245 as his weight, not 295. My fault on that.

  2. Goldengator says:

    First, another great pickup for Muschamp and crew!
    But Adam, do you have any insight why he is being targeted for DE. His combination of height and weight seems he is more fit for the interior on defense or offense. He doesn’t have prototypical weight (295 which is high) or speed (ESPN says 5.3, 40) for a DE and doesn’t have the length for OT. Of course I understand playmakers come in all shapes and sizes and on paper they may look better or worse than the field. The video you posted certainly shows his strength and athleticism and carries the weight well. Can’t wait to see him in Orange and Blue. Go Gators!!

  3. ncgator says:

    Not to change the subject, but Donovan is in Raleigh talking to NC State about their coaching vacancy. I guess 3.5mil/yr isn’t enough. Leverage to renegotiate his contract? What a s—-y way to do things.

  4. sdmfla says:

    There are DE in the NFL that are 6’6 ,290,in a 3-4 scheme,,, so he is not far off if he grows an inch or two and stays the same weight

  5. sdmfla says:

    BTW, he carries that weight well and his build in that video is way more ronald powell than shariff floyd when coming out of high school

  6. Marc Mac says:

    What happened to “locking down Florida recruiting” as Muschamp put it? While I know there is plenty of talent is GA, but on average it doesn’t compare to what is available here. Why are we getting so many commits from GA? I hope this is just an anomaly and not a growing trend which will open up the state for FSU and UM. Setting up good relationships for talent rich pipelines is crucial to recruiting, IE Lakeland, Dwyer, etc. Sometimes we take less than stellar recruits (Robert Clark, who turned out to contribute) to keep a good hold of certain high schools in order to get the big dogs (Elam, G. Cristian).

    I guess my concern is that the staff might not be hitting FL as hard as it should with all the commits coming from GA. Adam, set me straight.

    • Muschamp is going to sign 15-20 more guys. Don’t worry. Florida will be well-represented.

      • How will UF take “15-20” more guys? They currently have 79 on scholarship, only 10 of which are seniors. There don’t seem to be any potential early-NFL juniors, though I get that Ball is probably destined for a med DQ.

        79-11= 68. 85-68=17. UF has 8 current commits, and to take 15-20 more would put the Gators at 23-28, which is Saban-level oversigning considering only 17 spots. That’s something Machen has been strongly against, no?

        Granted, I know Muschamp likely has a plan, and the oversigning won’t be that egregious, but what is the plan? Who will go?

  7. TMGators says:

    He’s 255 from Ed aschoff interview with him

  8. Mr2Bits says:

    Jesuus I have never seen so many complain about a big stud verbally committing to the Gators. Only thing I see is people whining about Adams typo. How about you get off you high horse and congratulate the stud and welcome him to the brotherhood that is Florida football. Hell, I bet most of you are well into 3 bills, 5 ’10” and can’t finish a 40 so lock it up, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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