Driskel avoiding miscues, praising Harris; Fowler leading troops without fear

By Adam Silverstein
September 9, 2014

Florida Gators redshirt junior quarterback Jeff Driskel and junior defensive end Dante Fowler, Jr. met with the media on Monday to wrap-up their 65-0 win over the Eastern Michigan Eagles and preview Florida’s next game against the Kentucky Wildcats.

Driskel discussed the Gators’ comfort level in their new offense while Fowler displayed many characteristics of an emerging leader for Florida’s defense. Both players also praised some of their freshmen teammates.


Driskel earned plenty of praise from his teammates and coaches alike in the offseason, and it was even pointed out separately by both groups that he never once turned the ball over in 11-on-11 competition. He was error-free in that regard Saturday, too, though head coach Will Muschamp was not completely thrilled with that being pointed out on Monday.

“Are you trying to jinx us, or what? I mean, what the heck’s going on?” Muschamp jokingly asked the questioning reporter. “Jeff’s been really smart with the football and that’s a day-to-day process you’ve got to go through. But I think, again, people saw the command that we’ve seen in camp and the comfort level he has in what we’re trying to do.”

Driskel attributes his improvement to his system knowledge and improved decisiveness, which has been helped greatly by offensive coordinator Kurt Roper putting him in a position to succeed on a daily basis.

“When you know where the ball is supposed to go in certain coverages, you’re not forcing it in tight windows or you’re not just guessing and throwing one up,” he explained. “So, I think when you’re decisive with the ball and can get it out quicker, your chances for being successful are a lot higher.”

The plan entering Saturday’s contest was neither “overcomplicate[d]” nor difficult to execute. The Gators were comfortable knowing exactly what Roper wanted entering the game and therefore able to execute it to near-perfection at times. The end result of all that were a bunch of smiles, instead of frowns, in the film room on Sunday.

“It’s easy to go in on Sunday after a good game and watch the film, but you still have to realize there are mistakes made and you have to build on those mistakes and take the coaching,” Driskel said.

“I think if I played a game like that my freshman year, I would have been on top of the world. I don’t think I would have wanted to hear the negatives. I think I would have wanted to just focus on the things [I] did right, but that’s what happens when you mature as a player. … Coach Roper is a guy who’s going to keep us humble, but at the same time, pat us on the back. It’s kind of a give and take.”


Having himself a successful afternoon on Saturday to the tune of 31-of-35 passing for 248 yards and a touchdown (not to mention leading Florida on seven other scoring drives), Driskel looked to be in line for plenty of praise after the game.

Driskel did receive his fair share, but it was freshman QB Treon Harris and his seemingly-impossible 1,051.6 passer rating that made waves as the game reached its crest. Harris was the football version of Steve Nebraska on Saturday – perfect beyond perfect.

He threw two passes, completed each for 70+ yards and saw his receivers – sophomore wideout Demarcus Robinson and junior running back Mark Herndon, respectively – make great moves before taking the ball to the house for touchdowns.

“Throwing the ball downfield on your first two passes, that’s a great deal there,” said Driskel. “He got a really good look on the deep post and that play is designed to score. He threw [a] really catchable, good ball to Demarcus, and Demarcus made a really good play to stay on his feet and score. That was huge.

“On the second one, the play isn’t designed to hit the back up the middle, but the coverage that we got made it capable of him hitting a big one. And again, Mark made a really good play and turned on the jets there and scored.

“But that’s huge coming out. It’s a huge confidence builder. [He] had a procedure issue on one of the plays. That comes with experience; he’ll get it right. But overall, it was an awesome, awesome first game.”

And what did Driskel say to Harris afterward?

“’Great job.’ You know, his first two passes were touchdowns. My first one was an interception. So, ‘Thanks for showing me up,’” he joked.


Fowler may not have finished with a gaudy stat line Saturday but that’s what happens when a player is so disruptive in the first series that protection slides to take them out of the remainder of the game.

Instead, Fowler’s teammates did a lot of the playmaking, forcing five turnovers, registering 11 quarterback hurries and combining for nine tackles for loss on the afternoon.

“We have had a lot of great defensive performances here and that was just another one that, you know, that’s just a glimpse of what we have,” he said.

One of the most impressive performances came from redshirt freshman defensive tackle Caleb Brantley, who in his first game with the Gators both forced and recovered a fumble. Fowler explained that Brantley needed a little mental coaching before the game but got right into the swing of things once he made his first play.

“Caleb was actually really nervous, and I told him just to go out there and have fun. His first series he got the fumble recovery, so after that he was ready to play. It was like breaking him into college football. It was just so good to see him, see young guys flying around, having fun. Just seeing that they’re not nervous anymore and they’re ready to play,” he said.

Fowler is also trying to keep his teammates’ minds right between games. He refused to acknowledge the fact that Florida is looking to extend its 27-game winning streak against Kentucky this year. Instead, he is focused on a new mantra UF has employed this season.

“We don’t think about that. We treat every team with respect. We say, ‘Respect all but fear none.’ We respect our opponent, but we’re not scared of them,” he said.

“We’re going to be ready, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be ready for us, too.”


» Driskel on how comfortable he is with senior tight end Clay Burton and redshirt freshman tackle Roderick Johnson filling in for redshirt senior Jake McGee and junior D.J. Humphires, respectively: “Clay showed that he’s very capable in the passing game. He had a career-high seven catches, which is awesome. He made some tough catches there. He’s always been a really good blocker, but he’ll have to step up for us. D.J.’s injury isn’t as bad [as Jake’s]. … We have a really good player behind him in Rod Johnson … and he’s a guy that continues to get better each day. He loves football, so he’s a guy that I’m very confident when he’s in there.”

» Fowler on redshirt sophomore defensive end Alex McCalister showing out on Saturday: “What impressed me a lot is that we finally got to see what he has. There was a lot of people who didn’t get to see him last year because he came on toward the end of the season, but Alex always has been a great athlete and a great player. He had to go through some things, get bigger and things like that, and he’s finally able to showcase that. So, I’m glad we get to see what he can do.”

» Fowler on so many of his former teammates succeeding in the NFL: “There’s a lot of ballers on that defense. That’s what I do now. I just look around and be like, ‘We’ve got some ballers in [Vernon Hargreaves III] and Jonathan Bullard and those guys.’ It’s crazy because I was just in high school and those are boys that you grow up with. … It drives you more just to see your friends in the NFL. You’re like, ‘Dang, I played with them. I want to do the same thing.’ So, it drives you.”

» Fowler on whether Chucky is still around: “Yeah, Chucky was in the Gator Walk. I’m going to bring him to every home game, Gator Walk and some of the away games.”

» Fowler on whether Chucky gets dressed up for the Gator Walk: “No, he’s Chucky.”


  1. Steven says:

    I hate feeling like I am being pessimistic. So let me first say I thoroughly enjoyed laying a beat down on someone.

    But even though we put up points this looked like the same old offense to me. How many passes did Driskel throw over 10 yards. We totally outmatched them and that’s why our offense was dominant. The scheme looked very similar to how it did under Pease.

    I will never understand why Driskels legs aren’t utilized. That is what makes him a good QB. If he is expected to be a pocket passer only, this team will never fully reach it’s potential.

    Only when these changes are made will this offense be successful
    1. Utilize Driskel’s legs
    2. Regular passes over 10 yards(The rules now give QBs and WRs a huge advantage here)

    • Sammage says:

      Are you saying this is the only team in the past two years we’ve totally over matched? There was a huge difference in the style of offense we saw. Short controlled passes for the most part yes, but we were swinging the ball out into space and hitting quick developing patterns rather than the slow developing patterns that required the offensive line to hold blocks longer than they were able that has characterized the whole Muschamp era. The offense was also less predictable than I’ve seen in years. For the past two years I was pretty good at predicting the type and direction of each play. Opposing defensive coordinators who actually know what to look for had to be REALLY good at it. No, this offense looked a lot different than what we’ve been seeing and not just because it was more effective.

      As far as using Driskel’s legs more…why would you put him in that position if everything else was working? I’d have been upset if he HAD run more because there was no need at all for him to take risks that could result in injury.

    • Dave Massey says:

      Quit feeling pessimistic and quit nitpicking. Florida was not going to show their entire arsenal this game and probably not against Kentucky. But expect to see more and more as the season goes on and the opponents become better.

      I don’t know what game you were watching but it was obvious to me that the philisophy was way different than under Pease although they did run some ‘similar’ plays but that is part of the nature of the game. JD was 31 or 35 and Patton dropped two long passes that were right in his hands that were no fault of the thrower. There was the long throw to DeBose that was barely long and he did make one throw that was a bad throw. That is about as good as it is going to get for any QB. Florida did throw a number of long balls. They also threw effectively to their running backs and tight end, something that never happened under Pease.

      Why would you want JD to run the ball more when Florida has half a dozen running backs that could start for any team in the country? In watching the game it was clear to me that he was instructed to run only when he had to, get what he could safely, and get down on the ground without taking a major hit. I really don’t have a problem with that philosophy. The only big gains he will get running are when the receivers are all covered and he has to pull the ball down and run. I don’t think you are going to see the Gators call a lot of plays where it is a called QB run when he is in there. Harris is another story, you will see running plays called for him.

      The next option after JD is a true freshman. Although I do feel better about that now after seeing Harris play, both those passes were perfect long throws, that is still not a good option. They need to protect JD for their best chance at success.

      Why does it matter what plays were called when you rack up over six hundred yards and hang a 65-0 shutout on your opponent?

  2. 5wideU says:

    Exactly Sammage ….. they clearly did not want Driskell to run and risk an injury against a team they could beat sleep walking. Not real difficult to figure out.

    I also say a lot of downfield passing and remember at least three, if not four, deep passes that were dropped and would’ve been huge gains.

  3. G2 says:

    I know Jeff didn’t need to run in this game even if he could have gotten first downs, no need to risk it. I do think he needs to able to run in 2 weeks to have any chance with Bama. The guys no Tebow but a lot faster so get the first down and get out of bounds.
    Was a little concerned about throwing into double coverage a couple of times, seems to make up his mind ahead of time but overall pretty good showing knocking the rust off. Treon is a baller, he’s gonna be fun to watch. Hope he gets more reps each week.

  4. Michael J. says:

    Jeff Driskel threw a ball right to a guy that should have been intercepted. If he had caught it, he might have scored. I say might because Eastern Michigan was a very slow team. But on the pass I’m referring to, we saw what Driskel has always done, doing something really stupid for no apparent reason. I saw nothing in the Eastern Michigan game to make me think Jeff Driskel will become a good quarterback. He’s always been pretty accurate throwing the ball horizontally. Let’s see what Driskel does in Tuscaloosa, I’m ready to drink the Kool-Aid if he performs well against Alabama, until then I remain very skeptical about Jeff Driskel’s abilities.

  5. Oldflyer says:

    Driskel simply cannot win with certain Gator fans. Fortunately, I doubt that he cares.

    Of course some might say that there hasn’t been a Gator QB who really enjoyed fan support since a guy named Danny moved on. Correction, there has been a parade of back-ups who enjoyed tremendous support from the cadre of fans who bad mouth the starter week after week.

    Someone pointed out that JD had an 11-3 record as a Gator starter. Ironically, anyone who watched those 14 games realizes that he spent a lot of time running for his life; or flat on his back behind some of the most inept offensive lines in major college football. He also played for an OC/QB coach who got his butt fired for ineptness.

    Well Jeff if it really matters, there are some who believe in you. I am one.

  6. Kaleb Wolfe says:

    They ran the offense a little slower on purpose ya usually see you’re most improvement from game 1to game 2 but idk regarding that damn injury bug, but we will this no huddle much faster during sec games I assure also Driskel will be asked to keep it and run as well especially vs SEC competition too bad we could’ve gotten the bye week before Bama and not before Tennessee like we’d need it against the Vols ever we shouldn’t even be playing Bama this season. Someone call a witch doctor to get all this bad juju off our team & c
    Head Coach concerning the ole injury bug please……..somebody please call Lucky Les Miles and lets use his voodoo Witch Dr. I’m sure he has to have one incase of emergencies like 1st week vs. Wisconsin lol anyways Go Gators & please lord keep them safe & healthy as much as possible lord hear our prayer Amen !!!

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