10/10: Muschamp’s Monday press conference

By Adam Silverstein
October 10, 2011

Head coach Will Muschamp meet with the media each Monday to wrap-up the previous Saturday’s game and look ahead to the Florida Gators next opponent. Below are some of the most important notes and quotes from the availability.


Muschamp began his appearance Monday but discussing the previous game and how the team is performing heading into its seventh game of the season, in which they go on the road for the second-straight week.

“Obviously when you start the game on the road against a good football team and you go three-and-out and then on the second play on the game you give up a big play, you’ve got to put yourself behind he eight ball. We’ve got to manage that better as a staff and a team as far as handling adversity. We faced a lot. You get down 14 points in two drives and we didn’t handle the circumstances very well. That’s part of growing up as a football team and it starts with me. We’ve got to become a more mentally tough team to handle those situations when they arise because, in this league, you’re going to have adversity. That’s been something that we’ve touched on through spring ball and in summer and into training camp. We’ve got to manage those situations better when they arise because they’re going to continue to arise through the season especially when you play in the league we’re playing in. I thought head good effort. I thought there were some guys who did play well. Not enough, obviously. That all comes back on me.”

He then spoke about next week’s opponent – Auburn – and what they bring to the table in all three phases of the game.

“The defending national champions. Got a lot of respect for Gene Chizik and the job he does as a head coach. Really a good defensive football coach. I got to know gene when I was the defensive coordinator at LSU and he was at Auburn. Gus Malzahn as the offensive coordinator, really does a nice job of running the football from spread sets and creating space plays but still maintaining the hard-nosed effect of running the ball down hill. Gives you a lot of of different formations and shifts. It’s going to be a big eye-control game for us defensively as far as being where you’re supposed to be because they’ll give us new wrinkles with what they do. He does an outstanding job of that. Ted Roof, the defensive coordinator, I think is a really good football coach there. Got a lot of young guys playing for them defensively and they’re really good on special teams. Tre Mason right now is 10th nationally and second in the SEC in kickoff returns. Both of their specialists are outstanding. Steven Clark their punter has 20 punts inside the 20 yard line, and Cody Parkley the kicker has got 20 touchbacks. They’ve got some good specialists and some good team speed. We’re going to Auburn, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity of getting our team on the road again and playing well. That’s what we plan on doing.”


In addition to the update Muschamp provided on the quarterbacks, he said that redshirt junior cornerback Jeremy Brown (knee) would once again miss next week’s game. However, he pointed out that the rest of the team should be healthy at some point this week and all were expected to be able to go on Saturday.

Senior running back Jeff Demps, whose ankle kept him out of most of the LSU game, is something he has work through at this point, Muschamp said. “Based on what I got this morning, he might be limited [Monday] and a little [Tuesday], but he should be full-go on Saturday based on the information I have.” He also said that sophomore Buck linebacker Ronald Powell (knee) and junior safety Josh Evans (arm) are “both expected to play.”


[EXPAND Click to expand and read the remainder of this post.]» Muschamp said junior RB Mike Gillislee has impressed the coaching staff and will get more work in the backfield. “Mike played well. He’s one of the guys we recognized that played the way you need to play – with toughness. Does a great job on special teams and is a guy who we need to get him some more touches,” he said.

» On looking for leaders on the team: “It doesn’t have to be a senior and we don’t have many. Anybody. It’s something I challenged them about this morning. It’s really hard to be a leader. We got a lot of guys who want to be a leader one day and then the next day want to step off the podium and let somebody else do it. That’s not part of the deal. When you want to be a leader, you step in front, you positively affect everybody in the organization every day. You’ve got to be a productive player. That’s how we’ve outlined it for them. When you face adversity, you find out a lot about where your leadership and where your football team is. I certainly feel very positive about a lot of how we responded – not enough. I hate to paint the whole group and say we didn’t do anything.”

» On if the team is stepping up the way he wants it to: “I look at the season for an entire season. I don’t look at one game or two games or whatever. I got to look at the total body of work and where we are and where we’ve come from. Have we made improvements? Yes, I believe we have. Is it good enough at this point? No. But it’s never going to be.”

» On if the team has an attitude issue: “Our guys work hard. We had a great Tuesday practice last week. We practiced well Wednesday. The guys’ work ethic has been outstanding. I have not had any issues as far as that is concerned. We know how to work. We know how to practice. We just need to coach and play a little better.”

» On areas Florida still has to get better in soon: “As much as anything, what I would say offensively is just consistency in running the ball because there’s time where we have run the ball extremely well. The consistency you’ve got to run the ball with has been disappointing that we haven’t done it all the time very well. The disappointing thing on defense I would say is tackling at times and playing blocks consistently upfront although we’ve made tremendous strides from where we were.”

» On Auburn star RB Michael Dyer: “I think Gus does a nice job creating a lot of what I call ‘window dressing’ in the offense as far as motions, shfits, different formations. Ontario McCalebb is a big-time speed guy, so most of the carries that Michael has the ball, there’s some sort of deception with it. You’ve got to honor the other deception issues and then also be able to play him. They do a nice job of protecting the general runs he’s going to make in the game. [Dyer is] a good football player. He’s a guy that’s a low center of gravity guy, very strong, quick step. He’s got top-end speed when he breaks to the second level. There’s not a whole lot of folks catching him. He’s a power runner and he’s’ done a nice job for them.”

» On Malzahn’s up-tempo offense that limits defensive substitutions: “They’re no-huddle the whole game. They have different sets of tempos. They go with on-the-ball, look back to the sideline, they may look back twice, and then they’re on the ball and they snap it. So you’ve got to be ready to play within your package and you got to be limited in your substitutions. That’s what they try to do – tire your front people out as the game wears along there. They do a nice job of that. That’s certainly something you’ve got to deal with.”[/EXPAND]


  1. David says:

    I expected our record. I didnt expect the way we have played on defense. That is most disappointing. I want to see growth, and it is regretful that our defense has regressed. I dont think we hae the personnel yet to run the 3-4, but we should at least be able to tackle.

  2. Tony Smith says:


  3. G2 says:

    Guess its a talent issue. If they work hard and don’t perform, then what? Better than the UT’s and UK’s of the world but not ready for prime time yet.

  4. jay d says:

    Muschamp can say practice is going great…but as a former athlete I know the issues are one of two things…possibly even both….one. the guys arnt going 100% in practice 100% of the time and guys arnt calling eachother out for it aka no leadership….two the coacches arnt putting together solid game plans for guys to work on throughout the week…practice needs to be balls to the wall intense…I feel no sense of urgency with this staff….step the fuk up and be vocal

  5. John S says:

    Less confidence this week, but maybe that’s a good thing. The defense needs to limit Auburn to less than 300 yards. If they can’t we lose and it’s their fault. They’re healthy they need to perform.

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