Gators offense playing better than advertised?

By Adam Silverstein
November 11, 2009

Much has been made this season about the Florida Gators struggles on offense and that unit’s inability to capitalize on red zone opportunities. Following up on this issue, sports information director Steve McClain passed along some statistics to the media that are basically aimed to do one thing: make people question whether criticisms about the offense are overblown.

In Southeastern Conference games, Florida has:

  • 1,506 net rushing yards (1st in SEC)
  • 2,661 total net yards (1st)
  • 21 touchdowns (T-1 – Georgia)
  • 11 rushing touchdowns (T-1 – Auburn)
  • 146 first downs (1st)
  • 85 rushing first downs (1st)
  • 144.5 passer rating (1st)
  • 66.7 completion percent (1st)
  • 32:56 time of possession (1st)
  • 28.1 points per game (2nd)
  • 4.8 yards per carry (T-2 – Arkansas)
  • 380.1 ypg (3rd)

Is this a perception versus reality issue? Is the offense simply better on paper than it appears? Is this just more proof that the Gators could be truly dominant and blowing out opponents if their offense was truly running on all cylinders? Does any of this matter?

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  1. O-town Gator says:

    I attended an event sponsored by the Central Florida Gator Club last night with AM850’s Steve Russell as the speaker, and he made mention of the following regarding our offense:

    – He quotes Tim Tebow as sating “on offense, we try to protect the defense, beccause we know how good it is.
    – Like 2006, this offense has been adapted to the skillet of the players on our depth chart.
    – Tebow hasn’t put up the stats this year compared to last due to our O-line not being as strong as 2008, the lack of dynamic playmakers due to current injuries, last year’s graduation of Murphy and Harvin’s leaving for the NFl, and that opposing defenses are starting to catch up to the spread offense.
    – Offensively, the 2009 team is not as talented as that in 2008.

    Myself, I’m beginning to see a parallel between this team and our 2006 NC team, but IMO we’re stronger than that squad. Like 2006, our defense is the driving force of this team, and this will carry us throgh the remainder of the season.

    Based on the “numbers”, our strength is in rushing. Russell pointed out last night that the spread offense is basically run-oritented.

    We may not be a “pizazz” offense, but in spite of all the criticism we’re still getting the job done and chalking up the “W” when all is said and done.

  2. Brittany says:

    Concurred O-Town Gator. Are we as good as we have been in years past? No. Are we winning? Yes. To me that’s the most important thing. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want the team to work on getting better but I think a lot of people are really harsh on the team when in all actuality it hasn’t been that bad. I look at like: It could be a lot worse. So for right now I’m content with having a dull offense that wins over a showy team that loses.

  3. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    I think it has been harshly judged because we are winning by much slimmer margins than last year… could argue if you have a great defense why not open up the offense and put some points on the board and then make the other team one dimensional as well as make them play to the strength of our defense…if Meyer keeps winning then clearly he has made the right choice

  4. O-town Gator says:

    True, Brittany, what’s most important is that we are WINNING….it doesn’t matter to me how close the score is or how ugly the win may be. The “W” is what really counts, and as long as we keep winning I’ll be a happy camper.

  5. Mr2Bits says:

    McClain is an idiot. Stats can be manipulated to display whatever you want them to. How many of those dominated stats were racked up against non-cupcake top(lets say 60) defenses?

  6. The LAST word you would use to describe McClain is “idiot.” He is doing his job and reporting accurate stats and facts – they are not manipulated.

  7. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    First of all you need some PED’s for your server…..stats don’t lie but they often do not tell the entire story….I think one thing that is bothering many of us is seeing the other teams continue to stack the box week after week and wondering how in the world with speed like Cooper and DT we are not making teams pay…we saw that in the Arkansas game…they were selling out completely and leaving one on one most of that game…one time I think it was Cooper who dropped an easy bomb and then finally DT got the long TD catch…remember how open he was?? clearly this O-line is not as good as many of us thought it would be or we would be seeing more of those…I am wondering if we might start to see a few designed roll outs…we need to do something

  8. I think the main issue is Tebow not seeing/looking for Deonte Thompson. Dude is open all day and never getting the ball thrown his way. It is either a trust thing or they need to do a better job getting him the ball.

  9. As far as the server…that is being given a heavy dose of PEDs today.

  10. Mr2Bits says:

    Common Adam, the whole purpose of stats it to pick and choose items to prove a point and persuade someone into a non-common belief. McClain may not be an idiot but he clearly has left off important stats such as sacks, red zone efficiency, red zone TD’s, turnovers and defensive touchdowns as I know he rolled those into his TD total to pump up the look of our sorry offense.

    The only top 20 defense we have played was LSU and we scored all of 1 td and racked up 327 yards of offense. Doesn’t scream dominance

    All other defenses are ranked as follows.
    Tenn -26
    Kentucky – 48
    Arkansas – 71
    MSU – 64
    Ga – 74
    Vandy – 46

    Combined record of 33-31. He has selectively chosen stats to fabricate a mirage. UF lost all of 2 players from last years offense and is scoring 14+ points on offense less this year than last….thats a cold hard fact. Just look at our offense when we get inside the red zone and when was the last time our place kicker reached some 20+ field goal attempts?

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    Drew 4 Orange and Blue

    Designed roll outs, Moody being a blocking back to pick up the every down blitz or quick slants (for the love of God when was the last time we threw a quick slant) would completely make sense. Because it makes sense and would no doubt be effective, Adazzio will not do it. It’s Tebow dive, Demps/Rainey dive, Tebow sack…repeat

  12. Yes, there are other things not listed there as well like: passing yards, passing touchdowns, passing first downs, etc. And yes, he tailored the stats he provided to make the offense look better than it actually is. But that is HIS JOB. I am not disagreeing with you, and never have, that the offense needs to improve. HOWEVER, what those stats do show and prove is that the offense IS quite efficient in some areas…a lot of areas. It is certainly not perfect and has much to improve upon, but there are bright spots.

  13. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    Does anyone know if Meyer has ever demoted someone especially a coord. in all his stops….like SOS demoting someone who later became our HBC!!!!

  14. gatormiami says:

    You cut my reply. I’ll never respond again…. Too much criticism , I guess….Too much truth!

  15. gatormiami-

    I can assure you, your reply was not cut. Go ahead and post it again.

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