11/20: Two Gators out, Murphy questionable

By Adam Silverstein
November 20, 2013

Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp made his scheduled appearance Wednesday on the Southeastern Conference‘s weekly coaches teleconference and touched on a number of topics surrounding his team heading into Saturday’s game against the Georgia Southern Eagles.


Muschamp said that both sophomore left tackle D.J. Humphries (MCL) and junior cornerback Marcus Roberson (ankle) will miss Saturday’s game. Humphries “tried to do some things” on Wednesday but did not feel comfortable, and Roberson simply has not healed since he went down two weeks ago against Vanderbilt.

Not listed as “out” but rather “questionable” is redshirt junior quarterback Tyler Murphy, who missed the South Carolina game with a shoulder injury. “[He] threw a little bit [Tuesday] and we’ll see what else he can do [Wednesday] and we’ll go from there.”

Though Murphy has a 50-50 shot to start on Saturday, Muschamp said the Gators would have redshirt freshman Skyler Mornhinweg play in his place if the game was earlier in the week. “We’ll see what Tyler can do Thursday and it is what it is. Closer to the weekend, we’ll see where it is,” he said.

Muschamp added that Murphy is not being held out over structural concerns but rather how he feels throwing the football.

“It’s all about his discomfort level right now. It’s gotten better every day. From Sunday to [Wednesday] it’s much, much, much improved,” he said. “We’ll just continue to work through that. It’s all about his comfort level. Right now, the shoulder is stable and all of that. It’s just all about his comfort level.”


» On how junior CB Loucheiz Purifoy has dealt with NFL Draft talk all season: “I think Loucheiz has played well. I think he’s focus has been on our season and what we need to do to be successful. I think he’s played well. I think he covered very well last week against a very good core of receivers. I think through the year he’s played consistently well.”

» On needing a win Saturday to snap the five-game losing streak: “Our guys understand the situation with where we are. We need to go out and execute the game plan and play well.”


  1. Sharon M says:

    I don’t care whether or not Muschamp’s upset with me. We all have a right to express our opinion. You think he would understand how the fans feel. This has been beyond bad.

    The injured players are not the results of accidents. An undisclosed team creates an environment where injuries are more likely to occur,

    When he blames the students he deflects the need to look at himself.

    • Nathan S says:

      Yes people have a right to express their opinions, but you also should do it with some class. So all the injuries this year are a result of the coaches. Come on. Really. I guess you will be starting on basketball next.

      If the players were not behind him, they would have quit on this year along time ago. Opinion is not fact and understandable everyone knows how to do better as a coach, send your application in. The classless comments on social media sure helps in recruiting and this program, when 90 percent have no idea on the issue or understand all that goes into it.

    • Daniel M. says:

      “An undisclosed team creates an environment where injuries are more likely to occur,”

      Um, what the hell are you talking about?

  2. gatorboi352 says:

    You know how coaches get bonuses for reaching a bowl game or winning the conference/national championship?

    They should have their pay docked for not meeting certain expectations too.

  3. TST says:

    if i where the Gators ‘Water-boy.’ I would run , fast as i can the opposite direction . Everybody else on the team is hurt !!

  4. Basshole says:

    Go Gators! I support Muschamp and the Gators and agree that although the results have not been acceptable, at least this team has continued to fight. It would have been very easy for them to throw in the towel but they have fought hard. I don’t like the outcome, but appreciate the heart. Go gators!

  5. Gatorgrad79 says:

    I agree with Basshole and Gatorboi .
    I was at South Carolina where the kids played their hearts out!! Even on 3rd and long where SC loaded the box and our coaches still called a run between the tackles, the kids gave 100%. If this is 100% of what our coaches have, we will have these same issues even with a top 5 recruiting class year after year. (Problem is the recruits will not come where they feel their talent will be squelched…). We may be facing a long period of rebuilding if recruiting is allowed to decline because of poor impressions of our program/coaching.

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