OGGOA Reader Survey – May 2010

Thank you for deciding to participate in ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive‘s May 2010 reader survey. We appreciate that you are taking the time to send us your responses.

The purpose of the 16 questions to follow is to gauge your opinions of the website, find out what you would like to see more of and learn a little bit about you, our readers.

NOTE: For multiple choice questions that allow you to choose to type a response, don’t forget to click the selection button first before typing.

NOTE II: Click “Next” until question No. 16. Do not “Submit Survey” until the end.

REMINDER: Be sure to enter your name (may use an initial for your last name – Adam S., for example) and a working e-mail address after the final question to be ENTERED TO WIN a Florida Gators prize! One entry allowed per reader/IP address.


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