Florida basketball stuck outside Top 25 polls

By Adam Silverstein
January 10, 2011

Florida Gators (12-3, 1-0 SEC) dropped out of the ESPN/USA Today and Associated Press Top 25 polls three weeks ago and have since been stuck in limbo. Though they won two games (one in impressive fashion, the other hard-fought) over the last week, Florida did not find themselves back in the polls when they were released on Monday.

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Last Week 1-25: Duke (31*), Ohio State, Kansas, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, San Diego State, Villanova, Missouri, Connecticut, Purdue, Kentucky, Texas, Georgetown, Brigham Young, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Central Florida, Michigan State, Illinois, Minnesota, Memphis, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati
+ Florida received 9 voting points, good for 34th overall

This Week 1-25: Duke (31*), Ohio State, Kansas, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, San Diego State, Villanova, Purdue, Connecticut, Brigham Young, Notre Dame, Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisville, Washington, Georgetown, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Central Florida, Temple, Michigan State, Minnesota
+ Florida received 20 voting points, good for 33rd overall

Last Week 1-25: Duke (65*), Ohio State, Kansas, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, San Diego State, Villanova, Connecticut, Missouri, Kentucky, Purdue, Texas, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Brigham Young, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Michigan State, Central Florida, Illinois, Memphis, Vanderbilt, Washington, Cincinnati, UNLV
+ Florida received 35 voting points, good for 31st overall

This Week 1-25: Duke (65*), Ohio State, Kansas, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, San Diego State, Villanova, Purdue, Notre Dame, Connecticut, Brigham Young, Texas, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Missouri, Illinois, Washington, Louisville, Temple, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Georgetown, Central Florida, Georgia, Cincinnati
Florida received 110 voting points, good for 29th overall

* Numbers represent first-place votes.


  1. G8TRKYLE says:

    If breaking into the Top 25 again means another miserable loss, then I hope the Gators stay out of the Top 25 for a while since it is a pointless tool in College Basketball anyway.

  2. ncgator says:

    This team will win 1 game out of the next 5. That’s why their not and shouldn’t be ranked. They’re not very good.

  3. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I don’t care. We’ll teach them to respect us soon enough.

  4. Gary says:

    And Good news – Lunardi has us as a 5 seed in this weeks Bracketology (Top 20). I’ll take that over a top 25 in the polls any day of the week.

  5. Joe says:

    Really ncgator? I didn’t know it was like that? I think this team is showing signs of improvement. They can play any of the next five down to the wire. We’ll see about 4 losses… I really hope this is not the case.

  6. ncgator says:

    Joe: OK, 2 games

  7. John S says:

    Yeah the rankings don’t mean a lot right now, so long as we
    finish well in the SEC we’ll be alright. This team can win, the
    pieces are there, hopefully they buy in.

  8. JW says:

    I would be shocked if we do any worse than 3-2 in our next five games. Tonight will be tough (depending on which Tennessee team shows up), and Georgia will be really tough on the road. There’s no excuse for losing the other three. Neither South Carolina nor Arkansas are very good (despite their wins this past weekend), so you have to win those at home, and Auburn is probably the worst team in the SEC so that should be a double digit win, even on the road.

  9. ncgator says:

    3-2 over the next 5 games puts us at 15-5 and well on our way to the NIT.

  10. Victor says:

    And if I’m not mistaken (which I very well could be) we didn’t have a win against a top-10 team like we do this year against KState

  11. Victor says:

    ahhh right forgot about the MSU win…thanks for the reminder Adam!

  12. ncgator says:

    Is the goal to limp our way into the tournament OR field a
    less talented well coached team that displays solid fundamentals
    and ball handling skills day in and day out? Frankly, I’ll take the

  13. JW says:

    Frankly, I’ll take the team that makes the tournament, however they make it. (limping, crawling, defecating on themselves, etc.). As long as they get announced on Selection Sunday I’ll be happy. And the tournament isn’t until March so who knows how they will be playing then. And they’ve won four in a row including a road win at Xavier, so they’re not exactly limping.

  14. ncgator says:

    They’ve already defecated on themselves in Jacksonville so we’ve got that covered. Actually, that was pretty funny. I’m not sure limping, crawling or defecating into the tournament only to lose in the 1st or 2nd round accomplishes anything. It sure hasn’t helped recruiting.

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