Florida Gators continue to rise in top 25 polls

By Adam Silverstein
January 23, 2012

The 11th editions of the 2011-12 regular season USA Today/ESPN and Associated Press Top 25 Polls were released on Monday, and the Kentucky Wildcats (19-1, 5-0 SEC) took over the No. 1 spot in both rankings, receiving the vast majority of votes to be the new top team in the country.

The Florida Gators rose a few spots to No. 13 and No. 14 in the respective polls on the heels of a victory at home against LSU following their bye week. Florida is one of three Southeastern Conference teams listed in both rankings.

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[EXPAND Click to expand and view the complete top 25 polls.]USA TODAY/ESPN COACHES POLL
This Week 1-5: Kentucky (31), Missouri, Ohio State, Syracuse, Kansas
6-10: Duke, Baylor, North Carolina, Murray State, Georgetown
11-15: Michigan State, San Diego State, Florida, Creighton, UNLV
16-20: Mississippi State, Indiana, Marquette, Connecticut, St. Mary’s
21-25: Virginia, Michigan, Harvad, Kansas State, Louisville/Wisconsin

Last Week 1-5: Syracuse (31), Kentucky, Baylor, Duke, Missouri
6-10: Ohio State, Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, Murray State
11-15: Connecticut, Georgetown, Indiana, Florida, Mississippi State
16-20: San Diego State, Virginia, Creighton, Michigan, UNLV
21-25: Louisville, Marquette, Saint Mary’s, Harvard, Illinois

This Week 1-5: Kentucky (61), Missouri (2), Syracuse (2), Ohio State, Kansas
6-10: Baylor, North Carolina, Duke, Georgetown, Michigan State
11-15: Murray State, UNLV, San Diego State, Florida, Creighton
16-20: Indiana, Marquette, Mississippi State, Virginia, Michigan
21-25: St. Mary’s, Kansas State, Florida State, Connecticut, Wisconsin

Last Week 1-5: Syracuse (60), Kentucky (4), Baylor (1), Duke, Missouri
6-10: Ohio State, Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, Georgetown
11-15: Indiana, Murray State, Connecticut, UNLV, Virginia
16-20: San Diego State, Florida, Mississippi State, Creighton, Michigan
21-25: Marquette, Illinois, Louisville, Saint Mary’s, Kansas State

*Numbers in parenthesis represent first-place votes.[/EXPAND]

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