FOUR Noah BITS: videos, GIFs, feature, Yannick

By Adam Silverstein
April 17, 2014

1 » Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah jokingly refuses to answer a question posted by a reporter wearing a Florida State hat. “I don’t talk to people who wear FSU hats,” he quipped. “Maybe if you change your hat maybe we can talk later. OK, thanks.”

2 » Sports Illustrated‘s Lee Jenkins wrote an in-depth feature about the former Florida Gators frontcourt star, and how he has impacted Chicago throughout the season, for this week’s edition of the magazine. Check it out in full by clicking here.

Noah’s passion is as celebrated as Tim Duncan’s footwork and Chris Paul’s vision, but equally reductive. Depicting him purely as a 29-year-old “hustle guy” does him no justice. It took more than chase-down blocks and primal roars to become the best playmaking center in three decades — a floor general and rim protector all at once — whose versatility prompts one NBA assistant coach to remark, “I haven’t seen anything like him since Bill Walton in ’77.”

3 » A basketball animated GIF creator, Chris Edser (a.k.a. “Ron Artist”), has made a number of tremendous images featuring Noah, which can be found at his Tumblr. Below are two of his best (out of five).

4 » Conducting an interview during a Bulls game earlier this season, Noah’s father – tennis great Yannick Noah – was so enthralled by his son’s performance that he was unable to answer the reporter’s questions, preferring instead to simply cheer Joakim on as he got pumped up on the court.


  1. SaraGator says:

    I can’t say it enough times… I friggin’ love Noah!

  2. one says:

    That tumblr link is fantastic. And for all his success, Noah remains fiercely loyal and updated with UF.

  3. JS says:

    The free throw Noah gif is the funniest one.. I love Noah.. Go Gators

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