Jenkins: “I was dismissed” from the Gators

By Adam Silverstein
April 27, 2011

When Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp announced Tuesday that the team decided to part ways with senior cornerback Janoris Jenkins after his second marijuana possession arrest in less than 90 days, it was widely believed that Jenkins had a choice to remain on the team if he followed certain conditions but declined and instead decided to peruse a future elsewhere.

Jenkins spoke with the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday and denied that he had any opportunity to stay at Florida for his final season.

“The only thing [Muschamp] said was I was dismissed as soon as I walked in the room,” he told the Sentinel’s Rachel George. “He washed his hands of me. […] They know he didn’t give me no option to make. […] There was nothing else I could have done or said.”

Jenkins also told the Sentinel that he has yet to make his mind up about his future. His options include playing for a junior college or Division II football program, redshirting for a year and trying to get a scholarship at a Division I school in 2012 or entering the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft in July (should one occur).


  1. zurbo says:

    They didnt give you *any* option

  2. cline says:

    as it should have been IMO. Go Gators

  3. Todd says:

    Unfortunately JJ got what he deserved.
    It is a privilege to play for the Gators and he blew it. No one to blame here except JJ.

  4. Joey says:

    I don’t agree with the dismissal at all. Good luck in the future JJ.

    • DCgator says:

      Me neither. Not the most graceful way to handle the situation.

      • scooterp says:

        So, would it have been more appropriate on his 4th arrest? How about his 5th? No, wait ……………. how about 6? The belly-aching and whining for poor JJ is mind boggling. No one wanted this to happen and I’m sure Muschamp was at the top of the list. I respect the hell out of Meyer, but maybe he cared too much for his players – to the point where he enabled this kind of culture. Muschamp had NO choice. If he would have caved – how could anyone take him seriously. And all you pothead apologists want to blame Muschamp for this? Un-freak’n-believable! Some people never learn – until someone has the stones to bring down the hammer. Great job, Coach.

  5. Grannie says:

    Poor Janoris. Whaawhaawhaa. He sealed the deal himself when he CHOSE to light up the second time . Still, it’s incredibly sad to see such a promising career side-tracked by such stupid choices.

  6. Frank Fagan says:

    Playing for the Gators is a privilege. You blew it, Janoris. Thank you for the plays and the effort, but you WERE given an option. You could have STOPPED SMOKING POT. Your dismissal was not Muschamp’s fault… it was his responsibility.

  7. 305gator says:

    sucks it had to end this way, thanks for showing up on the field every play.

  8. dp says:

    I can’t believe some of you s—heads are actually disagreeing with this decision. I feel bad for the kid…but only because he is so immature and cocky enough to think he can do whatever he wants and not have to face the consequences. “coach washed his hands of me” HA! You washed your own damn hands! Thanks for your years…now it’s time for your apology and thanks to the University of Florida and the Gator Nation for giving you a free access to top notch facilities, academics, and fans. And at the same time, treating you like a god. This is the problem with today’s youth…no conscience and always the victim. Thank you Coach Muschamp for making a swift decision that was good, in the long run, for the team. I’m sorry that janoris put you in this situation. Time to move on. Go Gators

  9. caligator says:

    see ya later former Gator…plenty of time for reefer now!

  10. Kd says:

    He didn’t get an option? He had options after the first arrest and he had options after the second one. To stay out of trouble or to get kicked off the team. He chose poorly and now he has to face the consequences. You don’t get to continually make up for your mistakes; there is a limit.

    He’ll get the opportunity to make some money in the NFL (which isn’t bad for a punishment), but he could’ve made much more if he had stayed clean.

  11. I'mWinning! says:

    You made the option for him, you fool! And that was to dismiss you

  12. Jesse C says:

    JJ being childish…. some kids can’t take responsibility for their own actions and play the blame game. At least he’ll make some $$ in the NFL although learning proper grammar may be a foregone conclusion.

  13. wingtee says:

    And for those who think smoking pot on a regular basis is ok…look at Jenkins actions and decisions .. As well as others. Wonder if using pot makes you do stupid things?? Hum . I wonder.
    Always the victim JJ

  14. Timmy T says:

    CWM sent a message, and Janoris’ statement should help send it even louder. Jerk around and keep getting in trouble, buh-bye. Hopefully, our guys get the message and realize the embarrassing arrests need to come to a screeching halt.

  15. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    So has anyone calculated how much money this guy has lost 1st rounder vs a supplemental pick? That is going to turn out to be some really expensive pot!!!!

  16. Matt says:

    He has much growing up to do, apparently. Going to college is a privilege, being a Gator is a life-long commitment to excellence. He was given multiple chances to clean up and do right by his team and not let them down. He chose drugs over football. It’s his loss, and another Gator’s chance to step up. Go Gators!

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