Tim Tebow book tour coming to a city near you

By Adam Silverstein
May 12, 2011

In order to promote his new memoir Through My Eyes, Denver Broncos and former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will take part in a limited book tour making three stops in Florida and two more in Colorado. The dates and locations are as follows:

May 30 – Jacksonville, FL (2-4 p.m.)
738 Marsh Landing Parkway
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

June 4 – Denver, CO (4-6 p.m.)
The Tattered Cover
1628 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202

June 5 – Colorado Springs, CO (4-6 p.m.)
Sam’s Club
1850 E. Woodman Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

June 9 – Gainesville, FL (6-8 p.m.)
3570 SW Archer Road
Gainesville, FL 32608

June 11 – Orlando, FL (2-4 p.m.)
Barnes & Noble
2418 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Companies like Amazon.com have begun taking pre-orders with a release date of May 31. HarperCollins will initially print 200,000 copies of the memoir, and an audio book will also be available. Through My Eyes will be released for the Amazon Kindle as well. You can pre-order it by Clicking Here.


  1. GatorsFanLA says:

    I was really hoping Timmy was going to make an appearance here in Los Angeles.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m really excited about this memoir!! I’m a huge Tim Tebow fan and this really tops it. However I wish Tim was traveling up north to Indiana. Good luck to you Tim. God Bless!! Go Broncos!!

  3. DisappointedFan says:

    Lost in the dollars should be his new title.. We went to his D1 event in Savannah Ga yesterday and my kids were standing by the fence all by themselves and holding out two hats for him to sign, he walked right by , no more than 3 feet, didnt acknowledge them at all, if i had pinned a 100 dollar bill on each hat would he have stopped ?????? we watched him for years, he lost 4 fans for sure yesterday…. where was his charity to give two autograpghs to a 8 and 6 year old ?.. my assumption was it was already in his wallet…

    • jay d says:

      Should have put the kids in some wheel-chairs….he would have certainly stoped then…..all joking aside..who knows what kind of day he was having emotionally…or if he was late for something…don’t judge the man for what he didn’t do…judge him for what he has done…sounds like you guys just got very unlucky in that moment…I may be wrong…I do not know exactly how it went down because I was not there…sorry to hear that it happened

      • DisappointedFan says:

        LOL yeah i thought about that later that night… yeah i know but there was virtually no one there at this thing.. but im glad you see my point…. at least i made the attempt …..they can at least see Santa in person and sit on his lap!!ha ha !!

        • loveitorleaveit says:

          Well, it appears this “disappointed fan” has made the effort to post this same comment everywhere possible. The casual person who is looking for a possible chance meeting with a celebrity would not be so offended by not getting an auto. The person who uses his kids and possibly took time off from work and their school only to be shut out from getting an auto that could later be sold on ebay…well, they would be pissed and make silly comments like this. Athletes are not required to sign, yet many do and some even go out of their way to try and please everyone they come in contact with. Sometimes, that is not possible. For whatever reason, some don’t get the auto. A true fan wouldn’t instantly turn on the player simply because they didn’t sign their item. It has happen several times to me and my kids, but we just look at it as “maybe next time” and then we often do, with a great time and personal attention instead of a “hi” while they walk by and scribble while looking away. Tebow is what Tiger was at one time. He is hounded everywhere he goes. If you are not able to accept the fact that he can not sign for everyone every-time, then maybe its better that you follow another athlete and move on.

  4. Leslie says:

    Apparently to see him in the Springs you have to be a member of Sam’s Club – aggrevating!

  5. Jimmy Dee says:

    Tim wasn’t taken up with the Rapture? too bad.

  6. april register says:

    come to atlanta!

  7. GoldBox says:

    I went to an event at the SuperBowl in Dallas last year with ESPN. At the end of the event, i asked Tim to sign my 3 year old’s 15 jersey. He told me ESPN asked them not to sign while the event was on, but to meet him outside… Once outisde he not only signed the jersey for me, he let me take a personal video message on my FlipVideo for my son. He went out of his way. Great Man.

  8. beth johnson says:

    i am hoping he comes to peoria Ill, or somewhere around there.


  9. Maddie says:

    I love Timmy! He is such a great role model for me. I really wish he could come to Memphis tn. I got the privilege of getting his autograph when he did the st. Jude golf tournament. I was going through some trouble and he made my day. I will always love and support him no matter what! Go broncos

  10. Shannon says:

    Please come to Alabama!!

  11. Don Douglas says:

    GATOR NATION HELP US!! We want Tim Tebow to be the starting QB for the Denver Broncos. We are leading a grass roots effort to make it happen! Please support us, go to our website, the more people we have supporting Tim, we might be able to make the Broncos listen. Please go to http://www.itstebowtime.com and help us!! Thanks.

  12. mitzie says:

    I went to the book signing in gainesville florida. Tim went out of his way to meet all his fans in line signed books and took pictures. U have to stand in line over night for hours to meet the person u really want to. He also shook my kids hands. He is a GREAT person and football player. I will never forget that day.

  13. zack says:

    come to mass

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