The Silver Lining for Thursday, October 1, 2015: Six years strong, Gators quarterback situation

By Adam Silverstein
October 1, 2015 Six Years Strong

As we enter our sixth year here at, I come to you with good news on the horizon. What exactly is that good news? Well, I don’t want to spoil the fun just yet, but let’s just say it involves the contribution button you’ve seen for the last 20 months on the website. And it is coming soon. Very soon.

Since inception, more than 15.5 million unique visitors have found their way to, which remains to this day the largest independent website covering the Florida Gators. We have one comment on the site for every Twitter follower, and there have been more than 6,600 posts on here to date. It is humbling how well continues to do each year, and it continues to exceed my wildest expectations.

For the hundreds of you that have assisted us by signing up with our optional contribution model, thank you. Your patience is astounding. Trust in that your personal financial contribution will be rewarded soon, and you will understand how you have ensured the future success of this website.

I once again thank you all for your continued loyalty and readership. is a success because of you and your support for our mission: Create an free, independent, unbiased source of Gators news and information, filling the untapped space between newspapers, magazines, message boards and fan sites.

There have been some hiccups over the last year with my time being diverted from the site due an important and fulfilling job I love, but efforts are being made to ensure continues to run smoothly.

We will not let you down.

Adam Silverstein
Founder, owner, editor

Go With Will Grier

For those of you that were regular readers of TSL last season, you know that in this space I normally opine at length on a Florida-centric topic, usually involving football, basketball or the athletic program as a whole.

Well, I already wrote one of those this week, and it was published early Sunday morning following the Gators’ victory over the Vols. The comeback in that Tennessee game showed me something about redshirt freshman quarterback Will Grier that I believe head coach Jim McElwain needed to embrace.

Instead of doing so Monday, McElwain refused to name a starting quarterback … until Wednesday, when he said Grier would start the game and sophomore Treon Harris – coming off suspension, mind you – could still be used in the game as a change-of-pace player.

With all that now known, I figured it would be best to just link off to my original column from Sunday morning.

Not Only Gators: Moving

Never move during football season when you work as a college football editor and run a independent news site that centers around one of the top programs in the nation. I have learned this the hard way during what is undoubtedly going to be the busiest and craziest month of my life.

Granted, I’m only moving seven miles, but between pricing out movers and selling furniture (any suggestions?) to simply cleaning out a lot of the crap from my place tand ensuring everything is done in time, well, it’s nerve-wracking to say the least.

The easy answer to all of this would be to never move. But going somewhere new is fun, even if it’s just the town next door and a fresh place … for all your stuff.

On the bright side, at least moving is easier than getting a new car. Damn it, that’s next.

This Week’s Movie Trailer

Considering that The Silver Lining has been off for quite some time, I missed the opportunity to introduce you to a couple of great trailers that normally would have been in this space – The Martian and The Walk. Be sure to click those links for full-length official trailers, not the short ones you have seen on television.

The Revenant:

The Top 5 List
From the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska…

Best Gatorade flavors:
1. Lemon-lime
2. Orange
3. Strawberry Watermelon
4. Citrus Cooler
5. G2: Glacier Freeze

Thanks for reading. Leave your comments below.

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  1. Joonas says:

    Happy birthday, onlygators!

    I agree with Lemon-Lime and Orange as the top two Gatorade flavors. I feel like Orange doesn’t get enough love.

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