Gators OT Tyler Moore falls off scooter, breaks elbow; sixth Florida starter out for the season

By Adam Silverstein
November 6, 2013

The Florida Gators have lost their sixth starter – fifth on the offensive side of the ball – due to injury as redshirt sophomore tackle Tyler Moore is out for the remainder of the season after falling off a scooter and breaking his right elbow Tuesday night.

Moore was returning home from dinner at the dining hall following practice.

“Unfortunately, last night Tyler Moore was riding home on his scooter, came around a curve there, back tire came out from underneath him and he got a compound fracture of his elbow. He’s having surgery as we speak, so he’ll be out for the season. We’ll know more about his prognosis and how low [he’ll be out] after the surgery, obviously,” head coach Will Muschamp confirmed Wednesday during his weekly appearance on the Southeastern Conference football coaches’ teleconference.

“He’s a good young man and has really done everything we’ve asked on and off the field. He’s an outstanding member of our football team, and it’s just very unfortunate.

“I just hurt for him.”

It has been a rough season for Moore, a transfer from Nebraska who did not play in 2012. He was expected to be a depth addition to Florida’s roster but was forced to replacing redshirt junior Chaz Green (torn labrum – season) as the starting right tackle. Moore struggled in the first seven games of the season and was especially bad against Missouri when he committed multiple penalties and gave up a number of sacks.

“I just tried to get over it as quick as I could, still felt a little bad after the game and into the bye week. But slowly throughout the bye week, tried to work as hard as I could to show them that I was ready to play for the next game and slowly feeling like myself again,” said Moore on Tuesday about his performance at Mizzou.

The Gators began working with junior Trenton Brown (6-foot-8, 360-pounds) at right tackle, but Moore was suddenly thrust back into the starting lineup when sophomore left tackle D.J. Humphries (sprained MCL) went down in practice last Monday.

Moore started at left tackle against Georgia and looked much improved from the two weeks prior, but his injury – and Humphries not returning for 1-3 more weeks – puts Florida in an even deeper hole on the offensive line.

Redshirt junior left guard Max Garcia will shift over to tackle with redshirt senior Kyle Koehne taking Garcia’s place inside. Garcia, a transfer from Maryland, has played nothing but guard in his first year with the Gators but does occasionally take reps at tackle during practice. Redshirt junior Ian Silberman will also see time at guard, and Koehne has cross-trained at both tackle spots as well.

Freshman offensive lineman Octavius Jackson could also have his redshirt pulled if the coaches deem that it is necessary.

“We don’t make excuses or have regrets in our preparation for what we do. It’s unfortunate, but somebody else needs to step up and play productive football. The expectation level here, that doesn’t change,” Muschamp said.

Moore joins Green, junior quarterback Jeff Driskel, senior defensive tackle Dominique Easley, sophomore running back Matt Jones and redshirt senior wide receiver/kick returner Andre Debose as Florida starters on the mend.

The Gators have lost nine total players for the season including a trio of reserves – redshirt freshman linebacker Jeremi Powell, freshman LB Matt Rolin and freshman defensive back Nick Washington.


  1. gatorboi352 says:

    I mean, what is there left to say?

  2. cline says:

    wow…. I am not sure any coach could win in the SEC will all the injuries we have had this year. All the attrition due to transfers and injuries since Meyer left have really put the program in a tight spot. Hopefully Mushchamp gets one more year to prove he can turn it around.


  3. Plex says:

    Maybe he false start the scooter?

  4. Michael Jones says:

    I wonder how many college and professional athletes will continue to ride scooters? How many of them need to suffer season–or worse yet–career ending injuries before they figure out that it’s a bad idea?

    I guess the way this season has gone, we should be grateful that he wasn’t also giving Kelvin Taylor a ride on the handlebars while towing Purifoy and Fowler on a tandem razor.

    • scott shapiro says:

      You’re right, Michael.

      I also wonder how many will still drive or ride in cars?

      How many will walk across the street, where they can get hit?

      Give me a break, Michael.

      • Michael Jones says:

        Do you even know what you’re talking about in regards to scooter accidents? I’m not suggesting they sequester themselves indoors, but you ought to do a little research to see how many scooter accidents athletes have been hurt in before you go spouting off. It’s an inordinate number.

        By my calculations based upon my independent field research, the ratio between scooter accidents and car accidents in which athletes get injured is 6.21 to 1.385 (yeah, I pretty much just made that part up. . but the rest of my post is legit).

  5. G2 says:

    This would almost be funny if it wasn’t so damn sad. They guy starts playing good then promptly breaks his elbow?? Something weird going on here. All the good luck we had last year has come full circle and is biting us in the a$$.

  6. Nick Norris says:

    The Gators have had a curse put on them

  7. Marlex says:

    OK… we need to start looking for the voodoo dolls.

  8. TST says:

    this team better walk on egg-shells !

  9. CJ Camarda says:

    Looks like KARMA is a you know what…….are you ready to be ‘stuffed’ after T-giving by Jameis…aka FSUs version of what Tebow did to us when Bobby Bowden looked like a lost puppy a few years ago when Urban was putting FSU on his knee and saying what a great ‘punching ba….err I mean coach he was……..What do you say 42-10….Hammond runs one back for you…LOL…EZ

    • Ziggy says:

      Bad Karma implies you’ve done something wrong. It is never wrong to beat the Sh…t out of the Fn Sorry University. Quit trolling our site you scum of the earth POS and go back to your little girl’s school site. Btw, I graduated from that sorry ass university and have first hand knowledge of how screwed up that place is.

    • cline says:

      what u say jive turkey…. lol

    • Michael Jones says:

      Dude, you guys STILL haven’t learned that you don’t start talking smack until AFTER you’ve won the game? Didn’t learn anything from last year’s game? You know, the one we didn’t stand a chance in until we came into your house and then smacked you around like the little bitches you are?

      I’m pretty sure that Manuel is still trying to figure out why somebody was allowed to drive a truck right onto the field in the middle of a game.

    • W says:

      Hammond no longer plays for the Gators. I award you zero points, and may Jimbo have mercy on your soul.

      Take a lap, troll.

  10. Chizzle1986 says:

    A little positive read to help everybody cool down…..really nice article on Will Grier if you haven’t already seen it.

    • Michael Jones says:

      Really nice article, fo shizzle, Chizzle. Love the character kids, and Grier seems to be one of those.

      Speaking of character, as good as the QB’s are in the SEC this year, I’d put Connor Shaw right up there with the best of them. Guy’s under-rated.

  11. Sam Andreu says:

    I actually felt empathy for FSU WHEN WE SPANKED THEM 6-7 years in a row. That was KARMA FOR THE ACC refs stealing the ’03 game 38-34. Nobody wants to see a team lose 6 or 7 games. I sure do love to see those clowns get beat:) Btw, GATORS, keep wearing those hats and shirts… I would rather lose as a GATOR than win as a brand-new again-semenhole!

  12. Collin says:

    In regards to Kelvin Taylor… He doesn’t need a ride, because he has his own scooter. I know because my company sold it to him.

    Scooter accidents are quite rare, especially in comparison to the number of car accidents. The athletes (ALL athletes) need scoots to get them to and from class and practice in order to meet their demanding schedules, so we will do our part to try encourage safe driving, use proper equipment, etc. to keep all our athletes protected!

    Scooters are an important tool for ALL college students. Scooter safety needs to be stressed across the board, but unfortunately you don’t seem to hear of scooter related things unless an athlete or other ‘public figure’ gets hurt :/

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