Gators up two spots to No. 4 in BCS standings

By Adam Silverstein
November 18, 2012

The Florida Gators jumped up two spots to No. 4 when the sixth edition of the BCS standings were announced Sunday night. Florida, with a .843 (+.047), checked in behind undefeated Notre Dame and the participants in the 2012 SEC Championship, Alabama and Georgia. The Gators are one of five SEC teams in the top nine.

Florida has already defeated BCS-ranked No. 7 LSU, No. 9 Texas A&M and No. 12 South Carolina and will have a chance to beat No. 10 Florida State this week. Its sole loss this season came at the hands of No. 3 UGA.

Early Sunday afternoon, the 12th regular season editions of the USA Today Coaches and Associated Press Top 25 polls were released, and the Gators wound up back in the top five of both rankings following a chaotic Saturday.

Florida moved up one spot to No. 6 in the human polls. The Gators were awarded 1,166 voting points (+87) in the USA Today poll and 1,171 voting points (+82) in the AP top 25.

UF also checked in at No. 5 in the Harris Poll, which is used in calculating the BCS.

For the second-straight week, the No. 1 team in the country fell, shaking up the national title picture. Last week, unanimous No. 1 Alabama fell to Texas A&M. On Saturday, BCS No. 1 Kansas State was routed 52-24 by unranked Baylor, and USA Today/AP No. 1 Oregon was upset by No. 13/14 Stanford in overtime.

Notre Dame, the only undefeated team in the country (aside from ineligible Ohio State), is the new No. 1 team nationally, receiving 56-of-59 first-place votes from the coaches and all 60 first-place votes from the AP voters.

A victory over FSU and a Notre Dame loss this week to USC would put Florida in the national championship game. A win against Florida State would secure UF a guaranteed BCS bowl with and a loss knocking the Gators out of a BCS bowl.

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This Week 1-5: Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oregon
6-10: Kansas State, LSU, Stanford, Texas A&M, Florida State
11-15: Clemson, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oregon State
16-20: Texas, UCLA, Rutgers, Michigan, Louisville
21-25: Oklahoma State, Boise State, Kent State, Arizona, Washington

Last Week 1-5: Kansas State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia
6-10: Florida, LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Florida State
11-15: Clemson, Oklahoma, Stanford, Nebraska, Texas
16-20: Oregon State, UCLA, USC, Louisville, Louisiana Tech
21-25: Michigan, Rutgers, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Washington

[EXPAND CLICK TO EXPAND and check out the rest of the top 25 polls.]USA TODAY COACHES POLL
This Week 1-5: Notre Dame (56), Alabama (2), Georgia (1), Oregon, Florida State
6-10: Florida, LSU, Kansas State, Clemson, Texas A&M
11-15: Stanford, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas
16-20: UCLA, Oregon State, Louisville, Rutgers, Michigan
21-25: Oklahoma State, Boise State, Northern Illinois, Mississippi State, Kent State

Last Week 1-5: Oregon (44), Kansas State (14), Notre Dame (1), Georgia, Alabama
6-10: Florida State, Florida, LSU, Clemson, Texas A&M
11-15: South Carolina, Oklahoma, Stanford, Nebraska, Texas
16-20: UCLA, Oregon State, Louisville, Louisiana Tech, Rutgers
21-25: USC, Boise State, Michigan, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech

This Week 1-5: Notre Dame (60), Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Oregon
6-10: Florida, Kansas State, LSU, Texas A&M, Oregon, Florida State
11-15: Stanford, Clemson, South Carolina, Oklahoma, UCLA
16-20: Oregon State, Nebraska, Texas, Louisville, Michigan
21-25: Rutgers, Oklahoma State, Kent State, North Illinois, Mississippi State/Utah State

Last Week 1-5: Oregon (45), Kansas State (14), Notre Dame (1), Alabama, Georgia
6-10: Ohio State, Florida, LSU, Texas A&M, Florida State
11-15: Clemson, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Stanford, Oregon State
16-20: Nebraska, UCLA, Texas, Louisiana Tech, Louisville
21-25: USC, Rutgers, Michigan, Texas Tech, Kent State

* Numbers in parenthesis represent first-place votes.[/EXPAND]


  1. Matt says:

    The crazy thing is Florida could actually back into the National Title game! If they beat FSU and USC beats ND next week. Florida would be #3 behind Bama and GA. One of them has to get beat in the SEC champsionship game and Fl would then be number 2? That is nuts! Like our first title a cascade of crazy things had to happen or Fl would not have been in that game either. Just sayin….

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Or consider this….We beat FSU, UGA loses to Ga. Tech then beats bama….we would play Notre Dame….and I have little doubt that UGA, Bama, or UF would crush ND, they are overrated because they have managed to stay undefeated (we are over-rated too, but we have had a significantly more difficult schedule)

      • gatorboi352 says:

        oh wow Ken youre right I never even considered that scenario! i was too busy wishing revenge on a possible GA rematch but i would love to knock off an undefeated ND instead!

  2. Nick says:

    The team is lucky not to have got jumped by LSU in the polls this week, not that we haven’t known these polls were a sham the whole time.

  3. SaraGator says:

    Gotta BEAT FSU first then we can talk about who will play for the NC.

    Go Gators!

    • gatorboi352 says:

      very true

    • GatorsAlumLA says:

      I am with you 100%! All I see are a lot of “If’s and But’s”. Gators will have to take care of business on the field on Saturday and not worry about stuff that is out of their control.

      Let us all take a collected deep breath and root on the team to beat those clowns from Tallahassee.

  4. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Whoa everybody back away from the ledge! Do you seriously think a Gator team that can barely score one offensive TD per game belongs in the top 10?! I love my Gators, but seriously, we are ranked where we are due to a perfect storm of improbable events!

    • VO2Max says:

      Improbable events? You so”U”nd like a troll. Teams lose every season even if you think the timing is improbable. Florida is where they are because they beat ten out of their eleven opponents. They lined up for 60 minutes and got it done. Regardless of the fact that it has come largely by dominant D and ST’s, the W’s were all earned and you are a dumbass.

      I think Adam should probably jot down this guys IP and mail for future reference.

      • Gatorgrad79 says:

        Wow, what vitriole…your life must suck to be so angry over an honest comment. Adam, really….it’s not OK to have a personal opinion, but it is ok to call people a dumba__??

  5. Jess says:

    Wrong, Gatorgrad79. We’re ranked due to us having the best SOS in the country and with wins over #7, #9 and #12 – and possibly #10 FSU next week. The first legit ranked team Oregon has faced all year, and guess what? They lost. The difference between us and other teams is – we find ways to win – no matter how much our offense sucks.

  6. Luke says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t see the scenarios playing out to put us in the NC game. I’d guess Oregon jumps us unless they lose the PAC-10 game. 10-2 was 2-3 wins better than I expected, so can’t really complain. I hope we don’t get blown out, but there certainly is a chance…

    Go gators, get better Jeff, play hard D, and open up the play book Brent!!

    • armygator says:

      I don’t see how Oregon would jump us if we both win. We would be beat the #10 and they would beat the #15, both away games. I agree with your comment to open up the playbook a little. Surprise their defense a little and get them on their heels.

  7. Joshua says:

    Bottom line is we’ve got another opportunity to make a statement against a top-10 team. We handle our business and we’ll be fine.

  8. armygator says:

    I know the team needs to focus on the game ahead against FSU, but it sure is fun, as a fan, to be able to ‘what’if’ the possibilities. Wasn’t it ’06 when UF needed a bunch of crazy losses at the end of the season in order to get into the championship game?

    Lightning? Twice? Only in Florida.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      actually it would be for the 3rd time. getting in to the championship game in 96 was due to a lot of improbably losses in the final day of the season as well. needed 2 teams to lose in their games that both were heavy favorites in and both lost.

  9. Jesse says:

    Make no mistake, we are the worst 10-1 team on the board for sure. ND will play an SEC school for the NC but it won’t be us. I had hoped that USC would beat ND but without Barkley, I seriously doubt it. This past week’s game against JSU was embarassing. Yes we won and I’ll take the W but our defense will need to play lights out this week (like they were against LSU) for us to have a chance. It seems like Brent is thinking about his next job instead of the playbook. The offense seems to be getting more and more predictable and now with Brissett under center, I fear that we will be seeing a repeat of last year’s FSU debacle. In any case, we will be at least 10-2 going to the POutback bowl.

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