Poll Reviews: Tebow, All-Decade, Meyer, moments

By Adam Silverstein
January 4, 2010

Over the past two weeks, OGGOA asked you to participate in six polls. Ranging from how senior quarterback Tim Tebow will fare in the NFL to what present you wanted for the holidays, your responses were quite varied and interesting. 1,753 combined votes (292 average – our highest ever) were cast, and the results are in. Here is a quick review:

How will Tim Tebow fare in the NFL?
Starting QB (42%, 137 votes)
Starter at different position (28%, 92 votes)
Bust (16%, 52 votes)
Pro Bowl QB (14%, 47 votes)

Which SI All-Decade honors should Florida Gators basketball also have been awarded? (May pick one or more.)
School of the Decade (55%, 95 votes)
Best Single-Season Team (47%, 82 votes)
Coach of the Decade (30%, 52 votes)
None of the above. (6%, 10 votes)

What present do you want for the holidays?
No. 1 football recruiting class (48%, 101 votes)
2010 Sugar Bowl victory (37%, 77 votes)
March Madness appearance (8%, 17 votes)
No more UF legal issues (7%, 14 votes)

Things were obviously light-hearted before last week, with Florida fans most concerned about Tebow’s future, where the SI All-Decade lists (basketball | football | overall) overlooked the basketball team and what gift would best be suited for Gator Nation over the holidays. To see that 84 percent of respondents believe Tebow will be a successful NFL player was interesting, especially the 28 percent who think he will play a different position. Also surprising was that fans would have preferred a No. 1 football recruiting class to a win in the 2010 Sugar Bowl. Looks like the Gators have a great shot at both.

How does coach Urban Meyer’s resignation amid health concerns make you feel?
Concerned (31%, 96 votes)
F***ed (27%, 83 votes)
Sad (23%, 73 votes)
Depressed (19%, 60 votes)

Urban Meyer is taking a leave instead of resigning. Did he make the right decision?
Yes – glad he’s back! (73%, 350 votes)
No – decision puts UF in limbo. (19%, 92 votes)
No – shouldn’t risk his health. (8%, 39 votes)

Sweetest 2010 Sugar Bowl moment…
Tebow’s performance (52%, 132 votes)
Overall team effort (36%, 91 votes)
Saying goodbye to seniors (6%, 16 votes)
Meyer’s hope to return (6%, 14 votes)

Last weekend brought two polls to OGGOA concerning Meyer. A total of almost 800 votes were cast, the vast majority over a 48-hour period. Emotions were obviously split across the board when Meyer first resigned, but the response was overwhelmingly positive when he changed his mind just 12 hours later. After the Sugar Bowl, it was all smiles and few frowns for Gators fans, as evidenced by the 88 percent who thought the sweetest moment was Tebow’s performance and the overall team effort.

On a side note, OGGOA purposely did not hold a poll for Sugar Bowl MVP. We have automatically awarded it to Tebow for obvious reasons.

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