What’s the deal with Bedford and Carter?

By Adam Silverstein
January 4, 2010

Though both are denying this seemingly inevitable fact to one source or another, Florida Gators cornerbacks coach Vance Bedford and running backs coach Kenny Carter are likely headed to the Louisville Cardinals to join head coach Charlie Strong‘s staff. Even Strong, who told the Gainesville Sun after the 2010 Sugar Bowl that Bedford had already agreed to become his defensive coordinator, backtracked on his comments. He also said Carter “hasn’t told me that” he was joining his staff.

Bedford explained to anyone who asked him that he would be recruiting for the Gators in South Florida this week, and he is currently doing just that. However, Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun reports that Bedford’s hiring out of Gainesville, FL, “will happen this week.” This falls in line with what four-star cornerback commitment Demar Dorsey (Lauderdale Lakes, FL) said a few days ago. Bedford has even told the Miami Herald that he is “open to working with Coach Strong. He’s one of the reasons I’m here.” Though he added that his “opportunity to stay is also good, and I’ve talked with Coach Addazio about that.”

On Dec. 14, Bedford claimed he was staying put in Gainesville and concentrating on recruiting the incoming 2010 class. “I’m a Gator,” Bedford exclaimed when asked if Strong had contacted him to be a member of his new staff. “I’m trying to do everything I can to recruit well. I’m trying to get to Dade County.” Bedford said at the time that he had neither been contacted by Strong nor any other coach about a position.

Similarly, four-star running back commit Mack Brown (Lithona, GA) told Mark Wheeler of Rivals on Monday night that Carter has already informed him he is leaving the program. This is an unconfirmed report as only Brown has mentioned it thus far, but Carter does have an outstanding offer to join the Cardinals staff. Even though Strong has already hired an offensive coordinator, Carter could be given an expanded role on offensive. When asked after the Sugar Bowl about his future, Carter said, “I’m not talking about anything but this game. I’m not talking about any of that crap. It doesn’t mean anything to me.”

UPDATE: Robbie Andreu of the Sun is now reporting that Bedford is “expected to leave official[ly] later in the week.” He also reached out to Strong Monday evening, who said Carter is “expected to reach a decision on whether or not to take the job or stay at Florida by the weekend,” according to the paper. It was indicated that Carter would be hired as running backs coach – a lateral move and not a promotion.

Strong has mentioned to the press on numerous occasions since leaving Florida that he would not be hiring coaches from the Gators’ staff as not to shake things up or raid the program of its staff. Apparently he has changed his mind about that pledge.


  1. ZURBO says:

    cmon charlie! I thought you were a good guy. Whatever, we still are awesome and charlie strong is still okay in my book

  2. I cannot fault a guy who has given as much as coach Strong has to this program. And I don’t fault Bedford for leaving if he is being hired as DC and Meyer was not going to promote him to that position here. However, if Carter makes a lateral move from the Gators to the Cardinals, that is unacceptable to me.

  3. ZURBO says:

    True, a lateral move from UF to Uof L would be suicidal.

  4. Ale says:

    This has me pissed! A man with words and no deeds is like a garden full of weeds!

  5. Sam says:

    Seems like a good move. Why stay at UF if Meyer’s out?

  6. Gatorfan33 says:

    I am to the point where I don’t believe a single thing coaches say.

    Strong- “I will not hire any coaches from UF so as to not shake up that staff”

    Bedford- “I don’t know anything about a position with UL, am happy at UF and will continue recruiting and working at UF”

    Coaches have always said one thing to try and keep the heat off of them but then turn around and do the opposite.

    Basically it looks like UF is going to have a new coaching staff with or without Urban. 🙁

  7. ReptilesRule says:

    Whats going on with the coaches?? A) They lied B) They were not truthful C) They fibbed

  8. Aligator says:

    I agree about Carter, how could he go from a D1 Powerhouse to a Big East Middle of the road team at the same position? Especally with these RBs we have? That would be crazy.

  9. ReptilesRule says:

    This is precisely why a recruit should pick a school and not a coach. And it happens to all schools all the time.

  10. brlgator says:

    i dont blame the coaches for double speak at all. its easiest for everyone if they just say they arent leaving and then make a decision for themselves.

    what would you guys rather them say “ya know i am trying to figure out how much money charlie is gonna pay me plus i am a little concerned about urban’s health and besides all that urban hasnt assured me that I ll be back at florida so i am just gonna go with the status quo right now” COME ON its best for everyone if they just lie and say they arent gonna leave.

    what concerns me much more is that we couldnt get a lateral hire from ole miss i dont care where he went to school or where is brother plays. we are a top three program in the nation and we cant find quality coaches who can also recruit? we might have 4 openings in our coaching staff by the end of week no wonder urban has stress heart issues

  11. Sam- Because UF is still UF and Louisville is still Louisville.

    brlgator- “we might have 4 openings in our coaching staff by the end of week no wonder urban has stress heart issues” – My thoughts exactly.

  12. O-town Gator says:

    And Charlie Strong promised that he wasn’t going to poach any of Urban’s assistants when he was hired to replace Steve Kragthorpe at Louisville? As far as I’m concerned, he’s renegging on that promise. Yes Brl, no wonder why Coach Meyer’s stressed out.

  13. O-town – I don’t blame Strong for wanting to take guys he is comfortable with and likes. The only thing I personally mind is that he made it point to specifically say he was not going to do it when he knew, in all likelihood, that he would be.. Now, perhaps Bedford approached Strong about the DC job. That is very possible and would kind of give Strong the ability to say he kept his word. The Carter thing troubles me more than Bedford.

  14. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    Bedford might have pursued the job so we probably should give Strong a pass unless we hear futher…the Carter thing might be similiar to Gonzales in that maybe Meyer doesn’t mind!!!!

  15. Is there an echo in here? Just joking around!

    Rumor with Carter is that he’s being offered more money and UF isn’t matching.

  16. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    Let me restate…I agree Bedford probably pursued the position and you can’t blame him at all…Carter on the other hand probably did not make any friends if he was just looking for a pay raise…he will be gone

  17. Jonesy says:

    Don’t see how we can be mad at these guys for leaving for good opportunities when Urban’s future is so uncertain. They have to eat and feed their families too. Perhaps they feel like this will give them more stability in the longrun? Good luck in Louisville guys!

  18. gator347 says:


    We said the same stuff when “The Ole Ball Coach” left. Urban and Fowler will make sure we have dynamic, young coaches. It is a sign of a great of a great program.

    Face it, it was the Gator Nation who chased SOS away & is giving Urb heart trouble.

    How many were complaining about going to the Sugar and you were not going to watch.

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