Elam drops FSU to third, adds UGA, UF leads

By Adam Silverstein
January 6, 2010

A Florida Gators commitment for over a year, he changed his mind and made a pledge to the Florida State Seminoles on New Year’s Eve. Now, less than a week after that change of heart, five-star safety recruit Matt Elam (West Palm Beach, FL) is back with the Orange and Blue…sort of.

Elam, speaking with Kipp Adams and Anthony Dasher of Rivals by text message, said, “I’m decommitting. Florida is first for me right now, followed by Georgia and Florida State is third.” Wait a minute…the Georgia Bulldogs? “It is very possible,” he said. “I am still talking to Georgia for sure. When I went on my official visit to Georgia, it really felt like home.”

Dwyer High School‘s premier athlete also opened up about his desire to receive significant playing time as a freshman, citing the fact that both Florida and Florida State have eight safeties (give-or-take) on scholarship. The story that never ends will likely have a conclusion Saturday, when Elam is expected to announce his official selection during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, TX.

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Photo Credit: Jim Rassol, Sun-Sentinel


  1. Ami says:

    what a flake!

    I don’t know, I think I may be a prideful gator fan, but I don’t think I want someone so unsure and unstable here… I like and appreciate players that stick to their guns and take pride in their choice school.

  2. Brittany says:

    And the soap opera continues. I understand this kid is confused but at this point I think he enjoys the drama of the constant back and forth. Talent wise I think it would be great for the Gators to have him but his flakiness and his apparent inability to make a decision and stick to it concerns me. I will be glad when all this is over though.

  3. ReptilesRule says:

    Me thinks he is playing everybody…it’s gonna be hilarious when he puts on a UCF hat on Saturday…not!

  4. Lauren says:

    Adam–I know this probably isn’t the right story to be posting this comment, but have you heard anything about us trying to be in contact with Kirby Smart for DC? I know that seems like a crazy question, but I’ve read a few things that have made me think that.
    On Elam…Brittany I agree with you. The talent would be great to have, but goodness can we just end this thing?!
    I found this site a few weeks ago and I’m hooked…yall do a great job, thanks for all the hard work! 🙂

  5. Lauren- It’s OK. There is talk about Florida being interested in Smart. However, I believe his alma mater is Georgia and they are just as interested and willing to make a very competitive offer.

  6. Lauren says:

    Yeah, his alma matter is Georgia, and living here believe me all they talk about right now is him, just didn’t know if we might be able to reel him in. If not him though, do you have any ideas of who we might be getting? Or are we going to stick with Church Heater?

  7. I think if all things were equal and he was going to leave Alabama, he’d go to Georgia. Heater will, at the very least, be co-defensive coordinator. I think Meyer/Addazio are looking for someone to be the CB coach and co-defensive coordinator alongside him. However, should they not find someone qualified to do both, Heater could get DC all to his own.

  8. Lauren says:

    Good point. I just feel like we need to hire someone soon…not that it seems to be hurting us in recruiting, but wouldn’t it be beneficial to go ahead and get someone in?
    In other news…any word on the other Juniors waiting to declare? The Pouncey’s are the guys I really feel would help if they stayed.

  9. Brittany says:

    I agree Lauren, the Bulldawgs are all over the Kirby talk right now. My brother may cry from happiness of UGA snags him. I haven’t really been paying attention (I try to ignore Bama, my heart still hurts from the SECC) is he really interested in leaving?

  10. This is purely my opinion (percent chance leaving): Maurkice 95%, Dunlap 50%, Mike 35%, Black 65%, Wright 35%

  11. Lauren says:

    My hear is still hurting too Brittany, and tomorrow will make it even worse, thinking of how much I feel like we should be the ones in Pasadena.
    But, the latest I’ve heard is that he hasn’t said he’s definitely staying at Bama. But who really knows what he’s thinking, he could just be asking for a raise and getting UGA to help him out.
    Adam I feel like that’s probably right on. You are awesome! I am definitely a new daily reader, you have my support! 🙂

  12. Thank you, but enough with the flattery. I’m just kidding – you can keep going, it will get you everywhere. Haha.

  13. Brittany says:

    Indeed, I haven’t even decided if I am going to watch the game tomorrow, it’s still weird to me that we aren’t going to be playing. And it’s worse here in GA, if it’s not the UGA fans then I am having to deal with the Alabama fans (two fans literally yelled ‘Roll Tide’ to one another the other day at Target) That’s pretty interesting, I’m interested in whether he stays or he goes.

    Adam- That made me actually laugh out loud hahaha.

  14. Lauren says:

    Haha I’m sorry. I get so excited about this stuff I could talk about it all day and now that I get current updates I just felt like you should get my full approval!!
    Another question, will Tebow play in the Senior Bowl?

  15. Lauren says:

    Yeah, I haven’t decided what’s worse…GA or Bama fans. It’s rough being in enemy territory..

  16. Brittany says:

    They are equally bad in the long run but at the moment I think Bama fans are worse because they are cocky at the moment. Yep, it’s tough. My dad was just bothering me on Facebook about how I should convert to being a UGA fan.

  17. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    Athens is a nice town and I think the expression of Hunker Down you Hairy Dawg is really cool….and I also think Munson was one of the best ever…that all being said I think the worse fans are Bama & Vols…I have worn Gator gear many many times in Georgia and have never really been given that much grief……Tennessee is another story….back to the article….Elam is quite the drama queen….I am surprised with all this Meyer is still after him so hard…..Adam do you think with Amad Black the coaches might prefer if he just left early and took his ‘tude with him?

  18. ZURBO says:

    Elam can go F-himself. We dont need that crap in gainesville.

  19. brlgator says:

    I think you guys need to remember what it was like to be an 18 year old kid. Not to mention an 18 year old kid who has the ear and attention of every major college in the country.

    Willie Martinez for DB coach.

    I cant imagine kirby smart leavin for bama for us, UGA is a different story.

    Adam, why are black and wright contemplating the NFL, ? afraid of will hill? I mean, i doubt ahmad can play at the next level way too small. Wright could possibly play at the next level but he needs to work on his cover skills and remember to keep his head up.

  20. Lauren – Probably, he’s been invited. But hasn’t decided yet. Also been invited to East/West Shrine game.

    brlgator is right about the being 18 years old comment. However, Elam is doing this on purpose for the attention. There is zero doubt about that. I believe that attitude is what is rubbing people the wrong way… I will answer your Ahmad Black question in my next part.

    Drew – I do not think the coaches would “prefer” if he left early, because he is a talented veteran player. In fact, I actually side somewhat with Black on his issue (though, of course, I disagree on how he has gone about things). You are talking about a talented safety who started every game on a National Championship team (I believe he also led the Gators in INTs last season) being demoted from the get-go for a sophomore who had never started a game in his career. I understand and empathize with how he feels, that decision by Meyer comes off as very disrespectful considering what he had already accomplished as a starter. And though Will Hill is a dynamic tackler and played very well this season, you can certainly make the argument that Black would have had a greater impact if he had played more. They tried to run with three safeties and I suppose that worked, but there are really two starters and Black was not one of them. Will he leave? Probably. Should he leave? Probably not. Do I blame him for being upset? Not in the least. But he certainly could have and should have handled it more maturely.

  21. Mr2Bits says:

    On the subject of Black, I think he should have started this year. He proved himself last year and had similar stats to Barry at UT(same amount of INT’s, unsure of tackles/breakups but was All-SEC last year and rightfully so). Why he got benched is beyond me but I hope it wasn’t for Hill being a 5 star recruit with some unfulfilled promises and Hill playing Meyer as a puppet. As strong as Hill is, he still needs to develop and thought he really solidified things when he played as it seemed Hill was always a little late getting to where he needed to be.

    Black is a terror and would love to see him come back and finish out his Senior year. He probably wont as the competition is only getting tougher

    ZURBO : You strike me as an FSU fan for some reason…………

  22. Mr2Bits says:

    Cranky then?

    I really don’t care what he does. Like I said before, if he’s a Gator then welcome but he’s going to need to EARN his spot. We don’t do handouts. If he goes elsewhere, then good luck…that is all.

  23. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    Thanks for the update….Black will always hold a special place in Gator nation because of his pick vs OK…he has also had some incredible hits this years…for a guy his size he can bring it!!!

  24. Daniel M. says:

    It’s almost noon. Who is Elam committed this this hour?

  25. gator347 says:

    Elam needs to grow up but isn’t that the point? Do ya’ll remember 18.

    Brittany try Louisiana lived there 10 years (Also Grad School) but Bamma & TN are worse IMO

    And NO ONE tops the “U”

  26. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    It seems these late flops never come our way…can anyone remember one that did and where the kid actually came in and contributed?

  27. I can’t say it was a “flop,” but Matt Patchan’s father was a star at Miami and I think they were all pretty convinced he’d go there. He committed to Florida on signing day and sent his mother crying into the kitchen.

  28. gator347 says:

    Yeah, but Patchan is a Freak. LOL Boy does he add color. I love to watch him play.

  29. brlgator says:

    I beleive trattou was a late switch from ND to us.

  30. I think he was also, brl.

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