DB Chris Lammons decommits from Gators

By Adam Silverstein
January 9, 2014

Recruiting for the Florida Gators has been a whirlwind since Dec. 25, 2013, with the program gaining four commitments but losing three in the same time frame including one late Thursday night in four-star defensive back Chris Lammons (Plantation, FL).

A South Florida product who pledged to the Gators on the same day as good friends and fellow four-stars DB Quincy Wilson (Fort Lauderdale, FL) and wide receiver Ermon Lane (Homestead, FL), Lammons became the third player from his area to decommit from Florida in the last two-plus weeks.

When Lammons first committed on Aug. 12, 2013, he did so alongside Wilson and Lane but with four-star running back Dalvin Cook (Miami, FL) and 2015 four-star wide receiver Da’Vante Phillips (Miami, FL) already in the fold. All three of those players have left the program in the last 16 days with Lane expected (by most recruiting analysts) to follow suit on National Signing Day.

Lammons leaves the Gators the same day the program added a pledge from five-star cornerback Jalen Tabor (Washington, D.C.), who immediately became Florida’s highest-rated commitment (No. 24 overall nationally).

He claims that Tabor’s decision had nothing to do with his choice.

“No I Did Not Decommit Because Of Jalen Tabor Commitment I Decommited To Put Myself In A Better Position,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

However, immediately after Tabor flipped from Arizona to UF early Thursday morning, Lammons tweeted the following in succession:

“5 corners 1 spot … Got to put myself in the best position for me not anyone else … Never been scared of competition !! … I’m smart enough to know what’s best for me ..”

South Carolina and Wisconsin are both believed to be in play for Lammons with the Gamecocks likely leading the charge to add him to their recruiting class.

The Gators are now down to 20 commitments for the 2014 cycle but hope to add to that total over the next month.


  1. Timmy T says:

    Good luck, Chris. It’s cool if you’re afraid of the competition though. No need to act like that wasn’t the deciding factor, especially when anyone with half of a brain knows that is EXACTLY why you bailed.

    • gatorboi352 says:

      Wow, more outstanding mature commentary per usual from the Muschamp homers on this site. You all seem to share similar trends of ridiculous thought processes.

      • Joe says:

        What does his comment have to do about being a homer. Sometimes I think you just like to stir the pot with blatant negativity and disregard for ANYTHING that is related to Will Muschamp. Your comment about not playing freshmen is also incorrect when considering the number of freshman starters Muschamp has played during his tenure, especially at the CB position.

  2. ScottyB says:

    The problem in today’s world is that every freshman thinks he should walk right onto the field and be handed a starting position. If he isn’t willing to compete and win the position, I’m fine with him going elsewhere. He just wants to play football anywhere, with no particular loyalty. We want those who want to be Gators.

  3. Daniel M. says:

    Better now than NSD. Beat it kid, ya bother me.

  4. TST says:

    I have a bad feeling the Florida Coaches have their hands full with ‘Bad Talk’ from other schools.This is a known ramification from a lackluster season..GO GATORS

  5. gatorboi352 says:

    I love how people are just running their mouths about “afraid of competition” and the like. If Muschamp has shown us anything, it’s his flat out admittance of regret after the fact for not playing guys sooner than he did.

    • 305gator says:

      ““5 corners 1 spot … Got to put myself in the best position for me not anyone else …”
      afraid of competition or running from competition it”s all the same and who can blame the kid. He is right, there are too many CBs (as you well know), let him go where he will have a better chance at some playing time.

  6. Matt says:

    At the end of the day this move was probably best for Lammons. Florida brings in elite DBs every year, and with the commitment of Tabor, he may not see enough playing time at the position. Not including Lammons, there are 4 CBs (Dawson, Wilson, Jackson, and Tabor) still committed in the 2014 class. In addition to this, we are recruiting Jackson to play corner and slot receiver.

    People assume this is being scared of competition, but that assessment is a bit naive. You can recognize someone is a little further in the development process than you without being afraid of competition. He may realize he won’t have the opportunity to develop at Florida like he would other schools because he won’t see the field as much. These guys get 1 shot at this and ultimately they just want to play.

    Florida landed a 5 star CB two years in a row and there is no signs of that slowing down. Why get buried in the depth chart and eventually transfer? He made the best decision for the opportunity at a future in the NFL.

  7. G2 says:

    Looks like the S Fla group is slowly falling apart here at the end. Too bad, might have opened some recruiting channels down there we’ll need in the future. Hopefully EL sticks after all this!

  8. one says:

    I think with the way Cook decommitted, we can appreciate how Lammons handled this. Quietly, no messing around. And people mocking him for not wanting competition? This guy is looking out for himself and his family only. He isn’t obligated to help our team out.

    Good for him. Made an understandable decision for his future that is best for him. Hate when other Gator fans mock recruits on Twitter.

  9. andyman77 says:

    I agree. Why waste his God-given talent riding the pine? We’re loaded with talent at db. We need to address the lack of depth on the o line. Maybe another QB and RB.

  10. John says:

    I wonder what practice is like with having the best secondary in the country and one of the worst passing games.

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