Wondy Pierre-Louis wanted by Gainesville police

By Adam Silverstein
January 17, 2010

Former Florida Gators cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis is being sought by Gainesville, FL, police on five felony charges after allegedly choking his girlfriend of three years early Sunday morning. Police say Pierre-Louis kicked down his girlfriend’s apartment door to find her in bed with another man.

The situation would escalate from there, and Pierre-Louis is now facing charges of domestic battery by strangulation, burglary, simple battery, false imprisonment and hindering/delaying communication to law enforcement.

WCJB-TV is reporting that Pierre-Louis trapped his girlfriend in the bathroom and choked her against a countertop while saying, “I could kill you.” The victim claims she attempted to run away and call 911 but was pushed onto the bed, where Pierre-Louis allegedly took off his shirt and began strangling her. He said that using the shirt “would prevent him from leaving finger prints,” according to the police report.

“This is a case that could have been easily much worse for our victim,” Lt. Keith Kameg told WCJB-TV. “She was able to do everything right, get away, protect herself and I’m happy to report she sustained no serious injuries.”

UPDATED: The Southwest Florida News-Press spoke with Pierre-Louis, who basically denied the incident took place as described in the police report. “My attorney doesn’t want me to talk,” he said. “It’s all a lie. We’ll go through a process to prove it’s a lie.”

Pierre-Louis, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has had a tumultuous week after a major earthquake ravaged his homeland. Luckily, most of his family survived the disaster.

UPDATE: Pierre-Louis surrenders to police Tuesday

A portion of the Gainesville Police Department’s report is available after the jump!

According to the victim, on the above date and time the defendant kicked in the door to the victim’s residence, breaking the door frame. The defendant then entered the victim’s home and bedroom and removed the sheets from over the victim and a witness, who were sleeping in the same bed. The witness fled the apartment.

The victim tried to escape several times but was held back and prevented from leaving by the defendant. The victim became trapped in the bathroom by the defendant. The defendant pinned her up against the countertop and began to choke her. The victim stated that she had trouble breathing and the defendant stated ‘I could kill you.’ The defendant let go of her neck and she walked out of the bathroom.

The victim attempted to grab her cell phone in order to call 911 but the defendant took the phone preventing her from calling for help. The victim then walked into her bedroom where the defendant threw her down on the bed, removed his shirt and placed the shirt around her neck and began to choke her again. The defendant said that the shirt would prevent him from leaving finger prints. The victim was able to get away from the defendant long enough to escape and run outside and scream for help. The victim knocked on the neighbors’ doors trying to get someone to call 911.

The defendant and victim has lived together in the past as a couple for three years. They have been dating one and off for the last year. This incident placed the victim in such fear that she relocated to a friends house to avoid detection from the defendant. The victim did not sustain any physical injury.


  1. Dude says:

    1. Don’t choke a girl.

    2. Don’t date athletes.

  2. Brittany says:

    Oh Wondy..this is awful. I’m sure he had a very difficult week and all but this is unacceptable.

  3. Vegasg8r says:

    Wow! Accusation? or another dumb decision by an athlete?

  4. O-town Gator says:

    If Wondy had any eligibility remaining, he’d no longer be on the roster as of now. Coach Meyer has zero tolerance for any violent acts against women.

  5. kpl says:

    he didnt choke here she stupid like that i no them

  6. Britt says:

    Violence is not the answer and what he did was unacceptable but damn how messed up is his girlfriend !?! He just goes through a tragic experience with the earthquake in Haiti and worrying if his family survived and what does she go and do ? Cheats on him ! That’s just wrong ! He obviously shouldn’t have gone what he did but after the week he had i’m not shocked that he lost it and attacked her . Sometimes I wish infidelity was a crime .

  7. O-town Gator says:

    Like the saying goes, Britt: it takes two to tango.

    She shouldn’t have cheated on him, but on the other hand he shouln’t have done what he did to her, either. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  8. JJ says:

    What Wondy did was definitely, without a doubt wrong.

    That said, though, his girlfriend is just a horrible person. I don’t want to say she got what was coming to her, but man. Instead of supporting your boyfriend, you cheat on him? When he’s going through so much?

    I’ve never understood cheating in the first place, to be honest. Just dump the person you’re with and spare them the pain.

  9. brlgator says:

    Bottom line u never touch a girl like that. Never ever. No excuses. Regardless of what she did or said or what kind of week he had period. Plenty of people have had horrible weeks and not done what he did.

  10. ZURBO says:


  11. As Zurbo said, “allegedly.” Always the key to any of these stories.

  12. Vols Fan says:

    Typical Gator

  13. O-town Gator says:

    Vols fan: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Does the name NU’KEESE RICHARDSON ring a bell?

  14. Palm valley nole says:

    1% of the 1% . once a gator. Maybe if he had somebody to look up to but there is nobody in Gainesville. Football players with guns, stealing cars out of lock ups, coaches not telling the truth. This is what happens.

  15. Tim Tebow says:

    My wayward children, do not defend this poor excuse for a human being. Were I still a Gator, I would call upon my Father to strike vengeance upon him.

  16. Mr2Bits says:

    “The defendant and victim has lived together in the past as a couple for three years. They have been dating one and off for the last year. ”

    Ahhh, Gainesville’s finest and their butchering of vocabulary. Hope they can investigate better than they can type up a report as this wouldn’t pass at a third grade level. Should be “have lived” as in past tense and dating “on” and off like a switch and not a numerical value.

    Lets slow it down everyone. Women can get a little crazy sometimes with their stories and nor you or I were there. With that said however, it’s going to be a “he said, she said” battle and that never works out well for the guy in these situations. However, where is the evidence in this case. Where in the report did it say they investigated the apartment? Where are the picks of the kicked in door and the witnesses? It says in the report she did not sustain any physical injury which to me does not add up if there was intense choking. She would have abrasions on her neck, head and other part of her body where he grabbed her.

    To me, this case is lacking quite a bit of evidence and will be hard to prove but then again, I have seen people go to jail with all circumstantial evidence.

  17. I always take a “wait and see” approach with stories like these – when they involve a second or third party.

  18. karen h says:

    he found her in bed with another man? so where was he when wondy started the trouble in the apartment?

  19. John Gator says:

    “he didnt choke here she stupid like that i no them”

    Let me try and type this for you: “He didn’t choke her, she happens to be stupid like that. I know them”.

  20. Tim Tebow says:

    What scum. I, Tebow, the Scourge of Evil, the Savior of Florida, would never stoop to such a level. I would immediately drop to my knees and pray for both of them.

  21. dadecountyexpress says:

    What a fool. If he had just hit her in the face with a golf club and tried to smash his way through her car windows as she tried to escape, she’d be crying, apologizing, and even giving him immediate money payments.

    …what’s that you say? Only the privileged sex is allowed to do those things without punishment (and even with encouragement)? Oh, sorry. Nevermind.

  22. crimprof says:

    How can you call “anyone” stupid. You write, spell, and use the punctuation and grammar of a third grader. The people that are defending this thug are as guilty as Pierre-Louis. If he were not an athlete, this wouldn’t be an issue. How bad do you need to win? He needs to be playing next year for the Florida State Prison Team. Oh, you that are trying to turn this on the girl ….. clearly some real male self-concept issues. Face it, no matter what this girl did, this individual is a college athlete, bigger, stronger, and easily able to overpower the “girl.” There are laws. He broke them. I certainly hope tha tthe justice system works.

  23. O-town Gator says:

    All I’m going to say further to the Noles, Vols and anybody else acting as if they’re judge, jury and executioner: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Under the law Wondy is innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, but the smartest thing he can do right now is surrender to the Alachua County authorities and let his attorney handle matters. If he’s indeed guilty as charged, that’ll be up to a court of law to decide.

  24. crimprof says:

    I would typically agree with what you said. How about if everybody that hasn’t choked or assaulted a female still have freedom to voice their opinion, and those that have take two steps back and be quiet until the trial is over. Why is Pierre-Louis hiding ….. if he has nothing to hide.? I do hope he’s not threatening or trying to influence the girl he assaulted. I will be glad to have a court of law decide this. This has nothing to do with Noles or Vols or college football fans. This has to do with crime in America. This is a bad name for college athletes who are noticed more readily than non-athletes. It comes with the territory. Certainly, attempting to sweep it under the rug or stifle the comments of those who don’t agree with beating up or choking girls solves nothing. This is a free country with free speech. And, if we have individuals on the loose who have committed crimes, they need to be arrested and put through the cour system. This individual may serve a valuable lesson to many others (and running and hiding from the law is not one of those lessons).

  25. Shawnee says:

    I can’t belive Wondy he seems so nice

  26. 904 Gator says:

    I am surprised she couldnt get away……..Usually people run right by Wondy!!!!!

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