Hounshell switches commitment to Notre Dame

By Adam Silverstein
January 17, 2011

Though he never officially decommitted from the Florida Gators in early January, three-star offensive lineman recruit Chase Hounshell (Kirkland, OH) chose not to enroll early at the University of Florida as he had originally planned in order to delay his final decision so he could gather more information. Monday evening Hounshell switched his commitment from the Gators to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the same day coaches from that school paid him an in-home visit.

Florida head coach Will Muschamp, offensive line coach Frank Verducci and tight ends coach Brian White visited Hounshell on Sunday and came away with an agreement from the young man that he would visit UF this upcoming weekend in order to reaffirm his commitment. Meeting with Notre Dame less than 24 hours later appears to have canceled those plans as well.

“I committed to the University of Notre Dame,” Hounshell announced on his personal Twitter account. “[I] want to thank Gator Country for all your support. You guys are the best, but I had to do what’s best for me.”

According to 247 Sports, he will switch to defensive end for the Fighting Irish.

When he agreed to join the team on Aug. 11, Hounshell was the Gators 13th commitment. Since head coach Urban Meyer (and in this case offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Steve Addazio) left the program, he is Florida’s third decommitment. The others include four-stars cornerback Nick Waisome (Florida State) and linebacker Ryan Shazier (Ohio State). Four-star defensive end Jeoffrey Pagan (Clemson) decommitted from UF on Nov. 29

The Gators now have 15 commitments for the 2011 recruiting cycle, seven of whom enrolled in January for the spring semester.


  1. Joe (Deuce) says:

    Adam – I love the “dude” avatar pic. Classic!

  2. gatorgrad79 says:

    holynoley – question remains as to why you are here, just making the point it surprises me anyone has that keen an interest, is all.

    • 79- He’s welcome here as is any opposing fan. Just because OGGOA is Florida Gators-centric does not mean opposing views or fans are not allowed to visit and share their thoughts (respectfully).

  3. gatorgrad79 says:

    PS Spent 3 years at UF and graduated with a BS in 1979 – never been to SanteFeCC but I have seen the clown college at fsu…

  4. NB says:

    Well actually if this was happening at any other school I would not get all happy since EVERY coach will struggle recruiting to his potential in his first class.

    Spurrier, Zook, and Meyer all struggled.

    Now I think Muschamp will pull by far the best first year class of them all.

    5 stars like Grant and Jernigan will be gators most likely. Add in highly rated 4 star LB Curt Maggit (amazing offer list of a 5 star). Then 4 star 340 pound nose tackle Jenkins (once again the offer list of a 5 star) has a high chance at being a Gator.

    We are still heavy contenders for 4 star CB Roberson despite his apparent commitment to TTech, 4 star QB Brissett is very interested in us as well.

    Not to mention once a year we always steal away a guy thought to be a favorite to another school like Chickillo, Wilder, Perryman etc.

  5. NB says:

    Also 5 star DE Jermauria Rasco’s HS coach said the gators have a great shot to sign him the other day.

  6. g8rgr8 says:

    @swampbabe…. If you predicted a 4-5 loss season for US before any season…..EVER! You are not a true gator… I am truly sorry to break this to you! I can’t “sugar coat it” ….. “Pesimistic” people call themselves “Realistic”… just because you have a Florida Gator bumpersticker, that doesn’t make you a “fan”atic……Bleeding Orange and Blue is what makes you a “fan”atic and that alone would not allow you to predict 5 losses for “US” ever… maybe 3 (Ron Zooks last season possibly)…. I.e. putting a pretty pink bow on a pile of crap doesn’t make it any different than a pile of crap with a bow… Just sayin’ Be honest you have hurricane jersey in your closet don’t you?

    • Gatorgrad79 says:

      Why do you want to be harsh and disrespectful to someone for plainly stating what the whole world already knew? The rest of the world is very busy ‘hating’ Gators – we should never be cannibalizing ourselves!!

      • g8rgr8 says:

        Y@gatorgrad “why do I want to be so harsh and disrespectful to somone for stating what the whole world already knew”? The whole world knew we would have 5 losses before the season started? Was that before USAToday gave us #3 pre season ranking, or maybe that was before we were pre season #4 in the AP. I AM JUST CALLING BS! The fact is, this season (5 losses) caught us all off guard. I had to say something when I read on swampbabe’s thread that”someone told her to give back her decoder ring back because she predicted 4-5 losses this season”. gatorgrad before the season started how many losses did you think we would have this season? Me, I thought 2 losses… Alabama, and I thought we would split with LSU (playing them twice, regular season and again in the SEC Championships).. I got lost @ “decoder ring”!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow dude, you are FOS.

      As far as the prediction goes, why the hell does that bother you so much? What does one’s prediction have to do with being a “true gator”? FTR, I wasn’t thinking 5 losses coming in but my disagreements with one’s predictions/assessments have nothing to do with being a “true gator”. Hell, someone could predict 0-12, though they may be smoking something, but if they root for the team to do well, it aint like they’re being a bad fan.

      Get off the pedestal now…..

  7. Swampbabe says:

    Not really a Gator? After eight years and a veterinary degree? Really? Because I saw this season coming ahead of time with Adazzio at the helm and Tebow gone? What you expect isn’t bleeding Orange and Blue g8rg8, it’s being a USC fan. And for the record, if I did find a Cane jersey in my closet I wouldn’t wash my car with it. Questioning someone’s loyalte because they refuse to be a blind homer aint cool. Don’t tell me how to be a fan of my team and I won’t tell you how to be one either.

  8. g8rgr8 says:

    I got your “crow” cleaned and ready to cook Feb. 3rd! Do you want it marinated in milk and wrapped in bacon? Trust me we have different perspectives on Florida Football….. If Florida wins the SEC championship does the school of Veterinary medicine get a ring? Blind homers aren’t 4 year letter winner for the very team you claim to be a fan of…. ’86-’90. The blind homers are the Dorks in the veterinary department that think they know what it takes for Florida football to be successful…. I never questioned your “loyalte” I just questioned what kind of fan can predict 5 losses for a team that was pre-season top 5 by every expert, coming off #1 recruiting class, and Urban returning… But, a vet with a “decoder ring” has it all figured out….OKAY!

    • Swampbabe says:

      What kind of fan could predict a five loss season??? One that was right, I guess. And it wasn’t so hard to know all those experts were ging to get shown up if you looked at what we lost and how we played the prior season even with all that talent… BAMA, SC, LSU, and FSU were my predicted losses with a real fear of Danny Boy at MSU. Looks like I nailed it. And 8 years of higher learning and a midical degree does not make me a DORK. It makes me employable and proud. I suggest you take your anger to the mirror and examine it. I simply stated an opinion and was bashed for it, which I find unusual for this sight. I should like to call a truce, if you are amenable???

  9. g8rgr8 says:

    Just very annoying for me, Sorry Adam, I am done!

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