TWO BITS: Leon Orr waiting, volleyball loses two

By Adam Silverstein
January 21, 2010

1 » In a news item that OGGOA broke early Thursday evening via Twitter, Florida Gators four-star defensive tackle commitment Leon Orr (New Port Richey, FL) may be forced to leave Gainesville, FL, and return to Gulf High School for the spring semester. Orr is waiting to hear back from the NCAA Eligibility Center which informed him that some of his high school credits may not have transferred correctly. Should he have to return home to take a class, Orr would come back to Gainesville after graduation for the beginning of the summer session. This, however, remains to be seen, and OGGOA will keep you updated on Orr’s eligibility.

2 » The Florida volleyball team completed a terrific 25-6 run in 2009 and expected to come into the 2010 season with little turnover aside from graduating seniors libero Elyse Cusack and middle blocker Kristina Johnson. Instead, head coach Mary Wise learned this week that starter sophomore outside hitter Colleen Ward and junior setter Brynja Rodgers have decided to transfer. “[Ward] misses home and didn’t feel like she totally fitted in here,” Wise told The Gainesville Sun Thursday. “It was a total shock. We didn’t see it coming and neither did her teammates. With Brynja, the scholarship helped because she would have had to pay her way through her junior year at New Mexico State. She played very well for us, but it wasn’t a surprise that she was leaving.”


  1. ReptilesRule says:

    Adam, I see you didn’t preview the basketball game tonight. I don’t blame you. This team is going nowhere for the third year in a row. No way a team that starts Dan Werner is an NCAA tourney team. Can’t shoot, can’t rebound, can’t defend. You’d be better off with a 3 guard lineup playing a walk-on. I know that’s harsh but sometimes that’s what the truth sometimes is. He may win you a game, maybe even tonight, but he will lose you 8-10. Next year hopefully Billy will bring those new kids in and get the Mojo back that he seems to have lost since the Magic fiasco. I’m hopeful….

  2. Too many basketball games to do full previews for all of them. Sticking with ranked opponents and rivalry games.

  3. SC Gator says:

    Warner hasn’t started the last two games and given how poor he’s been playing I’d hope that’s not going to change.

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