TWO BITS: Teryl Austin hired? Joe Haden’s chain

By Adam Silverstein
January 25, 2011

1 » Former Florida Gators defensive coordinator Teryl Austin may have a new job…thanks in part to a fellow former Florida defensive coordinator having moved on. With Greg Mattison leaving the Baltimore Ravens to take the same job with the Michigan Wolverines, Baltimore decided to promote secondary coach Chuck Pagano to his old position. That left an opening on the team for Austin, who according to the National Football Post, has already interviewed to be the Ravens’ secondary coach and is “considered the leading candidate to land the job.” Before joining the Gators, Austin was the secondary coach for the Seattle Seahawks from 2003-06 and Arizona Cardinals from 2007-09; he participated in one Super Bowl with each team.

2 » Last April, OGGOA posted this picture of Cleveland Browns rookie cornerback Joe Haden showing off a unique “Gator Boy” chain at the 2010 Orange & Blue Debut. The Fab Empire found this picture of Haden sporting the ice while out on the town last week, so we figured it was worth sharing here once again.


  1. Luke says:

    Good for TA and good to see Joe representing? I hear the secondary market for custom jewelry is pretty hot, so hopefully all of the rookies get as much “ice” as they can with their guaranteed money in case they ever need to sell in the future. Mo money, mo problems… something I wish I could relate to a little more.

    Thanks for the continued flow of Gator news during these d@mn slow times.

  2. SaraGator says:

    Joe loves being a Gator! Too bad it didn’t work out with his brothers.

  3. npgator says:

    I think Black is going to be very good at the next level. I am a Lions fan and the one missing piece to their turn around is a defensive back. Lions were going after Jenikins but we need safety’s too.

  4. ulysses1221 says:

    Joe Haden has always loved the gators and he continues to prove it, that’s the type of young man we need to recruit. If you are only coming to school because of the coaches go somewhere else. We need recruits that love the university and that appreciate the tradition. I’m not stressing the recruits that go somewhere else……..I’m stressing the ones that we have , because they are the ones that matter. Good luck to all of you.

  5. Daniel M. says:

    Joe got PAID!

  6. Gatorbuc15 says:

    That is an awesome chain!

  7. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    The chain is pretty cool but what’s up with the shades? Looks like Blublockers from back in the day 🙂

  8. Mr2Bits says:

    Do you think Joe listens to Cory Hart’s I wear my sunglasses at night?

  9. ncgator says:

    He looks like a pimp!

  10. CH says:

    what the…. I’ve got that exact same chain. Who’s his jewler?

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