Reports: Florida stiff-arms signing of four-star impact WR James Robinson

By Adam Silverstein
January 30, 2017
Reports: Florida stiff-arms signing of four-star impact WR James Robinson

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As if Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain needed more obstacles to overcome while locking up his Class of 2017, the Florida administration has reportedly blocked the program from accepting a potential signed National Letter of Intent from four-star wide receiver James Robinson (Lakeland, FL).

Robinson, one of the top 150 players in the nation, had narrowed his recruitment down to UF, Ohio State and Oklahoma. However, an official visit he took to see the Buckeyes not only got his OSU scholarship offer pulled but has now put a wrench in his entire recruitment.

While at Ohio State, Robinson was partying off campus with some Buckeyes when the group — reportedly three or four individuals — was caught with marijuana. Robinson was he only person in the group cited and charged with misdemeanor possession (he will pay $250 in fines and the charge will not go on his record as marijuana is basically decriminalized in the state of Ohio).

Due in part to those circumstances, Florida has now apparently also pulled its scholarship offer to Robinson, according to the Orlando Sentinel, 247Sports and other outlets. McElwain, who was counting on Robinson to be one of the top-rated members of his recruiting class, is now apparently working hard to find the player a soft landing spot, possibly at an in-state school or junior college.

What this shows a mighty big gulf between what Florida and say, Mississippi State, finds acceptable for admittance.

While this was a decision that was made above his head, new Gators athletic director Scott Stricklin‘s former school admitted five-star defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons last year despite the player being shown on film punching a woman while defending his family in a street. “Five seconds of a really poor choice shouldn’t preclude an individual from going to school,” Stricklin said at the time as acting Bulldogs AD.

Whether this decision by UF administration was based solely on Robinson’s latest incident or something else is not known as neither schools nor football programs can speak publicly about recruits.

With Robinson now out of the class, the Gators will likely close the cycle with only four-star Daquon Green (Tampa, FL) in the class as a true wideout. That would be more damaging for Florida had it not loaded up on playmakers over the last two recruiting cycles. Still, McElwain was hoping to make a major impact with a handful of additional commitments over the last two days, including a number of four-star prospects, and Robinson not being part of the class will make it mighty difficult for the Gators to finish in the top 15 nationally.


  1. Chrg81 says:

    Maybe if Robinson had beat the crap out of a girl he could come. Stricklin is coming off like a piece of garbage.

  2. Eric says:

    Man I hope this get better!

  3. firemcelwaintoday says:

    Robinson has been a knucklehead for a LONG time. This latest incident was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Robinson wanted to commit to UF a LONG time ago, but UF wouldn’t accept it because he was such a knucklehead. Only after striking out on every other top receiver, besides Green, was Robinson wanted by UF. What this showed was that McElwain is full of it when he proclaims he’s building UF the “right way.” Muschamp would have told Robinson, and Lemons, to look elsewhere a long time ago. MCelwain is sleazy. Kudos to UF’s administrators for stepping in and not allowing McElwain free reign. McElwain should be thankful. Knuckleheads like Robinson are often more trouble than they are worth and can be a cancer on a team.

    • 1974Gator says:

      Let’s do it your way. Accuse McElwain of things he hasn’t done, bitch and moan about all his failures (lol) and fire him. What quality coach would coming to UF as somewhere they can pour their heart and soul into after seeing how we have treated our last two HCs? Take your negative attitude West or SE of UF.

      • Gtrboz says:

        This is one guy who’s happy with losing.

      • Michael L. Jones says:

        Here here. . couldn’t agree more. . at least as far as Mac is concerned (I still think we treated Champ better than he deserved for longer than he deserved). Crybaby Nation, a subchapter of Gator Nation, makes us look bad.

  4. Double Gator says:

    Talk about bad luck. Get caught with some weed, as opposed to not getting caught (like most of us in our school days) and get your offers pulled. Embaressed for UF.

  5. Tom Ambrose says:

    The high road is not the most popular but in the long run, making this statement is important, it’s about character!

    We are after all THE University Of Florida

  6. Erik says:

    Over a little weed, you f—– kidding me?! But then again, this is the state of Florida…..

  7. Hunter says:

    Pull his scholarship offer over weed? wow lol

  8. South Bleachers says:

    Here is a quick rundown of what Jimbo has done this cycle:

    This is a punch in the gut. McElwain is getting left in the dust.

  9. Ken Krause says:

    Urban is still screwing with Florida. I’m pretty sure Robinson didn’t fly up there with the weed. So that means one of the OSU host players provided it. Yet we hear nothing of that from Urban Liar

  10. Jake says:

    Florida wasn’t getting him to begin with he was a silent OU commit so nothing changed.

  11. Michael L. Jones says:

    Love hearing all the stoners come out with their standard rallying cry. Because they bake, they don’t think that law should be enforced, lol.

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