FOUR BITS: Pouncey, Dwyer, Beisel, Debut

By Adam Silverstein
February 1, 2011

1 » Contrary to a bevy of reports stating that he is definitively out for Super Bowl XLV, Pittsburgh Steelers starting rookie center Maurkice Pouncey considers himself probable for the game with a self-described “pretty bad” high ankle sprain. “I hope so. Right now it’s 75/25, and I’m hoping to play,” he told ESPN’s Chris Berman during media day on Tuesday. “I feel great out the cast, man. I’ve been walking around pretty good. Hopefully I’ll get on the bike today and get some pool action in later. It feels pretty good. Everybody’s been pretty positive about me. It’s a nasty little purple color, but it’s getting better. I don’t know why everybody’s trying to rule me out early. Offensive linemen don’t get ruled out until the last day.” If he is able to step on the field, Pouncey will be the only former Florida Gators player to participate in the championship.

2 » With National Signing Day set for Wednesday, some things appear to be getting clearer with the two recruits from Dwyer High School that the Gators have their eyes on. According to the Palm Beach Post’s Matt Porter, Dwyer head coach Jack Daniels “has a good idea” of where four-star linebacker Curt Maggitt (West Palm Beach, FL) is going and believes he will end up choosing Tennessee over Florida. Daniels also expects four-star quarterback Jacoby Brissett (West Palm Beach, FL) to make his declaration at halftime of his high school basketball game on Friday. Brissett is choosing among Florida, Miami, Wisconsin and Washington and is thought to be favoring UM.

3 » For the third-straight year, Florida freshman swimmer Elizabeth Beisel has been named Rhode Island Female Athlete of the Year and will be honored as such at the state’s annual banquet on Feb. 20. Beisel also took home Female Swimmer of the Week honors from the Southeastern Conference on Tuesday. Joining her with recognition are Male Swimmer of the Week senior Conor Dwyer and Freshmen of the Week Hilda Luthersdottir and Marcin Cieslak.

4 » The University of Florida announced Tuesday that the 2011 Orange & Blue Debut spring game will be moved from 1 p.m. to noon in order to air live on Sun Sports on April 9. Last year the game aired live only on UF’s GatorVision; it is unknown if the contest will be broadcast live online as well.


  1. npgator says:

    With Maggitt going to Tennessee I give Mushchamp and F so far!

    • GG says:

      Urban’s first class was ranked 21st, this will be better than that, maybe 15-20?? How soon we forget.

      With all the bad mojo going on, could be worse. Just look at all the 4 star guys (18) that haven’t played a lick yet (9 redshirt & 9 so far from this class) not to mention the 5 star guys from last year. The 2011 team will be young but loaded!

  2. npgator says:

    We have lost every single recruiting battle this year! This is ridiculous! Muschamp better be able to coach better than how he has recruited so far. We are reduced to taking plan B guys that would have come to Florida no matter who was coaching! Sense some frustration?

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    I think Maggitt is just drawing attention to himself. Every person I have talked to has said he has been a silent UF commit all along. He has even gone as far as trying to convince Brissett to come to UF as well. If he goes to Tenn, they are paying him money he can’t refuse as he had no interest in UT a month ago.

    On the good news, Roberson has decommitted from Auburn and every direction is pointing to us landing him.

    I still think tomorrow we end strong and land a top 10-15 class across the board.

    • DGLgatorfan says:

      Sounds good I agree with roberson doubt he will pick any of the schools he already decomitted from but hey u never know

    • Gatorbuc15 says:

      I hope you’re right man.

    • ncgator says:

      2Bits; left a reply to your comments on a previous post. Check it out! Moving on, who are your super secret sources that lead you to believe Maggitt is a done deal? Why do assume if he goes to UT they are paying him? Maybe there’s a conspiracy going on that I’m unaware of. Maybe Shazier got paid by Ohio State and at this very moment they’re writing a check to Grant. And surely with FSU’s reputation, Jerrnigan is already making a down payment on a new house for momma from the money he’s getting from them. Who is your source concerning Roberson? In reality, you have no credible sources to base any of your comments on and yet you pontificate as though you have the ear of the coaching staff. You sir continue to be a blowhard with no more insight on Florida football than anyone else, Adam excluded.

      • Mr2Bits says:

        Keep talking out of your ass buddy, you have made yourself look like a real stand up guy around here the last few weeks so I wouldn’t expect anything less than a post like this.

  4. liveoak87 says:

    Need we forget the AWESOME class we had last year? They are still a relative young team. Lots of talents still on the team. Not many teams can pull one of the best classes in history and not have a slight drop off no matter who the coach is. Go back and look at meyer’s first year. Is pretty similar.

    Go Gators.

  5. JW says:

    I love recruiting and find the whole process fascinating but grading a recruiting class on National Signing Day is almost as pointless as grading the NFL draft in April. Probably more pointless because it is tougher to project how these kids are going to fare. I think to myself “Hey if Muschamp can keep Story and get someone like Watson or Roberson or Jenkins it will be a good day.” The reality is any of these kids could turn out to be superstars or busts or transfer or get arrested. Something tells me TCU isn’t worried about what their ranking will be tomorrow. I’m probably just stating the obvious but sometimes that’s all I can come up with.

  6. g8ter27 says:

    Roberson decommitted form Auburn? Wow, this kid doesn’t know what he wants. But hell, I am desparate at this point so come on Roberson we will make room for you.

  7. dlatham21 says:

    maggitt commits to the vols….wow!!!!!!!

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