FOUR BITS: Lee, women’s tennis, Rivals, Lochte

By Adam Silverstein
February 8, 2012

1 » Former Florida Gators forward/center David Lee posted the second triple-double of his career Tuesday night, scoring 25 points (on 9-of-19 shooting) with 11 rebounds and 10 assists for the Golden State Warriors in a heartbreaking loss to Oklahoma City. Lee’s triple-double and Monta Ellis’s career-high 48 points were simply not enough to propel the Warriors to victory. In 21 games this year with Golden State, Lee is already playing better than he did a year ago, averaging 18.7 points (+2.2) and 10.0 rebounds while shooting 50.8 percent from the field.

2 » No. 1 Florida women’s tennis (4-0) swept the South Florida Bulls (3-2) 7-0 on Tuesday, winning their 98th consecutive home match at Linder Stadium at Ring Tennis Complex in Gainesville, FL. Junior Allie Will (No. 3), senior Joanna Mather (No. 4) and sophomores Sofie Oyen (No. 34) and Alex Cercone (No. 41) each won their singles matches in straight sets while junior Lauren Embree (No. 25) took three sets to win her singles tilt. The No. 10-ranked team of Oyne/Will and No. 15 duo of Embree/Mather each won their doubles matches handily. The Gators will travel to California over the weekend for back-to-back contests on Friday and Sunday against Pepperdine and Stanford. Florida topped Stanford 4-3 for the 2011 NCAA Championship on May 24.

Check our two more BITS (including a video)…after the break!

3 » Two of the Gators’ four current 2013 verbal commitments have been placed on the initial Rivals100 released on Wednesday. Linebacker Daniel McMillian (Jacksonville, FL) and defensive tackle Caleb Brantley (Crescent City, FL) were each given four-star designations by the site and have been ranked at No. 53 overall and No. 82 overall, respectively. McMillian is listed as the No. 10 player both at his position and in the state of Florida, while Brantley is considered the No. 7 defensive tackle and the No. 15 player in the state. You can check out the entire list, for free, by clicking here.

4 » Currently training for the trials for the 2012 London Olympics, former Florida swimmers Ryan Lochte and Conor Dwyer have been working out extensively with Gators assistant director of strength and conditioning “Mad Dog” Matt DeLancey. Below is a video from showing some of the workouts he is having them do in the rough-and-tumble streets of Gainesville.


  1. ncgator says:


    Please tell me Caleb isn’t related to John

  2. Daniel M. says:

    I think I’m just going to avoid yet another recruiting letdown and go ahead and accept that Stefon Diggs will sign elsewhere. Any other outcome will be icing on the cake.

  3. Matt says:

    Our WR haul was pathetic. While getting the best guys in state should be a priority getting the best is the goal. When those two features collide we should be there every time. With Miami and FSU competing I know a perfect stretch is not likely but surely missing out on most to all of them is not acceptable either.
    Just started paying attention to the NSD happenings and it’s over the top. There is plenty of blame to go around though. We really need this kid Diggs. My concern is of these highly touted in state guys choose to go elsewhere is it a sign of things to follow?
    Would be curious to know what some TACTICS that are employed to turn kids or get them to favor folks after leaning a certain way for so long. Urban did it for us now he might have his dirty hands on a much needed player we would love to have!

  4. scooterp says:

    Matt, you must not follow recruiting very closely. Florida, with out question, has the most FBS talent at the HS level of any other region in the country and has been a national recruiting territory for the last 20 years. There is simply too much talent in the state for only three major CFB power houses to fight over. And with the expansion of CFB on television over the last decade schools like Oregon, OK State, Virginia Tech etc have become national brands to HS kids…………. The WR talent pool this recruiting cycle was not a deep one. We had two major targets Diggs and Agholor, which were also the same major targets for about another dozen national brand schools. It happens. 2013 will be much deeper and more talented at the WR position, with a ton of that talent being in Florida. If we don’t get results next February with that position, then I would be worried. But, all things considered the UF staff put together a VERY good class this year.

  5. Ralph_Seegobin says:

    I agree with scooterp; I’ll take a top-5 recruiting class after a 7-6 season any day. We’re very fortunate here at the University of Florida, and unfortunately a bit too spoiled for our own good sometimes.

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