TWO BITS: Tebow focused on football, new critic

By Adam Silverstein
February 9, 2010

1 » Now that his Super Bowl XLIV commercial has aired and there are just over two weeks until the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine, former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will focus his attention solely on improving his football aptitude and mechanics, according to his agent Jimmy Sexton. “It’s going to be nothing but football between now and the Combine,” Sexton told Robbie Andreu of The Gainesville Sun.

2 » Speaking of Tebow’s Super Bowl advertisement, an interesting turn of events has transpired since it aired on Sunday. The heavily controversial commercial, which was determined by the majority of the viewing public to be rather bland and insignificant, has drawn the ire of the National Organization for Women. The pro-choice NOW, which was previously against the ad due to its pro-life slant, has now taken umbrage with a different part of its content. “I am blown away at the celebration of the violence against women in it,” NOW president Terry O’Neil told the Los Angeles Times. “That’s what comes across to me even more strongly than the anti-abortion message. I myself am a survivor of domestic violence, and I don’t find it charming. I think CBS should be ashamed of itself.”


  1. SC Gator says:

    Oh for the love of…

    Get a damn life people!

  2. O-town Gator says:

    NOW is reading too much into things. Just because Pam Tebow gets tackled by Timmy in the second video doesn’t mean that Focus on the Family is advocating violence against women (I’ll bet Terry O’Neil never watched a down of football in her life.) I saw nothing offensive or “preachy” in either of those ads; in fact, they were quite innocuous.

    Some people will get up on their soapbox and take issue with the birds chirping, for crying out loud.

  3. Don says:

    What a piece of work! And to think that NOW pays her to come up with asinine statements like that.

  4. On Campus says:

    Didn’t the old lady in the Snickers commercial get absolutely wrecked by a tackle too? Where’s the outrage there?

  5. Mr2Bits says:

    Some people just need to walk in front of a bus, country would be allot better off.

  6. GatorFa says:

    look at the attention he gets about his life story through the eyes of his mother…Cant wait for the exposure when he start winning!!

  7. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    She’s probably just jealous of a woman who is loved by her husband and family….what a shame to take a shot at them when our country needs more people like the Tebows!!!

  8. UF_84 says:

    If NOW hadn’t given this ad all of the extra publicity over the last 2 weeks, it would have passed almost unnoticed. One of them even had the nerve to accuse Pam Tebow of lying about her pregnancy story. And just when you think they couldn’t possibly look any more idiotic than they already do, their president spews this venomous garbage.
    Nice job NOW. Your group is a real credit to women everywhere.

  9. Bob says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Whatever your politics or beliefs, this is absolutely insane.

  10. George says:

    Hahahaha. You gotta love NOW. They will not be moved off their talking points. Dear Ms. O’Neil, that was you credibility being tackled in that commercial.

  11. Coach Steve says:

    What a dumb bitch

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