Florida G Michael Frazier II expected out Thursday

By Adam Silverstein
February 9, 2015

Treading water and trying to stay afloat for a postseason berth – the NCAA Tournament is basically out of the picture with the NIT a more likely landing spot – the Florida Gators (12-11, 5-5 SEC) will be forced to overcome another speed bump as their leading scorer, junior guard Michael Frazier II was ruled out for Thursday’s game against Ole Miss.

During his weekly press conference on Monday, head coach Billy Donovan declared Frazier unlikely to play on Thursday due to a high-ankle sprain he suffered on Saturday in the first half of Florida’s 68-61 loss to No. 1 Kentucky.

“I would say ‘out’ right now,” said Donovan when updating Frazier’s status. “It looks like a high-ankle sprain right now. It is really hard with these things because there is not a lot of swelling in a high-ankle sprain. It is less than 48 hours from the game, but my feeling right now is he will be out. He is in a boot right now. … We don’t know [how long he will be out] until we see how he responds to treatment.”

Frazier, who was 3-for-4 from the field with 10 points, had the Gators rolling to a 30-28 halftime lead. Without their leading scorer for the second half, Florida was outscored 40-31 down the stretch and eventually fell to its SEC East rivals.

In addition to averaging 13.2 points per game for the Gators, he is also the team’s best free throw shooter at 87.7 percent; the rest of his teammates combine to shoot 62.1 percent from the charity stripe. He also drains 40.1 percent of his threes and is the team’s third-leading rebounder with 4.6 per game.

Frazier’s best performance of the season came two weeks ago at Ole Miss, Florida’s opponent on Thursday. On Jan. 24 in Oxford, Mississippi, Frazier hit 7-of-11 shots (6-of-8 triples) for a season-high 27 points.

Donovan could decide to roll with one of two freshmen – point guard Chris Chiozza or forward Devin Robinson – in Frazier’s starting spot.


  1. Ken (CA) says:

    big loss, but does it really matter much at this point? rather he was healthy than playing with issues, but this team is clearly going nowhere. Lucky if they even get NIT bid, although they are better in general than the record shows. When they work together they do well, they just cant seem to do it for 40 minutes most of the time. Much better to protect MF from an injury that could be horrible than to push for anything this team might sneak in to. I would rather they get nowhere and care for the kids than get into a minor postseason tourney and possibly seriously push someone with a big future too hard.

    Great decision by Coach D. no ego, doesn’t care about the 20 win season stuff, doesn’t care about where they may end up, gets it that this team just isn’t very good, and take its lumps, and the chips fall where they may as to if any or what post season tourney they may get invited to. This team is clearly not a team that can challenge for the NC, so why put anyone in danger of serious injury just for a possible brief moment of glory? Glad Billy doesn’t have that kind of ego.

    Those of you that keep whining about how crappy the BD system is and how there is no physical presence and how you lie about how horrible they are about pushing it inside except for the last 2 teams, etc., etc., should be embarrassed.

    He recruits extremely well, puts together solid teams, is always competitive in a school that was virtually never competitive before he got here. He has recruited those players you say he never recruits for the “inside presence”, when he gets them, he uses them as he can, when he doesn’t, he makes the best out of those that have bought in and joined.

    The “system” as your posts keep calling it, is not move the ball around and find the open 3 and pray, except for a couple of recent selfish guards like Walker and Boynton, especially walker, it has always been move it around and get it inside, take the 3 when a clear shot and you are a decent a shooter with the green light. This year, no one can make anything inside or outside consistently, so let them learn who to work as a team, figure out how to be a player, and how to succeed.

    I know this is a down season, but a couple of you keep trashing Billy D and his “soft style”. Shame on you. There is a reason why ESPN voted him #1 best coach in the country today. He won 2 NC with players who were completely unheralded at the time and supposedly horrible. he has now been to 5 final 4s, 3 NC games and 2 NC wins, along with multiple elite 8.

    Really? This isn’t good enough? His style of coaching sucks? What the hell do you expect? Clearly he has a winning formula and understands what it takes to get to the elite level.

    I really find it sad and somewhat embarrassing those of you that keep posting about how horrible Billy D’s style is and how soft his teams are. I don’t want to call out individuals here, but everyone here knows exactly who I am talking about.

    You really are not true fans and expecting the impossible level of success in a program that had virtually no record of success for 100 years before he joined it.

    I for one will be proud, honored and thrilled to have him be our coach with whatever style he chooses for the next 30 years!

  2. Ken (CA) says:

    And just to keep people hopes up, NCAA tourney is NOT out of reach…they could lose every game for the rest of the regular season, if they find a way to win the SEC tourney, they are a guarantee like UGA was a few years ago. However I would rather the team played in a tourney they actually could win a game or two in rather than one and done just to be in the NCAA tourney…

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