Non-Gators: ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt drops F-bomb

By Adam Silverstein
February 26, 2010

OGGOA was doing our normal catch-up of the day’s events on ESPN‘s SportsCenter Thursday when we heard anchor Scott Van Pelt clearly drop an F-bomb as the program was going to a commercial break. An iPhone video recording and a few e-mails later and some of our good friends were kind enough to post our clip on their respective sites.

It has been a tough week for Van Pelt, especially after notorious Howard Stern prank caller Captain Janks fooled him by acting as former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook during a live on-air interview. Anyway…enjoy.

Van Pelt, of course, apologized. Because heaven forbid the FCC not hear an apology for a simple technical mistake and/or profane slip-up. “Earlier in the program, as we were heading to a break, my microphone was still open and I uttered a profanity,” he said. “And for that I apologize for anyone I might have offended.”

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