SIX BITS: Tebow, Spikes, Wright, Boynton, Billy D

By Adam Silverstein
March 1, 2010

1 » With former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow changing his throwing motion, heading off to autograph signings, speaking at engagements and being filmed at all times for a documentary about his trip to the NFL, the question was bound to come up some time: Is he spreading himself too thin? “The circus that followed Tebow around at the Senior Bowl traveled with him to Tennessee as he prepares for pre-draft workouts,” is reporting. “It seems Tebow’s workouts have been interrupted daily for marketing meetings and appearances. One source told us Tebow has had to schedule his workouts around the plans of his marketing people.”

Five more BITS on Brandon Spikes, Major Wright, John Brantley, Kenny Boynton and Billy Donovan…after the break!

2 » Speaking of obvious questions, former Gators linebacker Brandon Spikes had one of his own to face at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine: “Why did you try to gouge a player’s eyes out?” Pat Dooley of The Gainesville Sun caught up with Spikes, who admitted he was asked this numerous times over the weekend. “[I took a full-game suspension because] I didn’t want young guys to think that was the right way to play the game,” Spikes said. “I told [teams] it’s the SEC, Florida-Georgia is a big rivalry. There were a lot of emotions going on. Both sides were taking shots at each other. But that’s why I suspended myself. That’s not the way the game is supposed to be played.”

3 » Safety Major Wright, who many scouts believe declared for the 2010 NFL Draft a season too early, impressed reporters with his candor during his press conference. “I want to be a role model, more than anything else,” Wright said. “I want to work with kids and talk to kids and tell them to stay straight and out of trouble.” He also claimed he was more than ready for the demands of the NFL. “I played against the best in high school, so it wasn’t a huge transition to college. Then I played against the best in college. In practices, with Louis [Murphy] and Percy [Harvin], it was tough. You know what happened though? Everyday someone got better.” He has been pegged as a third-round pick.

4 » Taking over for Tebow, of course, is redshirt sophomore QB John Brantley, who seems more than prepared to shine. “I’m going to go out there and do my own thing. I know I’m not him,” Brantley said. “I know I have a lot of pressure on me to go out there and be successful. I’m going to rely a lot on my playmakers. We’ve got a great offensive line coming back and some great receivers and running backs.” Brantley has also been vocal about some of his starting wide receivers. “Deonte [Thompson] is very explosive, very fast,” he said. “He’s gotten a lot better. He’s one of the top guys, for sure. I’m very comfortable with him. Frankie Hammond and Omarius Hines are also looking really good. And Carl Moore is bouncing back from his back and he’s looking good and working hard. We’re going to have a lot of good receivers.”

5 » Five-star freshman guard Kenny Boynton, one of the top incoming recruits in the country this year, has been (by most accounts) lackluster this season. That is until Saturday when Boynton drained 6-of-9 shots from downtown and exploded for 22 points. The difference? Extra film study with head coach Billy Donovan. “I think I focused more,” Boynton told The Sun. “Coming into the game I said I was going to focus on every shot one at a time. If I missed one before I was going to put that behind me and just play today. I wasn’t out there thinking so much.”

6 » Speaking of Donovan, he received an uncharacteristic technical foul early in the game for badgering an official. “He gave me a warning and I kept going I kept going, explaining my point,” Donovan said. “I think the official, he did the right thing. He obviously stopped the game, gave me a warning and I still needed to make my point.”


  1. Dude says:

    Pat Dooley is a tool. Why did he have to ask that question?

  2. Dude says:

    Eh. I can still think he’s a tool.

  3. brlgator says:

    Not only is it his job, its a reasonable and important question to ask spikes. Just like gatornation was upset with the infamous fsu foot twist…

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