TWO BITS: Tebow’s future, Spikes’s agent

By Adam Silverstein
March 5, 2013

1 » The New York Jets reportedly spent plenty of time at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine looking for a trade partner so the team can finally split ties with quarterback Tim Tebow. However, in a conference call with season ticket holders on Monday, new general manager John Idzik made it sound as if Tebow may very well get an opportunity to compete for a job in training camp. “Tim, as you know, he’s currently on our roster. What we’re doing is we’re trying to increase competition at that position and positions across the board,” said Idzik, according to the New York Daily News. “So we’re going to let the competition play out. We’re going to see who we’re able to bring on board and let it play out this offseason and into training camp. So I think that’ll be healthy for all concerned, including Tim.”

Should the Jets cut Tebow, like many insiders believe the team plans to do if it does not find a suitor for him, more than $1.5 million of the $2.5 million in pay he is due for 2013 would be dead money against the salary cap. New York also spent fourth- and sixth-round draft choices and paid $2.5 million to Denver to acquire Tebow, assets that the team hopes not to waste on a failed trade. However, should the Jets keep Tebow and potentially cut him late in training camp, the team will only be doing his career an even greater disservice than it already has by avoiding playing him like he was the plague. With a new offensive coordinator (Marty Mornhinweg) in the fold, Tebow’s career with the Jets may not be over just yet, so stay tuned.

2 » New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes has signed with his third agency in as many seasons. According to the Boston Herald, Spikes has signed with Premier Sports & Entertainment and will be represented by Gary Uberstine and Eric Kaufman. With his rookie contract expiring and the 2014 offseason set to be a huge one for Spikes, linking up with an agency he trusts is of utmost importance heading into the process. Though New England will likely want to re-sign him, the Patriots are keen to offering backloaded contracts similar to the one that tight end Aaron Hernandez received prior to the 2012 season. Spikes, who has a great relationship with owner Robert Kraft, may want to avoid that and might feel like he will have better options on the open market. All of this remains to be seen, of course, and New England may even be interested in locking him up prior to the start of the 2013 season. Perhaps that is the reason Spikes felt he needed yet another agent change.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    Funny how once the media gets a dog down, they never stop kicking him. Worse yet is how all everyone else in the industry then piles on. I can remember seeing Tim throw an on-target pass on many an occasion that his receiver dropped and the knee-jerk goofballs announcing the game were automatically on Tebow for the drop . . forget that the ball hit the guy in the numbers. God forbid anyone in sports have an original thought.

    No matter how much Tim wins, no matter how many good passes he throws, it’s the poor passes that get replayed over and over and over again. . . perception is everything. Perception trumps reality.

  2. Tguygator says:

    Very true, M. Jones….perception trumps realty in sports, politics, Hollywood—-I hate it as so much of it is media driven …the lazy media or media w/ agenda over reporting.

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