Tebow speaks on Meyer’s health, Jacksonville

By Adam Silverstein
March 8, 2010

Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow was interviewed Monday morning on Lamm at Large on WJXL-AM in Jacksonville, FL. During his segment, Tebow discussed the health of head coach Urban Meyer, his level of desire to play for his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars and a few other topics.

On Meyer’s health: “He needs to keep resting and being with his family. He’s enjoying it. He’s had a little time to get away. And we’re still talking pretty much every day. He’s doing great and feeling better. He’s going to get back and have a great season and Florida is going to dominate. Their going to do great. I’m just happy that he’s feeling better and that he’s there for his family and that he’s been able to just relax and let his stress levels die down a little bit. He’ll absolutely be back and he’ll be involved. He’s going to be hands on working with the guys. He’ll be there for a lot of the stuff in the spring and in the summer. Florida should have a great year.”

On if he wants to play for the Jaguars: “I would. It’s here at home and I would enjoy that. I have been a Jaguar fan my whole life. I have enjoyed being here in my hometown and watching the Jaguars play and getting an opportunity to play for them would be a blessing for me and a privilege for me to be able to stay in my hometown and play here.”

Listen to Tebow’s interview here or read the remainder of the transcript courtesy of the folks over at SportsRadioInterviews.com.

h/t Ben Volin, Palm Beach Post
Photo Credit: John Raoux/Associated Press


  1. ReptilesRule says:

    Wow, if you want to hear something absolutely absurd, after you listen to Tim’s interview with David Lamm, click down to the Paul Finebaum interview. It will make you furious and laugh at the same time! I have never heard someone with their head so far up another human being’s rectum as I have Paul Finebaum. Suffice it to say, Nick Saban will not need a colonoscopy anytime soon!

  2. On Campus says:

    I hadn’t listened to Finebaum in a while, for obvious reasons, but i had some time to kill so I listened to this one. Wow, what a prick…we knew he was, but he went completely off topic to attack UM in this one. 4 years ago he was in love with auburn, no he’s clearly a bama homer/nick saban lover. ridiculous, calling dooley and buddy martin old fools. hope we whoop their asses next year in tuscaloosa

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