Florida Gators 2011 spring practice depth chart

By Adam Silverstein
March 14, 2011

You may be excited that, in a few lines, you are getting a look at the Florida Gators 2011 spring practice depth chart. Don’t be. Near the middle of his press conference on Monday, new head coach Will Muschamp referred to it as “weak” and not worth the paper it was printed on. In other words, it is just a starting-off point and plenty can change between now and the end of spring, the start of summer, the beginning of fall or when the season starts. Nevertheless, below is the depth chart as it was presented.

Florida omitted players who are injured or limited and not participating in spring practice. A list of those players can be found at the end along with some additional explanations.

QB: John Brantley, Tyler Murphy/Jeff Driskel
HB: Chris Rainey, Mike Gillislee/Mack Brown
X-WR: Frankie Hammond, Stephen Alli/Quinton Dunbar
Z-WR: Omarius Hines, Andre Debose
TE: Jordan Reed, A.C. Leonard
F-21: Trey Burton
*In with two halfbacks and one tight end
F-11: Deonte Thompson, Solomon Patton/Robert Clark
*In with one halfback and one tight end
F-12: Michael McFarland, Josh Postell
*In with one halfback and two tight ends

[EXPAND Click to expand the remainder of Florida’s 2011 spring depth chart.]LT: Chaz Green, Kyle Koehne
LG: Jonotthan Harrison, Cole Gilliam
C: Sam Robey, Nick Alajajian
RG: Jon Halapio, William Steinmann
RT: Xavier Nixon, Ian Silberman

DT: Sharrif Floyd, Earl Okine
DT: Dominique Easley, Leon Orr
DE: William Green, Chris Martin/Clay Burton
Buck DE: Ronald Powell, Lerentee McCray/Lynden Trail
SLB: Gerald Christian, Gideon Ajagbe
MLB: Jon Bostic, Michael Taylor
WLB: Jelani Jenkins, Dee Finley/Darrin Kitchens

CB: Moses Jenkins, De’Ante Saunders
CB: Jeremy Brown, Cody Riggs
SS: Matt Elam, Josh Shaw
FS: Josh Evans, Tim Clark
Nickel: Elam, Riggs/Saunders

KR: Andre Debose, Solomon Patton
PR: Chris Rainey, Frankie Hammond, Jrl.
K: Caleb Sturgis, Brad Phillips
P: Kyle Christy, Dave Lerner
LS: Christopher Guido, Drew Ferris

NOTES: Muschamp said Christian has moved to linebacker but will still see offensive work at tight end and fullback. He added that Reed is a “full-time tight end,” Burton will remain at the F position and not play defense, and Orr is officially back to defensive tackle. Sturgis will be limited most of the spring but will “eventually be a full-go.”

F POSITION: Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis explained that, rather than release a standard depth chart, the Gators wanted to make it look more realistic. The F position is one that changes depending on the other personnel on the field. The first number refers to the halfbacks in the formation, while the second number corresponds to how many tight ends are on the field. (Ex. 21 = two halfbacks, one tight end). The student-athlete listed at the F position is the other playmaker on the field aside from the starting halfback/tight end and two starting wide receivers.

BUCK POSITION: Players listed at “buck” are more commonly referred to as hybrid defensive ends/linebackers. Examples Muschamp gave of players he’s coached include Jason Taylor, Calvin Pace and Sergio Kindle. Powell, for example, would play defensive end in a 4-3 formation and linebacker in a 3-4. Both Muschamp and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn indicated principles of the 3-4 would be present.

OUT FOR SPRING: CB Janoris Jenkins (shoulder), RB Mike Blakely (shoulder), Neiron Ball (head), Jeff Demps (track)

LIMITED FOR SPRING: OT Matt Patchan, OG James Wilson, OL David Young, DT Jaye Howard, DT Omar Hunter, CB Jaylen Watkins[/EXPAND]


  1. Lee says:

    Not sure I follow how the F position works. If the F21 formation gives you 2 rbs, 1 te, 2 wrs plus Burton as the additional “playmaker” that would give you 12 players on the field when adding in the five linemen and the quarterback. Obviously I am missing something because I can’t imagine we are going to try and sneak up on teams by starting 12 players on offense.

    • The F-21 formation (2 RB, 1 TE), for example, would have a starting RB, starting TE, 2 starting WRs and Burton (2nd RB).

      The F-11 (1 RB, 1 TE) would have a staring RB, starting TE, 2 starting WRs and Thompson (3rd WR).

      The F-12 (1 RB, 2 TE) would have a starting RB, starting TE, 2 starting WRs and McFarland (2nd TE).


  2. Lee says:

    Got it. Spent too much time staring at NCAA brackets tonight. Thanks.

  3. phil says:

    that o-line sure is young….. :/

  4. Ken (CA) says:

    Even if it isn’t worth the ink it is written with, that is a really interesting depth chart. Looks like some true freshmen are going to play big roles, and last years studs are going to be expected to step up big time.

    Easley as the starter is very interesting, fair to give him a fresh chance.
    Christian being switched to D mainly, considering he was one of the top TE coming out of HS.

    Nixon moving from left tackle to right tackle is one of the biggest surprises, he has been the anchor on the line the last two years.

    Is the Buck back what we used to call the “Gator” back?

    • This is the spring practice depth chart – not the team depth chart. While a lot of youngsters are listed as starters, many will not end up that way after the injured veterans (at the bottom of the post) return. The spring depth chart is only comprised of those active and healthy.

    • donnie wise says:

      Nixon had some struggles last year. seems there was some very blown assignments on his side and i think he was pulled in two games also. not to say he wont be great this year but he had a case of the sophmore struggles last year.

  5. Andrew says:

    Only 6 more months! This is going to be the best spring game in a long time.

  6. Zooker says:

    I will take Christian & Martin over Trattou and #44 from last year( can’t recall his name). They will be great additions to the defense.. The sack total will Almost triple from last year, I’m sure

  7. npgator says:

    Lemmons and I too am excited about these changes especially on defense.

  8. Malikg says:

    I couldn’t help it – I got excited. You’re not the boss of me, Adam!

    Well, technically, I guess you are but you know what I mean!

  9. Ken (CA) says:

    SEC Champ Game Ticket renewal started yesterday! woo hoo! not even spring yet and fall is already in the air!

  10. kyle says:

    how will the fb be utilized? wilks, pridemore and JOYER? and i wish i knew the slots of where they thought the injured guys would be…

  11. MrBIOLIFE says:

    So…. am i missing something or did # 2 Jeff demps leave the team to focus on track and field….. I mean you dont just sit a guy completely without even being mention in the rotation of players….

    Rainy… I hope we have a good blocking back.. because i am not sure if we can get those o lineman in a position to open up wholes for Rainey to get to some daylight….

    I am really not sure whhat to expect from Florida this year…… lets just hope we can get out and transition fairly quickly.

  12. Matt says:

    Wish we had a decent FB to go in that could catch the ball and pound for 2-3 yards and could stay in most of the time. That way when we have people like burton and reed out in the slots we can shove him up the middle. I do think we need a blocking back to stop the sacks, but I don’t know how many we got and if we put them in the defense will just drop back in coverage. Oh well right?

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