FOUR BITS: Henne, Grossman, Augenstein, wins

By Adam Silverstein
March 18, 2010

1 » Miami Dolphins and former Michigan Wolverines quarterback Chad Henne, who defeated former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow in his final college game – the 2008 Capital One Bowl – claims the two-time National Champion and Heisman Trophy winner will not be successful in the NFL. “My judgment is that he’s not an NFL quarterback,” Henne said during an interview on WQAM in Miami, FL. “I’ll leave it at that.” As a Dolphins fan it pains me to say this, but some would argue whether or not Henne fits that distinction himself. You can listen to the interview here.

2 » Two roster moves affecting former Gators occurred Wednesday as QB Rex Grossman signed a free-agent contract with the Washington Redskins and Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Bryan Augenstein was optioned by his team to Triple-A Reno. Grossman will team up with new Redskins head coach and former Florida offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan as well as his son, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who coached Grossman last season with the Houston Texans.

3 » Still rolling through the 2010 season is the No. 6/13 Gators softball team (20-3, 4-1 SEC), which defeated the Auburn Tigers (15-9, 2-3 SEC) 7-0 and 5-4 in a doubleheader Wednesday at Katie Seashole Pressly Stadium. Junior Stephanie Brombacher tossed both games, extending her record to 16-3 by picking up two victories. Junior outfielder Kelsey Bruder supported her with a combined 3-6 performance including two home runs and a game-winning double in the second game – a come-from-behind victory.

4 » Led by a six-goal and four-assist performance by freshman attacker Ashley Bruns, Florida lacrosse (4-3) took down the Marist Red Foxes (2-3) 22-3 Wednesday evening at Donald R. Dizney Stadium. The Gators outshot their opponent 37-10, only allowing three shots the entire second half.


  1. dp says:

    Chad who? Another reason for me to hate the dolphins. This tool is barely starting to play somewhat decent and starts trashing others?! Don’t mess with Timmy. I’ll leave it at God bless.

  2. O-town Gator says:

    Geez…….first Brian Griese, now Chad Henne. No wonder why many Gator fans can’t stand “Meatchicken”.

  3. Michelle says:

    Sounds to me like Chad Henne is running a little scared about the possiblity of Tebow taking over his job as QB with the Dolphins. Can’t wait until Timmy proves all of his negative critics wrong!

  4. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    South Florida is loaded with Gator alumni and fans….way to tick off a good portion of your fan base!!!

  5. DC Gator says:

    Henne is a joke. He should focus on getting his team about .500 before he gets too smug.

    Good for Rex. I’m so happy he got out of Houston–that was a bad situation. Between Grossman and Shanahan, I can finally root for the Skins for the first time since they ran Spurrier out of town.

  6. Jimtendo says:

    Suddenly Henne gets to start (not really out of choice but because Pennington got hurt and isn’t that good anymore) and he thinks he knows how to succeed in the NFL. How about you ask someone who has more touchdowns than interceptions and a better QB rating than 75.

  7. Phuq werner says:

    Let me get this straight a guy who couldn’t beat out Chad “noodle arm” Pennington, has the nerve to say Tebow is not a NFL QB..Hey Henne, take a look in the mirror if you want to see a guy who is not a NFL QB…..

  8. npgator says:

    So in addition to being a below average QB – Henne is stupid too!

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