3/18: Muschamp’s thoughts from spring practice

By Adam Silverstein
March 18, 2011

With the Florida Gators beginning spring practice for the 2011 season on Wednesday, head coach Will Muschamp met the media late Friday to discuss how individual players are performing and the injury statuses of others. OGGOA has compiled some of the most important news, notes and quotes from his availability.


Earlier in the day, senior cornerback Janoris Jenkins accepted a plea deal to resolve the misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession he was arrested for in January. Jenkins had adjudication withheld by the State Attorney’s Office (meaning he was technically found guilty of the crime but will not be convicted for it) and will close the matter by paying $316 in fines and expenses.


Following practice on Thursday, redshirt senior wide receiver Denote Thompson suggested that the preliminary depth chart released by the coaching staff on Monday may have had a misprint because it listed him as the primary F-11 receiver. Muschamp clarified Thompson’s responsibilities, noting that the F-11 is not always a slot position. “Depends on what formation we call,” he said.

“If we’re in regular personnel, 21 or 12, he’s going to be playing the X position. But when we’re in 11 personnel, he’ll be playing the X or the F position,” Muschamp added, noting that the every receiver position on the field can play both inside and outside. “We cross-train all the wide receiver positions so those guys – we can get the best three or four or two or one receiver on the field at a time.”

[EXPAND Click to expand the rest of this post.]TALENT UP, WEIGHT DOWN

While discussing the team’s depth at running back, Muschamp was certain to point out two players who have already received high praise from his offensive coaches. “Chris Rainey’s done a nice job, and Trey Burton has [too],” he said. “After [them] we just need to have some guys step up. It’s hard in helmets to really [evaluate], but you see Mack [Brown]’s made a couple nice cuts here and there.”

However, Muschamp was less enthused to talk about the weight of junior tackle Xavier Nixon, who has recently appeared noticeably thinner. “You’re always either in a position of a guy’s in perfect weight, a guy’s overweight or a guy’s underweight. And he’s certainly not where we want him to be right now, but Xavier’s working hard at that. I’m proud of his efforts and what he’s trying to do.” he said.


– Redshirt junior T Matt Patchan (wrist): “Matt has been cleared for exercise but not contact. He has been cleared to lift. [He] will not have any contact this spring. He is lifting and we’re going to amp up that a little bit so he can get his strength back.”

– Redshirt senior guard James Wilson (knee): Called “very limited” though he is doing some reps on the field.

– Redshirt sophomore tight end Desmond Parks (wrist): Placed on medical hardship due to injury and no longer with the team


On his thoughts from practice Friday: “The timing in the passing game looked good today as far as hitting some balls. John [Brantley] threw some nice balls. […] There’s a lot of teaching going on, a lot of learning going on. A lot of learning about our tempo and how we want to do things.”

On redshirt freshman defensive end Chris Martin: “Chris is a guy that’s got some pass rushing ability. He can move his hands and feet in the rush. We’re expecting him to continue to grow as a football player, as a human being, and be a contributor for our team. How much? He will determine that, not us.”[/EXPAND]


  1. Ken (CA) says:

    “- Redshirt sophomore tight end Desmond Parks (wrist): Placed on medical hardship due to injury and no longer with the team”

    what eactly does that mean? Is he just not available for spring practice, or is he no longer part of the team, and looking for something else? Now that Jordan Reed is showing full time TE skills and impressing everyone with where they hoped he would play last year, is he feeling shut out?

  2. Rob says:

    It means he got hurt and can no longer play. He retains his scholarship and can finish scholl, but his scholarship does not count against the team total

  3. C3 says:

    man, Desmond Parks just could never catch a break, or I guess technically he caught to many.

    How much is Xavier Nixon weighing exactly? Sounds like him and Patchan could form the lightest tackle combo ever lol.

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