FOUR BITS: Alex Brown, Chris DiMarco, Evans

By Adam Silverstein
March 26, 2010

1 » When the Chicago Bears signed defensive end Julius Peppers, former Florida Gators DE Alex Brown welcomed him to the team. Now, according to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears are showing Brown the door precisely due to their acquisition of Peppers. Head coach Lovie Smith, at the NFL owners meeting this week, informed reporters that Israel Idonije would be moving to DE, basically forcing Brown out of the way. The team is now trying to actively trade the nine-year veteran and 2009 captain but could release him if a deal is not struck.

2 » Currently tied for ninth at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, former Gators golfer Chris DiMarco is playing better than he has in quite some time. Attempting to regain full exempt status on the PGA Tour for the first time since 2008, DiMarco is steadily progressing. “”I really feel like I’ve gotten back to the old swing, the old consistency” he told The Florida Times-Union after Thursday’s round. “It’s been baby steps. The confidence is back and the rhythm is back.”

3 » Sophomore cornerback Josh Evans appears to be out for the remainder of spring practice, according to The Miami Herald’s Joseph Goodman. There are no reports of the injury being serious of regular season-threatening, but obviously Florida would like him back as soon as possible. OGGOA is still waiting to hear word on what happened to redshirt sophomore wide receiver T.J. Lawrence.

4 » Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel speaks with ESPN‘s Brian Kenny:


  1. Greg says:

    Fowler is a class act. You can tell he knows exactly where Meyer was coming from. Both of these men could have handled their situations much better. Fowler knew what kind of pub this quote could get, and attached a story title that fueled the fire. Meyer rightfully defended Deonte, but went about it all wrong.

    Anyone who read the full quote should be able to read between the lines and see that it was, in no way, a shot at Tebow, but carrying the title that came along with the story didn’t help.

  2. John Shanks says:

    I don’t know about class act, but it sounds like he’s trying to put out the fire. His story did lead to some pretty negative stuff about Deonte. Good example is The Sporting Blog.

    My perspective is close to his and Bob Redman’s.

    Last time I’ll comment on this, I swear.

  3. Donnie wise says:

    I think urb handled it fine. He cares deeply about the kids on his team, almost as if they are his blood. Myself being the father of two boys would not of been as kind as meyer. Look at it this way, a grown man takes a young mans words and only puts The part he knew would raise a eyebrow. It makes Thompson look selfish and arrogant which he is not and also brings forth the idea that maybe tebow wasn’t as respected as we all thought. And we know that almost every player fed of his energy and leadership. Like I said, if it were myself I would of not been that nice.

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