Raiders WR Murphy arrested in Gainesville

By Adam Silverstein
April 3, 2011

Former Florida Gators wide receiver Louis Murphy was arrested early Sunday morning in Gainesville, FL and charged with three misdemeanors including failure to obey a police officer, possession of a drug without a valid prescription and resisting arrest without violence, according to The Gainesville Sun.

Per the police report, an officer attempted to pull over the Oakland Raiders star pass-catcher when he spotted him in his car with a group of people and the stereo playing at a high volume. Murphy reportedly ignored the siren, parked in a spot and walked away from the pursuing officer with the rest of his group. When the officer finally got Murphy to stop, he allegedly refused to present identification and was eventually put in handcuffs by three officers when he also refused to put his hands behind his back.

Murphy then allowed the officer to search his vehicle, where the report states that a “non-labeled prescription bottle” of Viagra was found. He told the officer that there was no label remaining on the bottle “because he did not want his girlfriend to know he had a prescription for it,” the police report states.

Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


  1. C3 says:

    how embarrassing, the whole thing, especially the last sentence.

  2. Phil says:

    well i guess his girlfriend knows now

  3. Brett says:

    I love this website, don’t think they needed to throw Murphy under the bus for the Viagra.

  4. SaraGator says:

    haha! I know a ton of guys who take Viagra without having a valid prescription.

  5. JohnGator says:

    I think that the Gainesville police need to stop harassing current and former players.

  6. jay d says:

    Gainesville cops are always trying to play hero….what a bunch of heartless people to pick on a mans intament issues with his girl…I didn’t think I could hate gpd/aso/upd any more than I already do…if they were opiates or benzo’s….I could understand making an issue out of an unlabeled bottle…..but ofcourse its viagra that’s killing the students in this town……stupid!

  7. John S says:

    They arrested him? The cops I know would be embarrassed to write that up. How much time do they have on their hands in Gainesville? Thank god they’re protecting us all from high volume radios and viagra. Also former star athletes with open containers on game days are also a high priority. Are they still giving DUI’s for riding your bike drunk?

    This is about the cop wanting to prove his **** was bigger…again. Same thing could have been accomplished with 5 minutes in handcuffs on the sidewalk, but no lets make a six month to 2 year deal out of it with all the taxpayer cost that comes with it. This would tick me off if the perp was a nobody, but then it probably wouldn’t have resulted in an arrest.

  8. GatorJohn says:

    I have heard some bad things about the GPD, but my question is why didn’t murphy pull over and comply with the cops? That didn’t help him any.

    • John S says:

      Maybe he did, he just wasn’t respectful about it. He wasn’t cited for fleeing, just disobeying an officer. If he thought it was about his radio and he turned it off, he may have thought that was enough and hoped it was over. There’s a difference between a cop telling you to turn your radio off and a cop pulling you over. He wasn’t cited for any traffic violation so the only reason he would have been pulled over was the radio, which he wasn’t cited for either. This reads as B.S. I wouldn’t assume that GPD is accurately reporting the incident.

  9. SC Gator says:

    He should have stopped and cooperated, no doubt about it, but lets face it, most the GPD is about as useless as tits on a boar hog.

  10. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Only one of a couple things would make you walk AWAY from a cop(s) telling you to stop (he’s lucky he wasn’t tased, Bro) – stupidity, arrogance, or being stoned. Apparently he wasn’t stoned, so that leaves one of the other two…..?

  11. npgator says:

    This is another example of police harrasment towards Gator players and former players. Why did even stop Murphy is what I want to know? Just like Janoris was followed into the men’s room by a cop? Please!

  12. John S says:

    GPD should adjust their priorities…according to the below rape and aggravated assault are a bigger concern than load radios and open containers. Try getting involved in the east Gainesville community to bring actual crime rates back down. Don’t just arrest everyone with multiple BS charges you know will be dropped, actually respect your citizens instead of demanding obedience. It’s called being a good cop and a true public servant.

  13. Mr2Bits says:

    So let me get this straight. One cop pulls him over, and Murphy “ignores” the siren but pulls into a parking spot. That doesn’t sound like ignoring the siren.

    Next, it says he gets out of his car and “walks away” with a group of people? When was the last time a whole group of people got out of a car when it was pulled over and they all walk away like they were heading into a club? If the cops report was accurate, the cop would have asked the entire group stay in the vehicle or he/she would have de-holstered their weapon to ensure their safety.

    Finally, I’d like to know the time of the entire incident as 3 cops being on scene for what is described to have happened very quickly is suspicious. Also, where is the information on the other people with him?

    My conclusion. Something is not adding up with the police report(minus the Viagra). It sounds like the GPD are once again trying to flex their muscles to make headlines. Now granted I wasn’t there and this could have happened but the entire story sounds extremely far fetched for any logical person to buy into.

  14. Ken (CA) says:

    He probably didn’t ignore the siren, he probably never even heard it. Loud music easily drowns out a siren, especially if you have the windows closed. The curious thing is why a (supposedly) healthy, young athlete would need Viagra…ED is a symptom of steroid use, makes one wonder…

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