FOUR BITS: Knight to UK, Dunlap, Hernandez

By Adam Silverstein
April 14, 2010

1 » It’s official: Five-star 2010 guard recruit Brandon Knight (Fort Lauderdale, FL) has committed to the Kentucky Wildcats, and four-star 2010 point guard recruit Ray McCallum, Jr. (Detroit, MI) has committed to play for his dad w/ the Detroit Mercy.

2 » On a conference call with reporters Wednesday, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock expressed concerns about former Florida Gators defensive end Carlos Dunlap‘s position in the 2010 NFL Draft. “In my opinion, he’s got a substantially below average motor,” Mayock said. “He only plays a certain percentage of plays hard. When you’re doing that, you’re going to get dinged pretty badly by the NFL. Carlos Dunlap is a beautiful body with a tremendous physical skill set, but he doesn’t play every play hard. I think he’s going to fall midway to late in the second round, and maybe to the third. He’s definitely got ability, but how much money to you want to pay a guy who doesn’t play hard every play?”

Mayock also said that he expects quarterback Tim Tebow to be a starter in the league within in three years. He has always been one of the talking heads who has supported Tebow the most throughout the process.

3 » Former Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez is meeting with the Detroit Lions today according to a report by the National Football Post. Some are concerned with Hernandez’s personality off the field, something that may have him fall from the second to the third round next week.

4 » In addition to being in the running for three-star point guards Brandon Young (Washington, D.C.) and Chris Denson (Columbus, GA) as well as three-star power forward Will Yeguete (Melbourne, FL), Florida has secured an in-home visit with three-star PF Marcus Thornton (Atlanta, GA), according to The Gainesville Sun.


  1. brlgator says:

    Hey adam,

    what are the character problems associated with hernandez?

  2. Mayock did not expand. Probably just attitude. Maybe some teams got a bad feeling in interviews.

  3. JayV says:


    Do you have any thoughts or opinions on where we sit with the remaining point guards for next year’s class?

  4. Mitch says:

    ok Adam, here we go again with bball recruiting. No Knight, No Mcallum, but we are in it big for some projects. Please tell me how a top flight guard wouldn’t come to UF when huge amount of playing time is available. I dont care about the one and dones. UK will restock with one and dones and likely beat UF twice with our experienced team. If UF bball fans are not a little disappointed with the turn of events with this program, then they are not die hard fans in my opinion. I expected top flight talent consistently after back to back. Not seeing it. That is somewhat of a failure in my book

  5. brlgator says:

    Got ya. Cause I didn’t remember anything happening at UF. Unless you count the spread of tattoes down his arm…

  6. JayV – I don’t. Sorry. Though I do think Donovan can land one of them.

    Mitch – I don’t know what you mean “here we go again” when Knight and McCallum have not been coming to UF for quite some time. Knight isn’t coming to UF mostly because of what Coach Cal has done with the last three top guard recruits he has had. Each went in the top five (I think Evans went 5, no?). McCallum is playing with his father. As far as your definition of a fan goes, that’s your prerogative. Many here would likely disagree with you. Always appreciate your comments.

  7. Mitch says:

    Adam- what is it exactly that Calapari has done? He gets the best talent and they go pro early. They don’t win a championship. Don’t you think a Brandon Knight could go pro and be drafted highly with 1 season at UF also. I could coach these players to 1st round draft picks. I really don’t understand the rationalization that we weren’t getting Knight, McCallum or Rivers. It wasn’t long ago many had penciled in a Knight Rivers backcourt, but now that it all fell apart somehow it was expected. UF has clearly been forced by circumstances apparently unknown to any of us to have lowered its recruiting pull for the best talent. I can still see us as a competitive team, but the hopes for special seasons seems distant. Now I see your post about a Rutgers transfer. My opinion is that when you have to start plugging holes with transfers, your recruiting is lacking. I’m wearing out my dvr watching the back to back games and continue to wonder how we squandered that magic so quickly.

  8. npgator says:

    Knight wouldn’t even be going to college if he was old enough for the NBA. I agree with what Donovan is doing with building a team.

  9. Joe says:

    This may sound cliche, but we need team players to succeed as a program, not one and done ball hogs. The formula was clearly visible during 06 and 07. Does Knight’s one and done strategy benefit us at all. NO. We need players that want to develop and play on AND with a team. I can care less if Knight can score 30 pts a night. That is not how Billy ball works. Remember our 5 starters averaged 10 points or more during our championship season’s. We just need someone to dish the rock, keep the offense flowing and the keep our spacing on the court consistent.

  10. Mitch- Sometimes perception is greater than reality. Could Wall, Evans and Rose all been top-five NBA picks playing in a different program for a different coach? Perhaps. But they all played for Coach Cal and all went high. So, when talented high school guards are deciding where they wish to play for a year and see a guy who they perceive has a unique talent at developing young guards, that helps them along with their decision. To answer your question: Yes, I think if Knight had come to UF for a year he could go pro and be drafted high as well.

    Next, Knight has been a Kentucky lean for a long time and McCallum has been all-but committed to Detroit even longer. His father is the coach there. Don’t lump Rivers into this as a player the Gators aren’t getting – yet. I’m not providing you a rationalization – I’m giving you facts.

    I don’t think recruiting is lacking just because you accept good players who are transfers. Tell that to Urban Meyer about Emmanuel Moody. You seem to have this belief that just because Florida basketball won two titles that it should automatically be grabbing five-star recruits hand-over-fist. Not sure how many times I need to explain that the Gators are not now nor have they ever been a top-tier college basketball program when it comes to recruiting. Winning titles doesn’t automatically change that – and it won’t.

    Mitch, I think it is better if you have these conversations w/ the rest of OGGOA’s readers. Addressing your aggravations to me incites me to respond, but we continue having the same conversation. You are in great despair about the program, I think you are overreacting. Let’s just leave it at that.

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    I’d like to see us go after a big man. Seems like every year we are super soft in the paint and can never land a decent big man since our back-to-backs left.

  12. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Young coming in is quality big for sure and there is nothing soft about him at all……we did not win back to back with 5 Star one and done prospects and to me that is not the way we should go anyways…sure there are 4 or 5 programs who can go that route because they can reload year in and year out….I can only really think of two teams in the last 7-8 years that won titles due in large part to one and dones…the best example was Melo and the Cuse

  13. Mitch says:

    Drew – would never suggest numerous one and done recruiting, but it would be nice to pluck the few in-state one and done prospects when they are available. while our program hasn’t tanked, it certainly hasn’t prospered from the efforts of the 04’s. That will always mystify me. Wonder if Billy has the 04’s contact any high profile recruits to help sell the UF experience.

  14. Malikg says:

    As far as transfers go, Vernon Macklin has worked out quite nicely, solidifying UF’s front line, and is now about to be part of 3 seniors starting.

    If and when Mike Rosario comes in, he’ll do the same – instantly be a starter alongside other upperclassmen in the backcourt (in 2011: Walker, Boynton and himself).

  15. DC Gator says:

    Drew, I’m really excited about Young. He’s built like an ox, looks wicked intimidating and plays with a ton of aggression (just the combination we’ve been lacking IMO). When I saw him performing the gator chomp emphatically in front of a bunch of hostile fans at the Mcdonalds AA game, I knew he was going to be a good one.

    It’s so frustrating to think that we’re just one solid (read: true) PG away from making another deep run in the tourney. All the pieces are there except for a pass-first guard with court vision. I don’t understand how the promise of PT at the 1 guard didn’t lure one of these kids to UF this year. Walker is certainly serviceable, and I feel confident he’ll rebound from his sophomore slump, but man, I hope Billy can sign a 3 or 4 star PG with good upside in the 2010 class.

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