Florida Gators CB J.C. Jackson arrested in connection with felony armed robbery

By Adam Silverstein
April 19, 2015

Florida Gators CB Florida Gators redshirt freshman cornerback J.C. Jackson, 19, was arrested Saturday afternoon and charged with a first-degree felony in connection an armed robbery.

Currently being held in Alachua County Jail on a $150,000 bond, Jackson allegedly made plans to visit the residence of an acquaintance in order to smoke marijuana and opened his door without knocking before supposedly taking a phone call and leaving the apartment. That is when two men that arrived with him entered the residence, threatened those in the apartment with a handgun and forced them to the floor before taking their belongings, which included $382, marijuana and two video game consoles.

After being identified in a lineup and contacted, Jackson turned himself into the Alachua County police. The two alleged acquaintances remain at large.

“We are aware of the news involving J.C. Jackson, and he is currently dealing with a serious issue,” head coach Jim McElwain said in a statement released by the school. “We don’t condone any of his actions, and it is not something that reflects on the expectations we have in the program. It is being handled accordingly due to the severity of his actions.”

Jackson, a standout during spring practice who took a redshirt in his first year with the program, was expected to return kicks and serve on the first team secondary.

This is the second time Jackson has been involved in an incident involving a gun since joining the Gators. While in his hometown of Immokalee, Florida, on Christmas Eve, Jackson was grazed by a bullet during a drive by shooting while sitting in a car. Just days earlier, Jackson was in a car driven by sophomore quarterback Treon Harris that was pulled over on campus; marijuana was found in the vehicle but no one was charged with possession as it was not on anyone’s person.


  1. Timmy T says:

    Gotta cut him loose. I hate it, but it what it is.

    • Timmy T says:

      Left out the “is”.

    • Gatoralum88 says:

      Agreed. Geez! Stupid is as stupid does & it’s his 2nd incident involving pot in a short time….& these “at large” people he’s involving himself with? He’s a mess! Clearly, he doesn’t appreciate the privilege he has of playing for a great university. While I’m sure Jimbo would take “a blind eye” to it, it’ll surprise me if Mac doesn’t dismiss him…& JC will be off to JC.

  2. Tractorr says:

    Hmm, I don’t like to jump to conclusions but this kid is definitely starting to seem like a where there is smoke there is fire type of situation.

  3. like rm says:

    He is an idiot. He was going to be a stud. Hope he stays…

  4. Dave Massey says:

    Stupidity reigns supreme. Mr. Jackson meet Mr. Hernandez. Instead of having the possibility of making millions of dollars in the NFL this guy ruins his life for under $400, some weed, and some video games? Now he gets to spend a mandatory ten years in prison, if convicted, and find out how tough all the other guys in prison can be. Enjoy it.

    We don’t need guys like this in the program.

  5. 1974Gator says:

    Seems like a variation of an Aaron H. sort of thing. As I posted in his first story, Immokalee breeds this type behavior. Very bad place to grow up.

  6. Fatback says:

    What a dumbass… guess he’ll be transferring to Auburn

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