Florida’s Hurt tested positive for marijuana

By Adam Silverstein
April 26, 2011

On Monday, FOX Sports reported that two top prospects for the 2011 NFL Draft – Georgia outside linebacker Justin Houston and Iowa defensive tackle Christian Ballard – tested positive for marijuana use at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine.

According to Pro Football Weekly, which confirmed the FOX report on Tuesday, Florida Gators offensive lineman Maurice Hurt also tested positive at the event.

Hurt, who may have been selected in the third day of the draft if he was at all, has likely had his stock drop even further with NFL teams because of this development.

Combining a lack of top-tier production and numerous injuries in college with a failed drug test before the biggest set of job interviews in his career, Hurt will certainly be a question mark going into the draft over the weekend.


  1. SB says:

    Do they blood test these guys? If it’s a urine test, with the amount of conditioning these guys do and water they drink, they’d be safe for a urine test in 10 days max. If they’re dumb enough to smoke that close to a known test, they are idiots.

  2. npgator says:

    Does it never end!!!!

  3. Ken (CA) says:

    Seriously? What are they teaching in the Agriculture department nowadays?

  4. C3 says:

    maybe to alert our defense that the other team is about to go deep someone can just yell “puff.. puff.. ________”

  5. scooterp says:

    Another one? you’ve got be kidding! Enough is enough! This culture has got to go. These potheads have just given enough fuel to opposing fans and blogging nerds to keep themselves amused for the next 5 years, at our expense. I don’t care how prevelent it is college – its still not right. Damn it all!

  6. jay d says:

    Muschamp needs to let it be known…that if a current player fails a drug screen…they will be kicked off the team….they need to do random tests throughout the year on athletes…..that will decrease the drug issues drastically….4 sure

  7. Matt says:

    I’d be along with jay d’s idea. Do random drug tests on the players, and do it fairly frequently. You’d think athletes that want to go pro would be more aware of what drug use does to their body, or at least know that it isn’t healthy as well as illegal. Pothead athletes, now there’s an oxymoron.

  8. Gatorbuck says:

    My daughter’s a UF athlete, and she’s been randomly tested twice her freshman year. They are notified the night before and have to take urine test early following morning. They test certain % pretty frequently. Think this is UAA policy, so applies to all teams at UF.

    • Mr2Bits says:

      The only problem I see with this is they let them know when it’s coming. A better process would be to hit them when they walk into the weight room so they have no outs.

  9. Gatorbuck says:

    There’s really no out this way. They get notified the night before and have to be there very early next AM. No excuses for missing and no time to react. At that point you’re busted.

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