QB Chris Leak signs with CFL’s Roughriders

By Adam Silverstein
May 6, 2011

After three successful seasons as a back-up with the Montreal Alouettes including back-to-back Grey Cup championships, former Florida Gators quarterback Chris Leak was cut by the team in February. He did not last long as a free agent, signing a two-year contract by the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Thursday.

Saskatchewan, which was defeated by Montreal in the two Grey Cups Leak won, had an open spot on its roster and felt they could use Leak as a back-up behind starter Darian Durant. Leak could come in as either the No. 2 or No. 3 signal caller.

Since not being selected in the 2007 NFL Draft, he has bounced around looking for an opportunity to play. Leak first signed as an undrafted free agent with the Chicago Bears but was cut before the regular season. He then planned to play in the never-formed All-American Football League and tried out for the Kansas City Chiefs but, once again, did not make the roster.

His CFL career began with a six-day stint with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2008; he was waived and claimed by Montreal, which kept him for almost three full seasons.


  1. Piet says:

    Christ Leak – the most underappreciated Gator of all time

    Why would a team cut him after he won them back-to-back championships? If Leak were taller, he’d be a starter in the NFL right now. I wish him the best of luck!

  2. SaraGator says:

    Chris Leak had a beautiful spiral!

    I still remember fondly the game winning touchdown at Rocky Top in ’06! I screamed SO loud, my neighbors came running into our house. Fortunately, they knew it was football season and didn’t call the cops.

    I hope to see Chris on our sidelines in the future, coaching our quarterbacks.

  3. vsherrel says:

    I remember him sliding short of first down markers to avoid contact.

    • CeeThree says:

      and your glass is half empty. I remember him diving into the endzone on a run vs Arkansas in the SECCG and getting nailed as he did it. I also remember him as the senior QB who led us to a National Championship just as he said he would.

  4. swifty_711 says:

    Chris leak most beautiful spiral ever. But he is often forgotten, most don’t realize he was the starter and mvp of the 06 title game. Tebow is often credited for that. Although tebow did help us get there see (tenn and lsu) games. He also outscored osu’s offense that game ………….lol

  5. jay d says:

    Chris was an amazing college QB and a better Gator…unfortunately he is just not athletic or tall enough to make it in the NFL

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