TWO BITS: Tebow=Elway? Young=Horford/Noah?

By Adam Silverstein
May 18, 2010

1 » Columnist Woody Paige of The Denver Post has taken to calling former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow the Denver Broncos’ next John Elway. You know, the nine-time Pro Bowler who happens to be the best quarterback in the franchise’s history. Colleague Dave Krieger takes issue with Paige’s praise asking, “Seriously, can we just stop? […] Tebow is no Elway. And we will do him and everybody else a favor if we kick the habit of pretending he is.” Read the rest of what Krieger had to say in the Post. For a little more on Tebow’s progress, you can check out this video update from NFL Network.

2 » The Gainesville Sun’s Kevin Brockway put together a nice piece on incoming four-star 2010 power forward commitment Patric Young (Jacksonville, FL). Sure to be a defensive-minded presence for the Gators next season, Young knows what it takes to make an impact. “You can always be selfish on defense,” Young said. “No one is going to complain if you are getting too many rebounds and keep running the floor and that’s primarily what I do. So I’m just going to come out there and play a big role and do whatever I can to help the team.” Even head coach Billy Donovan has taken to comparing him to two former Florida stars – the Atlanta Hawks’ Al Horford and Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah. “[Young] is a very physical, high-energy, likes-contact guy,” Donovan said. Check out the Sun’s article for more from Young and Donovan.


  1. npgator says:

    I think you meant Chicago Bulls unless there is something we don’t know about.

  2. zach says:

    Chicago Bulls*

  3. Oops – thanks. Weird that the “tag” was right but not the word.

  4. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I think Macklin will be better with Young helping him on the frontline…it’s always tough for one guy to be a physical presence in the SEC….I remember Speights and how I felt bad for him as he was getting 2-3 quality bigs pounding on him all night…you need at least two physical bigs and if Kadji comes back healthy we will have at 3 who can bang inside

  5. npgator says:

    Macklin and Young will be a force inside next year for sure.

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