FOUR BITS: Tyus, Parsons, NBA Finals, Dunker

By Adam Silverstein
May 31, 2011

1 » Florida Gators forward Alex Tyus may not have been invited to the 2011 NBA Combine, but teams have taken an interest in him. According to Tyus, who has been writing diaries for, he will be working out for Oklahoma City on Wednesday and will be traveling to New Jersey and Phoenix next week to see if he can earn a second-round selection or a spot on one of their summer league teams.

2 » Gators F and OGGOA blogger Chandler Parsons, who will be checking in with us late Tuesday from Miami, FL, was part of a Prospect Profile video produced by Parsons discusses growing up around basketball with his family, his ability to play in the NBA and more in the feature, which can be viewed here.

3 » Florida, as is probably known now by most fans, boasts more former players in the 2011 NBA Finals than any other school with F Corey Brewer on the Dallas Mavericks and both power forward Udonis Haslem and guard Mike Miller on the Miami Heat. The Finals, which will air live on ABC, begin with game one Tuesday at 9 p.m.

4 » The Wall Street Journal published a column Tuesday looking into how much high school football players believe they should be paid (in addition to a scholarship) to play college football. One of the players the paper interviewed, Gators four-star offensive lineman commit Jessamen Dunker (Boynton Beach, FL) “says he’d like to see schools offer ‘a little pocket change’ to the tune of $5,000 a semester.” Of the six players the WSJ spoke to, one said no additional money was necessarily while the rest provided figures ranging from $2,000-10,000 per year.


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Wonder if Dunker is including Summer(hell why not Summer A and Summer B) as semesters? Why in Gods name does a college student who has no expenses other than “entertainment” needs 1200 a month?

    Thats the problems with kids these days, a 100k education is not enough for them and they see no value in it, thats why most could give a shit if they finish or not. They think they always deserve more and carry this entitlement complex. Little bastards need to work for what they think they deserve and if they work hard enough, they will make more than anyone they know. These kids are given opportunities .4 percent of high school athletes get and it’s never enough. Sure I sympathize that they have commitments most students don’t but that’s life, I had to work my way through college to pay for textbooks, tuition etc., they don’t!

  2. wingtee says:

    Amen, plus their standards in getting in are way less than the average students. After what I’m seeing at Ohio St I’m getting sick of these entitled bastards. They could give a rats azz about who they bring down just give me mine!!!

  3. smartgator says:

    i’d probably use it to buy pot too. not the best idea to give them pocket change

  4. Andrew says:

    if you play soccer you can play professionally at the age of 15-16…I don’t see a problem with paying them.

    • The argument would be that you’re right, but, those players aren’t earning a four-year college scholarship worth – in most/some places – six figures.

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