NFL Matchup creator “could never” draft Tebow

By Adam Silverstein
June 2, 2010

Sports Illustrated’s Ross Tucker sat down with Greg Cosell, the creator of ESPN’s popular NFL Matchup program, to discuss a number of NFL topics including former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow’s future with the Denver Broncos.

Below is a portion of Tucker’s column, featuring Cosell’s thoughts on Tebow:

What did you see from Tim Tebow on tape and were you surprised the Broncos made the bold move to get back into the first round to snag him?

“On film, there is very little in Tebow’s game that projects well at this point to the NFL. I could never draft a quarterback in the first round who does not show on tape the skill set and physical attributes that are demanded in the NFL.

“Number one, he has questionable and limited arm strength with a slow and ponderous delivery. Number two, in college he did not throw with timing or anticipation because the offense that he was in did not require it. In the NFL, there are certain throws in certain situations that necessitate that the ball is delivered before his receiver makes his break. He wasn’t asked to do that at Florida. Thirdly, pocket movement in the NFL is far more important than running. Pocket movement is the ability to move within the confines of an area about the size of a boxing ring while at the same time maintaining your downfield focus so you can deliver the football. Tebow did not exhibit that trait in college, probably because he was a runner. Nobody is a great NFL quarterback because of the way that they run.”

Cosell, who also works for NFL Films, is the creator and has been executive producer of NFL Matchup since its inception in 1993.


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Well I’m glad to see he couldn’t draft Tebow because Denver could. Bet Cosell loves himself some Clausen and really pushed Leinart on everyone a few years ago.

  2. Jerome says:

    Does not show on tape the physical attributes that are demanded in the NFL ???
    What tape did he watched ? If Tebow don’t have the physical attributes to play than what other QB does. Total BS

  3. John Shanks says:

    That is all true, for how the game is currently played. Also, half of first round quarterbacks are complete busts, so maybe the broncos lost a little faith in the NFL talent evaluators abilities to project success.

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