FOUR BITS: UM recruit blasts UF; Demar Dorsey

By Adam Silverstein
June 8, 2010

1 » Speaking about the Florida Gators coaching staff to The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, Miami Hurricanes three-star freshman linebacker Kevin Nelson (Gainesville, FL) decided to rip his hometown team. “Grimy, two-faced and disrespectful,” Nelson called the coaches. He also accused them of what some might call dirty recruiting by saying the coaches told him that “Miami hasn’t won any ACC championship[s] since going to the ACC, and that [head coach] Randy Shannon is going to leave after this year, and that I might not get any playing time.” Nelson claims he rejected an offer from Florida (many believe it was pulled), but also says he has always been a Miami fan.

2 » Canes three-star freshman cornerback Devont’a Davis (Gainesville, FL) added that the Gators disrespected him because they did not extend an offer to him – a hometown player and fan of the team. “It offended me that they didn’t make an offer because I’m the best cornerback in Florida and live down the street,” he said. This follows-up what he told Rivals on Sept. 21. “I’m real disappointed in Florida,” Nelson said of not having an offer at the time. “They didn’t even invite me to the Tennessee game, so that was very disappointing to me. So even if they do offer me, I’m out.”

3 » A former Florida commitment, five-star safety Demar Dorsey left the program just before National Signing Day, though the specifics of that split are still hazy. Dorsey claimed he decommitted, but it is widely believed that the Gators stopped recruiting him due to a variety of concerns (juvenile arrests) not including academics. He was expected to sign with either the Florida State Seminoles or Michigan Wolverines and eventually chose the latter. New reports out of Ann Arbour, MI, state Dorsey is out as a member of the incoming class even though he qualified academically with the NCAA. ESPN called him “in limbo.” Dorsey would have the choice to go to another program with an open scholarship (the Seminoles are rumored) or sign with a junior college.

4 » Former Florida guard Orien Greene has been suspended for two years by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for tamping with urine samples he submitted for a drug test while playing professional basketball in Amsterdam. Greene allegedly used another person’s urine when providing his sample. However, he only has a year of suspension remaining because he was initially suspended on March 12, 2009. Greene started his college career with the Gators before transferring to Louisiana-Lafayette. He played for Sacramento, Indiana and Boston in the NBA before playing in Europe.


  1. Phil says:

    Devont’a Davis, you are not the best CB in Florida. We’ve got 3 CB commits in our class ranked higher than you, so you have no reason to be “disappointed.”

  2. npgator says:

    Disgruntled player that wasn’t recruited? Surprise but he wasn’t good enough.

  3. John Shanks says:

    I think Kevin Nelson is confused. It was Hurricane fans that told him Randy Shannon only had a year left. I wonder if this is what Randy used to get the contract extension.

  4. alex says:

    Nelson is still pissed about not receiving a written offer from UF. He needs to get over it, he got the offer from his favorite team so I don’t know what his problem is.

  5. Mr2Bits says:

    “He also accused them of what some might call dirty recruiting by saying the coaches told him that “Miami hasn’t won any ACC championship[s] since going to the ACC”

    Truth hurts doesn’t it? If he wants to hear an opinion about Shannon he can turn on Dan Sileo as he is a UM alum and thinks he should have already been fired. I was the 60th best WR and safety in HS but realized I just wasn’t good enough to play at UF, maybe I should have a chat with Nelson and let him know what the real world is like outside of HS where nobody kisses your ass anymore just because you play football.

  6. Joe says:

    “Miami hasn’t won any ACC championship[s] since going to the ACC, and that [head coach] Randy Shannon is going to leave after this year, and that I might not get any playing time.”

    #1 – True, #2 – Randy just got his contract extension, to assume he may not be there was not ‘dirty’ and even so half of Miami fans disapprove of him as a coach. #3 – probably has a better chance of making an impact at UM, but not immediate so still not something I would call “dirty”

  7. armygator says:

    Maybe Nukeese can get Demar a tryout at 1-AA Hampton. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

  8. Joe says:

    Miami Hurricanes three-star
    Canes three-star
    A former Florida commitment, five-star

    Enough said.

  9. JW says:

    I just hope the “dirty” recruiting doesn’t hurt Randy Shannon’s feelings the same way that field goal did two seasons ago. Bunch of bullies up in Gainesville.

  10. O-town Gator says:

    Two words to describe this disgruntled Miami commits – SOUR GRAPES. If they were seriously considered to be Florida material, then our coaches would have pursued them more aggerssively. All that crap that Nelson’s spewing is just that.

    Once all the dirty laundry was spilled on Dorsey before NSD regarding his arrest record, Florida let him go as a commitment.

    Easy answers to the three recruiting issues.

  11. ReptilesRule says:

    Imagine that! A self proclaimed lifetime ‘Cane fan and Miami recruit badmouthing the Gators! Who would have thunk it!

  12. ReptilesRule says:

    BTW, I think that the signing classes that Urban Meyer has brought in, including the overall #1 class last year, would probably disagree with this young man’s opinion. Sounds like someone with an axe to grind…

  13. Daniel M. says:


    As if coaches don’t badmouth competing programs…PUHHHH- LEEEEZE !

    I’m betting that they said things that were even harsher but the kid didn’t want to embarrass himself or UM by repeating the “dirty” truth.

    So there big bad Randy….wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  14. G8R8U2 says:

    Uuummm, that quote is probably indicative of the attitude that kept UF coaches from offering him a scholarship; but, honestly, he’s not really a top recruit, so I don’t know where he gets the impression that UF passed on the “best CB in the state that lives right down the street”. He was the 114th ranked CB last year, and the 24th best just from the state of Florida. Even Miami has 3 other CB’s ranked higher than him, including 2 from the state of Florida. All 3 of UF’s CB commitments from the state (#5, #9, and #59) were ranked far higher than him (#114).

  15. Debose1 says:

    Miami hasn’t won an ACC Title since going into the ACC? Heck they haven’t even played in the ACC Championship Game. As far as these kids go I guess they just didn’t have what it takes to join the incoming class that has 16 All Americans in it.

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