Broncos’ Bailey impressed by Tebow’s dedication

By Adam Silverstein
June 14, 2010

Denver Broncos veteran cornerback Champ Bailey may not have the responsibility of choosing his team’s starting quarterback, but he knows plenty about signal callers after facing them in the NFL for 11 years and bringing in 46 interceptions while defending 107 passes. As a Broncos team leader and future Hall of Famer who has faced some of the best passers in the game, Bailey’s glowing impressions and early evaluations of former Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow hold a lot of water.

“See that?” Bailey asked while watching Tebow get in extra practice on his own a few fields away. “That’s Tebow. It’s long after practice and he’s still out there. That’s what he does. That’s not for show. He’s not just doing that because the media is here today. He does that every day.”

Bailey told ESPN that Tebow’s work ethic is unmatched and that, while his reputation precedes himself, he is already impressing teammates.

“We’re all interested in it,” Bailey said. “He has the team behind him. We heard so much about Tebow before he got here and he’s a big story. But everything he has shown shows that he can succeed. The guy just works at his job so much. […] I’m impressed. I like what I see so far.”

Tebow, who said upon being drafted by Denver that his first goal was to win over his teammates, was happy to hear what Bailey said about him afterward.

“That’s what I want ,” Tebow says. “It means so much that my teammates believe in me and know that I’m working hard. That’s why I’m here. […] It’s 24 hours football. I love it. This is how I’m going to spend my summer.”

He may be third on the depth chart at this point, but it is widely believed that Tebow will see the field plenty in 2010 – potentially as a third-down specialist or in a role similar to that which he played on Florida’s 2006 National Championship team.

Photo Credit: Ed Andrieski/Associated Press


  1. On Campus says:

    It’s barely been two months and he’s already won over the majority of the Broncos organization. Tebow is a machine. Can’t wait to watch him in the fall

  2. …I wouldn’t say the “majority”…that’s exaggerating…

  3. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    If Bailey an all pro veteran and probably the biggest star on the team says he has the team behind him and we know how the coach feels about him I think majority might be right

  4. I don’t normally assume one person’s statement for a team’s opinion. But that’s just me.

  5. Jeff says:

    Regardless of Tebow’s future NFL stats, he will always be known as the guy who gave it all he had. You can’t ask for much more than that. So glad he’s part of Gator Nation.

  6. On Campus says:

    John Elway, Champ Bailey, Josh McDaniels. Biggest Bronco star, current Bronco star, Bronco head coach. All support him and like his work ethic. I didn’t say EVERYONE on the team is in love with Tebow, of course not, but to say the majority of the team likes Tim and likes how he is going about his rookie season is not as farfetched as it seems Adam.

  7. Elway is a former player and McDaniels is the coach who some say “risked his job” to draft Tebow…so neither of those apply in this situation.

    Look, I’m not trying to start a freaking argument with you. What I am trying to convey is that going from one player saying he supports Tebow and likes his work ethic to say the “majority” of the team feels the same way is a stretch. Plain and simple.

    They PROBABLY do all support him and appreciate how hard he is working. But that’s not something I am going to assume just because one player said it. That’s all.

  8. On Campus says:

    Wasn’t trying to argue with you Adam. Your point is 100% valid but we will have to agree to disagree on this topic. Keep up the good work with the site.

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