REPORT: Four secondary violations for Florida

By Adam Silverstein
July 12, 2010

During a due diligence records request, the Orlando Sentinel uncovered that the Florida Gators have been pinned with four secondary violations by the NCAA this past year.

1 » A “rival school” turned Florida in to the Southeastern Conference for improperly using Facebook to recruit two players on Aug. 5.

2 » The Gators self-reported a similar violation on Aug. 7.

3 » Florida self-reported a violation for “impermissible protective gear” on Sept. 11.

4 » The Gators had two assistants call a single recruit twice in the same week on Oct. 29.

The recruiting violations were punished with rule refreshers and separate two-week self-imposed communication bans by Florida, while the incorrect use of gear was handled with a conduct rules and education session.

According to the Sentinel, while schools may use electronic media to communicate with players, wall postings and other public messages are impermissible.


  1. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    How many secondary violations have we had since Urban has been here? Do we know how that stacks up with other SEC schools during that same span? Thanks

  2. O-town Gator says:

    And just who the hell was this “rival school”?

    Typical of the Sentinel; those troublemaking hacks can’t think of anything better to do than try to constantly dig up dirt on UF. Next thing you know they’ll be demanding to know how often Coach Meyer uses the men’s room, for Crissake.

    Still UF did the right thing in self-reporting the infractions to the NCAA and handling the matter internally, and they were only MINOR violations to boot, so I don’t know why the “Slantinel” thinks this is newsworthy seeing that it’s now a moot point.

  3. orangebluegator says:

    We’re a long ways from catching up to Kiffin. He averages 4 a day.

  4. John Shanks says:

    Not bad for all the staff turnover…and nothing in January. I think most schools would be pleased to have so few violations.

  5. El Meester says:

    O-Town Gator:

    I understand that these are very minor, but still: information is power. The Sentinel does not work for UF. They are here for us. They report facts. This is the Sentinel reporting facts, and I have no problem with it…even as a die-hard Gator.

    I would be more concerned if I learned that the Sentinel was WITHHOLDING information from us.

  6. Joey says:

    Clemson’s athletic department reported 17 NCAA secondary violations on Friday, including one where a head coach gave staffers an improper money gift last spring and an assistant coach who posted a message on a prospect’s Facebook wall

    USouth Carolina reported 14 NCAA secondary violations in the past six months

    Georgia has self-reported nine secondary violations of NCAA rules this year

  7. Sample says:

    Talk about old news. These were from August and have been previously reported. Now Jeremy Fowler is just trying to rehash this in order to attract some much needed hits on his blog. The Sentinel really has become pitiful.

  8. I don’t think that was Fowler’s intention, and I do not believe these have been reported before – or else I would not have featured the story.

    Have to agree with Meester here. Then again, it’s really a minor issue…best to just let it go.

  9. Ty Miller says:

    It has been reported on already, but was reported on a generic level as the FoI request was generic. The report came out about 8/9 months ago, simply stating the number of secondary violations UF had in the previous 365 days… The report named six violations in that span.

    It did not however go into to detail about what they were, these are four of the six….

  10. O-town Gator says:

    Meester, the Sentinel seems to be hell-bent on drumming up and and ALL negative news they can possibly find concerning Florida football, and it’s my opinion that Jeremy Fowler and Andrea Adelson have some sort of beef with the program in general, based on many of the articles they’ve been publishing in the past couple of years.

    I’m with Sample here – the Gator beat writers at the Sentinel are biting the hand that feeds them.

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