Contract details for Mike Miller and Matt Bonner

By Adam Silverstein
July 14, 2010

Reported by OGGOA on July 9 and July 13, respectively, former Florida Gators guard/forward Mike Miller has decided to join the Miami Heat and power forward Matt Bonner has chosen to re-sign with the San Antonio Spurs.

Contract specifics for both players were made available Wednesday night.

Miller is set to sign a five-year, $29.8 million contract with the Heat on Thursday, according to FOX Sports. He will becoming the second former Florida player on the team alongside PF Udonis Haslem; the two Gators were also teammates in Gainesville, FL.

The Spurs have signed Bonner, a bench player for the team since 2006, to a four-year, $16 million deal that will help San Antonio maintain consistency in the front court.

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  1. SaraGator says:

    I have to say that winning shot Miller made against Butler is in my top 10 greatest Gator moments.

  2. Daniel M. says:

    For a team that everyone said would have nothing but veteran minimum salaries available, they are still making deals. Almost six million a year for Miller. Welcome aboard Sir.

  3. JW says:

    Was listening to a very reputable NBA writer on the radio yesterday. He said that although they may not start, both Haslem and Miller will be on the floor during the important minutes at the end of the game. It will be nice to see two Gators such a large part of a team that’s going to compete for the NBA championship for the next 5-6 years. Not sure if it will do anything to help recruiting, but it can’t hurt.

  4. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    They are putting together all the pieces and this team will have to really screw up not to win 3-4 titles the next 5 years….Varnado and Pittman are also perfect fits for this team……Varnado is a great shot blocker and Pittman is a beast…all those guys need to do is defend, rebound & dunk the ball when Miami Thrice gets them the ball…imagine being a coach and pulling DWade for a rest and thinking…I guess I’ll be all right with Lebron James on the floor!!!

  5. Yes, Haslem and Miller will be on basically the “final stretch” unit…when the game is close at the end.

    Drew – I hate your comment…because I hate the Heat. 🙁

  6. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I wish the Magic could have landed a superstar or two to go along side Howard… is going to be hard not to pull for the Heat with Miller and Haslem on the squad….I think Lebron is overrated but that being said he gives a coach amazing lineup flexibility….he probably could have been an all-star at all 5 positions….I haven’t seen any one that I could say that about in my lifetime

  7. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Magic played the 5 for one game….I personally don’t think he was strong enough to play the 4 or 5 an entire season but to me he is the only one in the conversation

  8. And LeBron has played the 1, 4 and/or 5 for zero games. He only plays 2-3. Magic fits your statement exponentially better than LeBron.

  9. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    It’s just an opinion based largely on the guys freakish physical talent….I think he could play all 5 position for an entire season and actually be an all star at that position…just an opinion even if I argued against myself!!!! And I still think Lebron is overrated!!!

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