Tebow time sooner than later in Denver?

By Adam Silverstein
July 18, 2011

Since the day John Fox was hired to replace Josh McDaniels as the head coach of the Denver Broncos, the future of 2010 first-round pick and former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow has been up in the air.

While most believe – for better or for worse – Tebow should be the hands-down starter whenever the 2011 season begins, there have been plenty of questions about what Fox and new team president John Elway will do with Denver’s quarterback situation.

Both Fox and Elway have made comments that would lead one to believe Tebow will start second on the depth chart behind veteran Kyle Orton; each has also indicated that they completely support Tebow and think he could wind up being the starter this season.

Speaking on his podcast over the weekend, NFL Network’s Steve Wyche believes the decision has already been made up in Mile High.

“I’ve talked to enough people plugged into the situation there to comfortably say that unless Tim Tebow gets hurt in training camp or is absolutely awful, the starting job is his to lose,” Wyche announced.

NFL.com analyst Bucky Brooks, a guest on Wyche’s show who also served as a scout for four years under Fox with Carolina, repeated on the show information he shared in a column early last week.

“If history serves as an indicator of what Fox will do at quarterback, then the high value of Tebow’s intangible qualities puts him at the front of the line,” Brooks wrote. “As an old-school, defensive-minded coach, Fox views quarterback play through a different prism. He has a preference for smart and tough player, rather than a flame-thrower with outstanding physical tools.

“Fox is intent on restoring the winning tradition in Denver but has been reluctant to name the quarterback that will blaze the path. If he stays to his traditional approach, there is no doubt his choice will be Tebow.”

With the NFL’s lockout appearing to be winding down and training camp likely getting underway soon, Tebow’s opportunity to take control of the huddle and lead the Broncos from behind center is approaching.

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  1. Daniel M. says:

    We could all see this coming. It’s the natural progression of a natural born leader. I, like many others, will be heading to sports taverns this season just to watch Tim.

  2. CDog says:

    The only reason he is not named the starter now is because he can not pass well enough.

    • Goldengator says:

      The only reason he hasn’t been named the starter yet, is because John Fox has’t coached any of his players yet. Also, you must have just come from under a rock, and not be a Gator fan, because after watching Tebow for four years, its hard to imagine he forgot how to pass. Because he did a fine job of it in the past!

  3. Goldengator says:

    Should Tebow start from day 1? One word, absolutely.

    1.) Leadership. Since Tebow has been a Bronco, Orton has lost far more games than he’s won and points to his prolific passing stats as positives without accepting team losses as his own. He was seen laughing at Tebows efforts to win sprints and comes of as a malcontent.
    2.) New HC means a different offensive philosophy (despite having the same OC) and both Tebow and Orton will have to adjust. The philosophy is more run oriented under Fox and Tebow’s presence in the backfield helps the running game.
    3.) Expectations. The Bronco faithful would be ecstatic with an 8 win season and Tebow at the helm (they’d probably be OK with a 5-6 and Tebow). They would practically riot in the streets with another sub .500 season and Orton as the QB. In other words, fans pain due to rebuilding will be mitigated with the presence of Tebow.
    4.) Tebow is the future. The Bronco’s took a big chance with Tebow and need to know if their investment was worthwhile. If it was they need to build a team around their new Captain, starting now. If he is terrible (he won’t be IMO), they need to start thinking of an exit strategy. The fact remains, Bronco faithful will only be happy without Tebow if he’s proven to suck. Until then, they (and Gator fans) expect greatness and won’t stop harassing the Broncos Front Office until they get Tebow.

  4. CeeThree says:

    Timmy time!!

  5. Timmy T says:

    Just give him the rock, sit back, and enjoy the show. Sure, it may be in a different style than most are seeing out of their QB position, but the bottom line is, Timmy moves the chains and gets the team in the endzone more times than not.

  6. CDog says:

    All I am saying is that if he was a better passer he would have been the starter already. His passing skills were ok in college but he did not read defenses well and threw a lot of ducks.

  7. npgator says:

    He is ready – start him!

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