Tebow’s Nike Trainer 1.2 ad graces magazines

By Adam Silverstein
July 20, 2010

To help promote the release of EA SportsNCAA Football 11 video game and Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow as their newest endorser, Nike will release a signature Florida Gators-colored sneaker in the coming weeks. Blue with orange and white accents, the sneaker features reminders of Tebow’s “Promise” speech on Sept. 27, 2008, a company logo and mention of the video game on the Velcro strap.

What should also be noted is that this special edition sneaker is not the only product Tebow is endorsing for Nike; in fact, he is the face of their entire Nike Trainer 1.2 line. The following print advertisement, his first for the company, appeared in copies of ESPN The Magazine and Sports Illustrated this week (click to enlarge):

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  1. Eric Holbik says:

    The shoe looks good… if it was it 1980

  2. I kind of like the plain one…would just need a different color instead of the yellow.

  3. Eric Holbik says:

    damn.. i need the edit button… lol

  4. Laney says:

    He looks not so pretty in the photo where he is lifting the massive weight…

  5. B Atkins says:

    Laney – that’s a 100lb stack dumbell – try it sometime – you’ll make faces too!

  6. brlgator says:

    Adam, I ask for one thing for my undenying loyalty to this site. The second you know how and where I can buy these you’ll make a post. I know you would do it anyways but I NEED these kicks. I mean come on, sneakers with the speech stitched in and tebow milestones sticked in as well….

  7. C-Mac says:

    Any word yet on release date and locations?

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